Long back to Benguet

New York's cold and frozen morning, though surely fascinating with the smell of bialys and bagel, just reminds me of a home – the Benguet province. Even in the Philippines, my province occupies a special place in my heart and the smell of cold mornings, dudes and long walks in the mountainous, but friendly region.

Sometimes, if you are far away and away from a familiar place for too long, you can understand all the simple things you've been before. Taking strawberries in Benguet is a normal, good time for tourists. But to me, who has the pain to go back, he picked up the freshest fruits in the most recent state, and in his own garden he just pours into heaven.

In La Trinidad Valley, I miss the rows of strawberries, red berries ripe and dewy in the morning. Maybe I can bring grain and milk. The best place to stop with a basket is the internal farms where stains have not yet passed.

These cool days there, and every day is good to go hot spring. I've heard Trese Resort is the perfect place in the Itogon Valley. My aunt recommends this place as a very relaxing and therapeutic resort in the mountains. I'm sure other tourists are coming here to balance cold-blooding in their bodies. This is the perfect end to your travel goals.

Not a lot of hikers, but a former local, on ski slopes and in mountain climbing mountains, is quite normal. There are still dozens and dozens of hikers, backpackers and mountaineers in Benguet. Mt. Pulag is the climbing pearl here, the second largest mountain range in the Philippines, with unique swampy meadows and middle forests. The unique nature of the seasons' colors. When this was raised to me, I only realized that this was true. It's like the deep shade of Ayer Rock and Grand Canyon.

There are entertaining dozens of paths found, discovered or not discovered by tourists and city tourists. The Amangeg Trail and the Akiki Trail, for example, are two of the most famous and most respected.

Do not miss sacred burial places. When I come back, I will respect my ancestors, who have long inherited and cultivated the land. Tourists are also welcome by those who cherished ancient cultures and caves. For a long time, tributes used these caves to protect the remains of their loved ones and considered them to the afterlife. These caves are a great destination.

Since my Benguet is a basket of crops and fresh pickles, I'm very excited to go back to the commercial post. The dealer is a weekly or daily gathering of provincial producers, sellers and bidders. Many tourists will look at the place, especially those returning to Manila. It is very quick to find fantastic results and alcohol with fruits and vegetables.

Life in Benguet is simple and friendly. An exciting life not too far, as it is in the middle of Baguio City. But there is nothing like home for the most amazing touring.

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Source by Rich Quiambao

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