Show me how interested I am

I recently received the most beautiful gift, a gold-paper-lined basket that contains homemade jelly, chutney and a beautifully decorated homemade cake. He blown out that someone had taken care of me and made so much effort.

And he pointed out to tell you how many ways we can know someone to think about them to appreciate our friendship and interest.

In social media and arbitrary times, it is often the case that the special moments are blurred and everything is united. It seems that every trip and time spent together remembers somewhere. But certain dates and times are more special than others.

-Why not show me how interested you are when creating a scrapbook or album about people, dates and events that are particularly important to them. The beloved pet, the birth of a child, a milestone victory, a special loss; all these can be collected in an attractive book. It is worth grabbing and grabbing and laughing or crying, undoubtedly giving hours of nostalgia, reflection and memory.

– Making a personalized gift that uses your special abilities is another way to show how much you are interested. If you are an artist, you can paint your favorite view, the pet person you will know that you will get treasure. Spend your time doing something meaningful to them, generating a generous gesture, sharing your talent and giving yourself. Other ideas include admin, invoices, de-cluttering, cake decoration, or signing.

– Helping with housework when someone emphasizes and presses time, shows you how much you are interested. She thinks she's gathering her kids out of school, helping in the garden, ironing or eating, and being a lifeguard to help them in that way when they're really trying time. Or maybe you can offer an evening to spend some time with yourself; they can go away or something really essential for change.

– How interested can be as simple as adding a flyer to a free conversation, show or exhibition that you would know would be interesting to them. This is another thoughtful gesture that says I saw this and thought about you.

– Time of recording the phone and simply calling them to talk, devoting as much time as you need, an insightful way to show you what you are doing, especially when the other person has there are many going and struggling to get out of the house. They could both drink a drink, comfortably and settle down to talk about things. Hearing and feeling of support can cause any difference in stressful times.

– I ask what I can do to help and show that you are real and serious about your offer, it may be important if someone is in a difficult time. Knowing that you are in their team will do everything. Things don't look so bleak when we're not alone with someone we share.

– When in partnership shows that care is not about expensive gifts, but about everyday touches that show love and commitment. Draw your partner after a bath after a stressful, busy day, cook a meal, make a drink while walking through the door, cleaning it all to appreciate your interest and everything is not financially expensive.

How wonderful that, after such a beautiful, honest gift, I was forced to think about the different ways we can show others how much I care. I think you'll be able to add more to the list. Please do it!

Source by Susan Leigh

Ethos, Logos & Pathos in the modest proposition of Jonathan Swift

Pathos is what the Irish are surviving and developing, so Swift starts his proposal with him. He presents a melancholic image to his readers in the first lines of "A modest offer", calling for beggars and urine of Irish doors, and for women after three, four or six children. It also includes its logical and ethical arguments in the first paragraph, mentioning the incorporation of alms as social evil, presumably because practice violates certain rich people who are "imported" and patriotic practices to leave Ireland for a struggle. English enemy. He then again questions the public's emotions, preparing his own nest to enter later feathers, saying that anyone who offers a cheap and simple solution to this dilemma must have a statue raised in honor of

. , the author jumps more ethically. One of Ethos's definitions of community character and definition, Swift's reference to replacing young boys and girls for cattle is one place in a modest proposal that focuses on the ethical part of the argument. This makes it possible for Swift to mention what he thinks of being a really outrageous idea, recommended to a friend of the country, the true lover of the country, who like the caste of others lost all his deer. The companion's solution is to replace the deer with young boys and girls under the age of fourteen. The tongue is firmly attached to his face, Swift rightly got upset with such an idea, citing the fact that the flesh of such children would be hard and terrible, so unacceptable for such refined palates. Let Swift be so cautious about the taste and sensitivity of a single person in Ireland, such as the great respectable enthusiast, so he deserves a patriot.

