Dear winter cats – advice for cat owners

This winter was unusually cold for many. Snow, ice and very low temperatures affect our everyday habits and feelings. Some of us will find it harder to get out of bed in the morning, and traveling to the shop suddenly becomes an uncomfortable challenge. Those who are particularly vulnerable to these conditions are cold during the day, despite the layers of clothing and heating.

Winter weather is affecting our cat friends as well. Cats tend to get warm in warm places, and those who enjoy outdoors are likely to be somewhat related to long-term stays.

Some people think that a cat's winter coat protects her from this circumstance. This is to some extent true, but just as we do, they need a little extra protection and comfort when the temperature is diving. Some things you can do to help your cat in the winter months:

* Do not miss your cat for too long and listen to it. Like humans, cats can endanger hypothermia and freezing. A quick trip is out of reach, but please do not close the cat overnight.

* Elderly cats are particularly sensitive to cold, so they need to be kept in the best possible way in the interior.

* Create some warm, comfortable places around the house. A nice basket, a box with a blanket or a soft pillow on the floor is usually a trick.

* If you open fire, it will probably become a cat slave during cold days. Make sure the fire is properly filtered and keep your cat 's eyes sparked.

* A pleasant option is a radiator bed – somewhat like a hammock made for cats and fitted to radiators. Many cats love it.

* Your cat is eating a little more than usual. This will not cause any concern – you will need to keep the fur coarse and healthy and withstand the cold. This is especially true if your cat is outdoors.

* Anti-freeze poison for cats, so do not leave it unattended and clean the spills.

* A regular outdoor cat may be bored if you have to leave more in winter. You are most likely to appreciate spending more time with it. Cats need stimulation and help them both.

Every cat owner out there – remember, winter will not last forever and spring will hopefully offer us a pleasant weather. Keep warm and secure.

Source by Kit Marsters

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