Boston Celtic Sports Fans offer support like the others

My money, I have to admit that the best NBA fans I've ever seen were personally TD Garden's gardening masses. Even before the game, I remember thinking that as an opposing NBA player there is no place in the whole tournament where I would sit on the game and feel that I'm getting injured and staying on the team bus. When it comes to a passionate sports team as a collective, Boston fans have a science.

Unlike other places where Boston fans started chanting before the start of the game and simply did not stop until the last beep sounded. Unlike other NBA teams, where fans only sing for a single star or the entire team, Boston's almost every player, whether it is a pre-blast or underfloor heating, loves masses, most even have their own personalized vocals.

And the beauty is that these New England NBA sports fans are really interested and know the basketball game well. Their cheering and ringing, though still profane, are mostly witty and well-informed.

What you love to love as a lifelong NBA fan, even if the team is underperforming and not performing well for the season, the love for Boston Celtics is still mirroring the TD District each night. I do not know the Celtic dynamics have come and gone but it does not matter if you enjoy the victory or loss of the Celtics, fans will entertain some of the fans in the NBA universe, just where the crowd is in itself a pleasure. As an NBA fan, you owe to watch at least one game at TD Garden, you're glad you did it.

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