But the idea turns back because the author summarizes the author nicely. the values ​​and ethics of the community, which, at least in the light of the breeding potential of women, are a loss for the public. In addition, he saves the energy and sensitivity of sanctuary people who, in his opinion, would be unjustly cruel in practice. This was always Swift's own personal opinion, so his thoughts are in line with community ethics. Obviously there are other such, in his opinion, unethical practices, and he despises them. He says:

Then Swift continued to take up the idea and stated that his friend had received it from one of Formosa's fellow, who says that those in riffraff in his country receive the quality as the primary delicacies. Swift will, of course, always allow ethics, with this in mind the community's economic interests, and then it will not be a bad idea without girls' food to stay with one Groat without luck. The Kingdom would not be worse. He says:

As for the logical consideration of the modest proposal, reference to reasoning is referred to in the detailed list, starting with the presence of too many papists. The logic states that they pose a threat to the country, publishing more of their kind annually, their cruel political tendencies and their financial loyalty to the Catholic Church through tithes, one of which, of course, did not reach Rev. Swift's Sunday collection

Secondly, by making the proposal more logical, the proposal has no experience for the poor, ie with their own money and thus with the actual payment of the rent. This can be seen as an appeal to logos or a stumbling block, as landowners who feel themselves are likely to be reluctant to evict non-paying customers. The idea that tenants have money, of course, allows landlords to raise their rent, so it's a good idea because corn and cattle have already been seized. Obviously, Swift accepts some cruel, unethical behavior on landlords, who may be the favorite targets of feathers. Yet, the statement seems completely logical and untenable. He says:

The third line of logical arguments focuses again on public spaces. Because spending is so large that poor poor children will be maintained, why not use the proposal to not only enrich Ireland but to give the country something that is missing? Irony is rich; Swift talks about financial affairs and cold, tough economic concerns directly to new foods and restaurant concepts. Of course, the only one who prefers is the (thinly veiled) English aristocracy, the Fortune gentlemen in the Kingdom, who obviously do not feed, but have enough imagination to create new recipes.

Fourth, and perhaps most of the logical arguments concern the very poor, the so-called permanent breeders. Swift brings them into the argument, assuming they understand the necessity of their proposal. Think about it, saying that once this idea is rooted, it will be free from the burden of raising children when they reach their age of one. Plus, there will be eight shilling every year! Who can deny this logic? It is obvious that Mr. Swift devotes little attention to the Irish peasant, even if it seems to include them in his great order. This is perhaps how Irish are handled by another huge body, the English government, through the water.

Fifth, it returns to the culinary aspects of the proposal, referring to the rich people's eating options. for whom the vintner may know the scalp at an ever higher price. So, not only Swift has made a logical appeal to patriots, religious and rich, but also extends the proposal to the audience and even beggars. How can I be set aside? He asks.

Source by Byron Edgington

Contact: Why do some people become obsessed when they come into contact?

When somebody is in contact, they find their behavior doesn't really change and it allows them to continue in the usual way. It is obvious that their life will be different from that of someone, but it does not cause them to be someone else.

They will continue to have other areas of their lives that interest them. On the other hand, he said that their partners would not be the center of their world.

Many Interests

So beyond the time spent with their partner, they spend time with their careers, friends, and different participants. hobby. One will not be the one who puts all the eggs in a basket.

This does not mean that they are not thinking of their partner when they are at their workplace or in the gym, which means they will still be able to focus on what is and what will work. Of course, it will be normal for them to spend more time on their sample at the beginning of the relationship.

Brand New

It's no different than how much time you spend on your car, if it is brand new, and of course, if it's a car that you are proud of. But as the days and weeks go, they gradually realize that they are paying attention to other things.

The ability to focus at any moment in their lives and not to spend too much time thinking about their partner is likely to have a positive impact on their relationship. One will still be in a way similar to how they behaved when they first got together.


Other areas of life satisfy their needs, preventing them from looking to their partner to meet all their needs. This prevents them from being too needy and waiting too much.

Ultimately, one will not see their partner for their mother / father, allowing them to maintain their boundaries, thereby enabling them to recognize that they are two separate people. You will have what this person can give them and what they don't know; just as it will be, what they can give to their partner and what they don't know.

