How to Make Ribbon Bow to Part III

Many suffer from tape work. We admire the materials, gently touching their shiny, shiny and velvety surfaces. Beautiful bows can make strong or delicate statements. The bows are used for solemn ceremonies and celebrations. The gifts are decorated with bow. After packing a gift, I never feel completely complete until I've added a good bow. Now with some simple instructions you can do your own bow at home.

Choice of Tapes in Different Size and Color

Basic Procedure:

Ribbon. Use an extra 2 or 21/2 yard piece of 7/8 "satin or taffeta ribbon to create a rosette Make a set of 3" loops as long as you have 8 or 10 loops for a full perky bow. Thread the thread between the loops, then place the center of the loops, then place the center of the loops between the nodes and hold the ends of the packet band in a tight knot.

This packaging has many varieties. One is to create a short loop with your left hand and long loops with your left hand and long loops with your right hand.

Poinsettia Bow:
Medium-sized poinsettia can use tape between 3 "and 4" wide. You can use red satin or taffeta with very sharp delicacy. Make markings at the exact distance of the strip width. 3 "tap the 3" slot and 4 "ribbon, highlight 4". To make petals, cut to diagonal lines. Lace genes on the straight line of a ribbon and the vertical center of the sieve. Keep the genes in place, tightly with the screw. Order 3 petals to make a 6-pointed flower. Load a knot with yellow baby ribbon or yellow flower center.

This bow is ideal for Christmas!

Source by A. Labedzki

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