You can create six gift baskets for brides

Creating custom bridesmaid gift baskets is a sure way for all bridesmaids to get a very personalized gift. Depending on each basket's interest, it may be different but will remain within the same budget. The art of creating a great gift basket belongs to items that remain within a subject.

Here are six marshmallow gift basket themes that you can easily put together

  • Ahh the Spa Bridesmaid Gift Basket – A pampered friend should include soap, creams, or bathrobes.
  • Food & Wine Bridesmaid Gift Basket – For gourmand friends, choose red or white wines, imported cheeses, biscuits, cheese knife, wine specialties and wine bottle opener.
  • – My home friend must have a DVD (comedy, drama, etc., you know what you like), microwave popcorn, a bottle of soda and a selection of candy. Sweet teeth include a hard candy, a box of chocolate, gum, mint, homemade cakes and a dull mug with warm cocoa blend.
  • – A wild child should include hard liquid bottles, lip gloss, underwear, aspirin (next day hangover) and some condoms.
  • Hobby Bridesmaid Gift Basket – This is perfect if your bridesmaid has a hobby, only working on the theme of the hobby. The gardener must include seeds, garden tools and decorative ceramic pots. The artist must include a sketchbook, colored pencils or pastels, and an inspirational art book. The chef must include a cookbook, a spatula, and some spices.

To assemble baskets, simply put the items in baskets with some colored paper or chopped paper and add a gift tag or card. The whole basket can be inserted into a cellophane or left-side plane, with a few ribbons to the handle.

You do not have to use the same basket for each bridesmaid. If
is in a tight budget, find the baskets in the grocery stores and mix. If
is right in time, you can buy baskets after Easter. Other
containers, such as colorful gift bags, small bathroom garbage cans, decorative
cans, cans and bags all work well to hold a present.

Have fun with the bridesmaid gift basket themes!

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