Different Experiences

While some will be able to be in this way when they are in contact, there are some who eventually lose self-control when they end up with someone. As a result, their behavior is likely to change and challenge them to focus on other areas of their lives.

By saying that this can be a challenge, there may be an underestimation; it is more or less impossible to focus on other areas of their lives. It may be like a mind takes something.

One Focus

Therefore, no matter what happens in their lives, they spend most of their time thinking about their partner. It doesn't matter if you have a career that performs or hobbies you enjoy.

He spent so much time with his partner thinking that they didn't work as well as normal work. They may not be fully present when they participate in a hobby or, for example, among friends.


This may mean that you are constantly sending messages to your partners, knowing what they are doing and where they are. Initially, their partner has appreciated to be the center of attention, but over time the behavior will probably be too much to handle them.

Their partners may eventually feel repressed and as if they were strangled by attention. The problem is that if the partners end up being dragged out, it would have been even more obsessed – if that was still possible.

A Closer View

Their partner was amazed at what happened to them and that their behavior is only a sign of how they love them. In reality, behavior is probably about love and fear-based behavior.

The reason their head is consumed by their partner is probably because of an error. Under their mind, obsessive thoughts and destructive behavior are probably a lot of pain / trauma.

Emotional Wounds

If they get out of their heads and get in touch with what's going on in their bodies, they may feel that the pain is overwhelmed. This may be the time when you are rejected, abandoned, helpless, hopeless and helpless.

Consumption with another person is therefore a way to keep this pain in the bay, a pain that is probably the result of events in the first years. Then it's not that he loves his partner necessarily; is to try and avoid how they feel.


Another way to look at this is to say that it is unconsciously the mother / father who they want to buy for their partner, so that they can experience love, value and value. feeling of belonging. other thing if you have them. And if they don't have this man in their lives, they would cause them to get in touch with how they felt when they were younger.


Early years may be when they were interrupted and / or neglected. The years have gone by in their lives, but how they felt in their bodies.

If we refer to this and want to change their lives, they may have to seek external help. You may need support from a therapist or healer.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

Career: Should someone create a new identity if they lose their jobs?

As for what you do for someone's life, the chances are that they are a big part of those who are. In fact, it goes even further when you see the whole area of ​​your life.

One then not only goes to work and then leaves this part of his life when they get home; it will be something they live and breathe. So they are probably spending a lot of time thinking about their work during their free time.

Further Work

In addition to what happens in their minds when they are not at work, they may need to do their work. It can be a job that you have to do or work that you choose to do.

At the same time, how they relate to what they do is perhaps not thinking about spending time on other things. They could say that what they do is so enjoyable that they don't have to do anything else.

The adhesive

Therefore, just like cement, which holds the bricks together, their job is to hold them together. Without this work their lives would probably be radically different.

But since every waking hour of their lives revolves around their work, it will not be a big surprise. This is very similar to the effect that the breakdown should be on someone if they had practically done everything with their partner.

All Consuming

Participation in the relationship would determine who they were, which makes it difficult for them to do so. If there is no separation between someone and your work, then maybe you don't have time to get in touch.

Or, if you are with someone, this person may be ignored and you don't feel as if someone appreciates them. Even if someone spends time with them, their minds may be elsewhere.

In the Middle

Such a person may have a very well-paid job and may be at the top of the hierarchy. As a result, this can be something that allows them to get positive feedback from others and to experience a great deal of stress.

However, you may not have such a job, but it may be something they find deeply rewarding. Generally speaking, the stress you are experiencing can simply keep them on their toes and not be too much to handle them.


If for some reason they lose their job, it would be incredibly difficult for them to accept what happened. The world will not end, but it may seem like their world is.

Aside from losing his job, he seems to have lost himself. Obviously, the same person will remain physically the same, but they will not have the same personality as regards their identity.

All at Sea

The task they have provided with many of their structures, and now that it has disappeared, they lose their shape. Like jelly, which is no longer mold, it will be all over the place.

