Plyometric Exercises – Improving basketball performance

Many outside the athletic field do not really know what plyometrics are and why they are important. These are primarily used by elite athletes to enhance their mobility and explosiveness. Of course, this is important in basketball because it is directly aimed at improving impact and agility. This article uses plyometrics to improve the performance of basketball

Plyometric Exercise # 1 – Bounding

This practice works like running, except for every step you jump to the ground. It delimits this movement and greatly improves the leg strength.

2nd Plyometric Exercise – Knee Shifts

This exercise is in a spherical position, but in a standing position. They are made from a standing position and jump into the air while kneeling to the highest possible level. Behind the practice is the idea that you just let your feet land to find a second gap and go back to the move.

Plyometric Exercise # 3 – Squat Jumps

Let's start this practice with you,. Begin the movement by squatting until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Then you want to jump right away and raise your arms over your head as much as you can. You have a short rest between the reps (ie 1 or 2 seconds). Then come back here, remembering that your ankle should first be placed to the right before leaving the ground.

This article briefly touched the exercises when consistently executing it, increasing the performance of basketball for jumping. These exercises included limitations, knee jumps and squatting jumps. You need to create a plan that will do them 2-3 times per week weekly and measure progress. If we are diligent, you will surely find your ability to jump.

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