In addition, they can get really big shame, feel like they have no value. The loss of identity will be bad enough and worse if you feel like you are worthless.

A New Beginning

One thing they could do to try to find another job as they could solve this challenge. If this were to happen, it would allow them to place this experience behind and gradually settle down.

Of course, there is a possibility that this will not happen, which means we have to try another approach. Regardless of whether they can get another job than they were, or just have to wait a little, it is essential for them to redefine themselves.

Many baskets

What they could do is decide to no longer base their identity on one area of ​​their lives, which prevents all eggs from being placed in a basket. They will be less affected by their various interests during their lives if an area does not go well.

If one area of ​​their lives does not go well, there will be many other interests to keep them. This allows them to have extended feelings; seeing that they are a multifaceted creature.


Whatever feels worthless, they find that the loss of their work was a shame that was already there. Perhaps this was the shame that started them to start their work.

He felt so bad that he thought he was the only way to experience the value of being someone and achieving something. Their touch with their inner value would have created the outsourcing of their value.


If this is the case and there is a tool to do this, you may need external help. This can be assisted by a therapist or healer.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

African Baskets – The Zulu Weavers

In the modern world, African baskets are hot goods with collectors and designers. The term itself is misleading. "African" denotes a whole continent and thousands of different peoples and nationalities. To say that a basket is an authentic "African" product, it is like saying that a French basket is an authentic "European". Africa baskets are as varied and diverse as humans.

The people of the Zulu tribe in South Africa have long used to collect the basket and many religious ceremonies. The most commonly used materials in the basket are Ilala Palm and Ncebe, the bark of wild banana trees. The two are intertwined to make the basket more colorful because the palm itself is naturally a smooth cream color.

Certain berries, plants, roots and other ingredients are used to create the paints used in the Zulu basket. The roots of brown and black hot wood are made for several days, while purple and blue are the source of Umdon berries. The coral comes from the aloe plant, and the orange comes from a small root that they cook. The bark and burgundy extract from the bark of the Marula tree, while pink and purple are made from the leaves of a small bush. Yellow comes from a combination of wood ash and water, while gray is made from plants that are soaked in mud for at least one week. The Khaki green comes from an even more unusual source of cow manure, which is cooked with palm leaves.

Zulu Basket Manufacturers also create special patterns in the threads of these containers, which indicate specific things. For example, a triangle pattern in a Zulu basket is "masculine", while a double triangle is "married man". "Feminine" is represented by a diamond, and a double diamond means "married woman". A good lucky and welfare basket will have a square or point on it. The baskets were especially woven for the bride on the wedding day. He gives this basket to his new husband to drink beer. The portrayal of marriage goes into the threads to capture the event for future generations. Other stories popular in Zulu baskets include a range of diamonds that represent the lacy pattern of "Shaka Shields" and "Shaka Assegais".

Zulu baskets have several different styles. As mentioned earlier, there is a beer basket that is specially watertight. Open baskets are available for food collection.

Although these baskets are still used occasionally and in religious ceremonies, Zulu basketball makers have found a floral shop for their talent in selling their products. European and American consumers are willing to pay extravagant prices for these authentic "African" baskets. In many cases, this income can be the only money a family has, so the basketball players usually sell their products while maintaining the same quality as the Zulu basketball artists have been through for generations.

Source by Beverly Sugarman

Catering catering

Last week was my son's birthday and we planned to bring the kids to a picnic in the lakeside park. We decided to make a salad and pack some sandwiches and drinks for the picnic. We made the sandwiches at night and took us with us for the morning trip. In the middle of the day we were near the lake. As we spread the leaves on the grass, the kids felt hungry and demanding. As I opened the basket, I felt something strange

Sandwiches containing chicken stuffing gave an unpleasant smell. The food went wrong. We were lucky to realize that it was bad and decided not to eat. Such specimens happen to all of us in our daily lives. We often prepare meals at home and then eat it somewhere else. Many people take care of their home and feed people. As a food preparation or handling person, it is your responsibility to make sure that the food does not cause illness. Food poisoning is an unfortunate and potentially dangerous experience. This is because if someone in these vulnerable groups suffers from food poisoning, they are more likely to suffer from serious illness. Although they use fresh ingredients to prepare the food, it quickly goes wrong. Let's see what happened wrong?

The most common defects that lead to food poisoning are:

Low Food Storage

Cold foods are not cold enough or hot foods are hot

Inappropriate cooking

Does not distinguish between raw and finished foods

Food contamination can occur at any stage, whether it be cooking, transporting or storing. Inadequate storage is often the cause of the outbreak of food poisoning. The food is not cooled for a long time, which tends to infect bacteria. If you want to cook for a large group, make sure that you have the right size refrigerator and freezer for storing food, and use appropriate packaging paper and bags to store food.

Raw foods and food preparations should never be stored. together. This increases the risk of bacterial activity

Chilled cooked foods should be cooled as quickly as possible, preferably within one hour. Avoid cooling in the refrigerator until it cools, as this will increase the temperature of the refrigerator. Place your hot foods quickly in the coolest place, often in the kitchen. Another way is to place the food in a clean, sealable container and place it under a cold cold water tap or in a cold water container or use ice packs in cool bags. Where possible, reduce cooling time by dividing foods into smaller amounts.

After preparing the food, it may be a problem if the function is maintained. This can be particularly difficult if large amounts of perishable food are present. Use cool boxes. It should also be checked that the places in the room where the function is held are suitable for keeping hot and cold food cold. The right refrigerator and stove capacity are just as important as your home.

Thorough working of food is crucial to kill most of the harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning. Big meat cuts or whole poultry are more difficult to prepare safely, so take care of them. After learning all this, I realized why the picnic had been spoiled. I let the chicken sandwiches leave for too long without cooling and I didn't care about separating the salads and cooking. I could have used a cool box for food. But I think we all learn from our bad experiences.

Source by Anshu Pande

Signs of infidelity – signs of 21 signs

To reach an epidemic of infidelity, every woman must learn how to recognize the signs of infidelity. The future of your relationship may depend on whether you are able to discuss the matter in time. Given the rapidly growing divorce rates, and current statistics show that 50-70% of people cheat on their partner, if your husband cheats, you can not afford to be "the last to know".

Every woman's personal library should include a contact reference book that contains detailed information about recognizing the signs of infidelity. "Fraud for You – 829 Telltale Signs" is a comprehensive guide that documents virtually all known scams. The 800+ sign of disbelief is on "Cheating"? 21 categories, so you can easily find the signs for your partners. The warnings listed here are unique: once you know what to look for, all signs can easily be found on your eyes and ears, your husband's personal knowledge, and information on the book. There is no special skill or equipment.

Each of the 21 categories is described below and the number of signs listed in that category. While some women show that they check all 21 categories, others only apply to each category that applies to their marriage or their partner. To ensure that no one looks like an important warning signal, a dozen signals are listed in several categories.

For example, "Always invokes a particular woman to share special events in her life."

This sign is under the Phone Tips and is again under the influence of other women.

"Buy with gifts or flowers for no reason"

This sign is about how He is related to you and the Gifts as well.

"Holds the deposit tickets in your possession to someone else's bank account."

This sign is listed under Finance and Physical Proof.

Despite the title, "Cheating yourself – 829 Telltale Signs" actually contains 950 signboards. Additional signals were added before the final version was printed. Readers continue to send signals that were personally discovered and which were not included in the book. Have you added these signs to the version of the e-book that He is cheating for you? sold by The details of the 21 most important categories of warning lights are listed below. Learn more about signs of infidelity. Remember: you can not afford to know the last one. Find out before it's too late.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE – 76 clouds of blur

A man who has a relationship (or even thinking) wants to become more attractive. In a way it will strengthen its appearance. Be careful about changing the wardrobe, body care, body and personal hygiene. These are usually the most striking signs of infidelity. If you start a drastic self-induced conversion, it's probably not for you. It is more than likely to attract or impress someone else.

HOW TO JOIN YOU – 70 Long-Time Signs

Your husband's way of contacting you can give you a lot of countermeasures. You can handle it differently with another woman – even at a subconscious level. This is one area where a wife takes on signs of infidelity that a private detective may ignore.

CONVERSATIONAL CLUES – 70 Overwhelming Signs

What your husband is answering or rejecting in an extramarital affair. You can mention new people, places, and things, while the people, places, and things you usually talk are no longer part of the conversation. Even voice can be an important signboard

WORKS – 39 Countermeasures

Work is generally used as a pretext to abolish time away from home. Men often use their work as a cover for extramarital affairs. Her husband's working methods undoubtedly change as his case unfolds. Be with signposts related to the lookout work.

DAY TO DAY PORTRAIT – 92 Countermeasures

They are all familiar beings. We all have a routine that we usually follow every day. A cheating man shows certain abnormalities in his normal behavioral patterns. Take care of your husband's daily habits. These Differences Countermeasures

FINANCIAL AFFAIRS – 52 Announcing Signs

Orders are a cost of money. If your husband has a lover, he wants to marry, dine, have fun and buy occasional gifts. No matter how careful it is to cover the numbers, sooner or later this is reflected in family finances. Stay on the financial signs of infidelity

TRAVEL – 27 passing signals

Your husband does not always travel for legitimate reasons. Even if he or she chooses to combine business with a bit of pleasure. Traveling a Cheater for Unfaithful Husband has a unique opportunity to cheat for cheating eyes

PERSONAL OR STAY CHANGES – 36 Countermeasures

Be cautious about your husband's behavior, personality, or behavior change. Regardless of whether they are drastic or delicate, changes of this type often serve as a sign of infidelity.

ABSENCES – 39 Countermeasures

Orders generally require considerable time. Since you are 24 hours a day, your husband's departure is becoming more common when he tries to steal from other activities to become a lover.

TELEPHONE TIP-OFFS – 76 Countermeasures

Illicit cases are based on repeated contact; many of which are made on the phone. These emblems of infidelity are relatively easy. Many people take the risk of inviting their lovers from home or their lovers are called at home. Many wives (like me) discover her husband's infidelity, either directly or indirectly through the phone.

CAR CLUES – 40 Countermeasures

Your husband (or family) is a car rich source of warning signs. There is plenty of information about the glove compartment, the car seats (under and between), the tire, the bottom of the guard, ashtray, side pockets or compartments, carpets and other locks and gills

. SEX – 37 Overwhelming Signs

Be cautious of any change in the frequency or quality of sexual life. The Most Important Of All: If you suspect your husband is having a case, take action to defend yourself. Do not endanger HIV / AIDS, herpes, or other sexually transmitted diseases.

EATING HABITS – 31 Countermeasures

This is an area that wives tend to ignore when checking control signals. But her husband's eating habits can be affected or affected by her lover. Without realizing it, you can opt for the type of food you eat, how you like your food or the restaurant you love. These are the types of indicator lights that never occur to conceal them.

FOOD AND SETS – 21 clouds

Every person has a distinct smell or taste. You may have forgotten it until you change something else. Pay particular attention if your husband's odor or taste is different or if something in your home or car does not fit "okay".

Invasion of Your Home – 22 Obscure Signs

It is not uncommon for a person who is cheating to invite his lover to his home. When that happens, it is not unknown that lovers leave behind personal belongings – sometimes deliberately, for an unsuspecting wife. You usually find evidence in your bedroom or bathroom when you have stayed in another woman's home while you are away. But the phenomena of disbelief may also appear in other homes.

GIFTS – 19 Dreams

Be especially vigilant over the years when they usually exchange gifts. During holidays and in different years, gifts or cards can be hidden in your home or in your car.

COMPUTER USE – 30 Countermeasures

Today is common for a cheating husband to communicate by email with his lover. You may also indicate some of these signs of signing up for an online or online affair. Do not take this easy. These things can be as damaging to marry as the real thing. Although they may not contain sexual contact, emotional attachment can be extremely powerful and can quickly get from cyberspace to physical reality.

Cell Membranes and Patients – 28 Overwhelming Signs

Today's technological advancement makes it easier for a husband to deceive his wife. But it is also easier for a husband to get caught while contacting or staying in touch with her lover.

PHYSICAL CONTROL – 32 flooding signs

There are often physical evidence that is just waiting to be found. Check your husband's purse, pants, jacket pockets, desk or drawer drawers, dirt baskets, cabinet shelf, floor at the back of the cabinet, garage, study, cabinets, workshop, toolbox or any other place, where you can think. Keep your eyes open. You will be surprised by the physical evidence of disbelief.

Studies show that one is likely to be related to someone you already know – someone who contacts you regularly – a neighbor, a co-worker, a family friend, or a businesswoman. If you pay attention, you may be able to determine the identity of your husband's lover as he behaves in his presence or from acting around him.

INCIDENTAL SLIPS UPS OR PUBLICATIONS – 57 Countermeasures [19659002] Sometimes you will be lucky and find out what your husband is doing accidentally or because of a strange fate. Random slipping on your part or somebody else suggests what happened behind you.

Details "Do you have a cheat?" – 829 Telltale Signs. © 2004 Ruth Houston All Rights Reserved.

Source by Ruth Houston

The 5 Key Issues Maintaining the Food Processing Industry

Indian food industry is considered to be a sunrise industry, as it has great growth potential and socio-economic impact. It is estimated to be an industry of $ 258 billion, an annual increase of 8%, reaching $ 482 billion by 2020, with major investments in food processing, technical innovation and infrastructure in the agricultural sector. India can become the world's food basket. India is the world's largest producer of milk, pulses, sugar cane and tea, and the second largest producer of wheat, rice, fruit and vegetables in the world's second largest arable land. The primary contributor to Indian agriculture is about 60% of the population living for a living and contributes to 17% of GDP. Below are some questions that keep the food processing industry at night.

first Preserving raw foods is also a cause for concern for industry. Products such as logs, fruits and vegetables, meat processing, a little contamination will lead to the destruction of a multitude of raw materials, which is extremely risky. Industries have to be day-to-day in order to be able to maintain raw materials, preventing them from damaging and infecting them. Hygiene – The lack of hygiene can not only contaminate the raw materials, but also make the finished product poisonous. Furthermore, hygiene plays a role not only in raw materials but also in processing. Equipping appropriate facilities for proper personal hygiene will also contribute to meeting food safety requirements

. Toxin removal – Food processing establishments rely on the use of hazardous chemicals in wastewater treatment and pest control. Therefore, attention has to be taken to reduce the risk of accidental environmental contamination during the food processing cycle, and in the absence of this, food becomes toxic. Cleaning and disinfection programs should be established to comply with the appropriate hygiene standards and to reduce the risk of foodborne disease outbreaks

4. Technology and Automation – The Indian food processing industry is mainly small and organized players. The lack of innovation in the sector will make the industry use the same old techniques and therefore have very little profit to improve yields. This is hindering the industry's progress, which results in more manual work to achieve results and requires more process time to reduce technology. Implementation of automation can reduce the process time in certain processes, such as grinding or liquefaction. Increased competition – Organic products are gaining momentum in the market and food processing industries know they are exhausting their nutrition. Therefore, food supplements or nutrition in food products have become necessary. In addition to growing competition, the food processing industry has always been prepared to explore innovative methods to keep pace with the market, such as sweeteners, to use sweeteners to make food healthier

Source by Arjun N

How to get started in the basketball team?

In this article, I would like to talk about some tips, tricks and techniques anyone can use for the basketball team.

Basketball is the most exciting game in the world, unfortunately there are only five spots on the team and everyone else is sitting on the bench. The competition can be outrageous for the five patches, so how do you make sure you're the five starting tournaments? This is exactly what I want to talk about today.

Basketball coaches are only looking for a few things when choosing their teams. First they are looking for athletic skills, and secondly they are looking for skill. Whatever you can do to improve your ability in these two areas, you can guarantee your place on the team.

Over the years, I have developed a close, uncertain method that people can use as a beginner. It requires an incredible amount of work, but it's worth it.

At the lower levels of basketball, such as high school and high school, athletic ability is not as widespread as college basketball and NBA. So, if you can stand out as an incredibly sporty person, you have a better chance than everybody else. There is a fairly easy way to become more sporty, and this is a long distance run.

Every morning you have to get used to jogging in front of the school. Ideally, you need to concentrate on the 4-mile rounds, but it may take some time to build your strength, so start jogging for 2 miles and slowly build up three to four or even five miles. This can be incredibly difficult for most people, but if you insist on it, you will be amazed at the results. If the school has a national soccer team, I suggest you join. The cross-country skiing season usually begins in the fall before the basketball season begins, making it a great way to prepare for the season and to form quickly.

Then you have to concentrate on your skills, and that means you have to practice every day. Every day you should focus on at least 2-4 hours after going to school. Choose 10 spots on the basketball court and shoot the baskets in each place until you make 10 each successively on each spot, then move on to the next location. This is very difficult to start, so you may have to start out with just five in a row at each venue and then gradually upwards to 10 queues. Choose different places on the floor, including the three pointer. In any case, 50 free throws should be allowed each day to free the free throw ability.

These are the two things; building strength while running on a runway and shooting, so that 10 baskets from each of the different locations on the floor will have an impressive impact on the overall play and almost guarantee the starting place in the team does not matter. The hard part has the discipline to stick to the plan, but as long as good things happen, it happens.

Source by Tim Breundle

Gynecological Behavior

The workaholism is a general type dysfunctional behavior . This is a destructive behavior pattern that is not normal . Simply hard to work from time to time is not about talking here. We all have to do this occasionally. It becomes dysfunctional when the duration and intensity of behavior is exposed to control and negatively affects your life. Smokers must first resolve this problem if they want to be more productive.

So what?

Many people really admire being a work server. They like to tell you how many hours they spent and that they did not have a day off for months or years. Most hostages do not realize that they actually say they are dysfunctional and behave irrationally. You have 24 hours in your day, only 24 hours in my day, just 24 hours for everyone.

  • George Washington spent only 24 hours every day to figure out how to build a new nation and follow his ideas.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower spent only 24 hours a day to figure out how to win World War II and follow his ideas.
  • Albert Einstein had 24 hours a day to solve the Universe's greatest secrets (including the true meaning of time).

These guys were actually good reasons to have occasionally been hostages. It's a fact that most of us are not building new nations, fighting global war, or solving the problems of the universe. Probably doing our job without becoming a work collabo.

What now?

Be honest with yourself (first, it can not be easy or feels good). Think about why you chose to be unemployed. Here are some of the reasons for a psychologist who is studying this behavior:

  • Smokers have problems with their retirement or no action. Some job vacancies deeply perceive the insecurity and believe that others are just appreciating what they are doing instead of them.
  • The man is concerned that he does not meet the expectations, is not good enough or other people realize that they are not as good as everyone thinks. Manfred Kets de Vries, a psychoanalyst, said that these people made "all the eggs of self-esteem in the work basket".
  • The tyrannical people do not delegate because they think no one else can do the job as much as they can. This attitude of course ensures that they will never escape from the job cycle.

There are many other reasons for working conditions, but the most important question is what to do. One of the most effective steps to conquer working conditions is that takes time to think . Observe why it's so hard to drive yourself to help figure out how to stop it. Use some uneasy energy to explore the subject and discover how to create a better, non-dysfunctional life for yourself. Do not think that job work is a normal behavior.

"More to life than to speed up." – Mahatma Gandhi

Source by Chris Crouch