Mothers corner is far from chaos

Home is a place where daily grinding can be avoided, but most mothers
are the source of stress in home and family life. Mother's Day seems endless, full
demanding work schedule, childcare, family activities preparation
and so on. This is the Mother's Day, for a few moments, and really
to escape from the hectic pace, creating its own private corner away from the chaos.

Create a non-child zone

Look for the widest private corner or room in your home, be it your bedroom, guest room or home office, and report to all family members that
so it does not bother you.

Choosing a quiet place that is far from the heavily trafficked areas of your
house will help me think about my mind at this moment, not in the future, and in the overlinked calendar.

Relaxing Colors

Create a soothing color palette in your private space using cool colors that
represent natural landscapes. Just like nature, these natural colors boast a sense of peace and tranquility that will help you relax. The popular cool colors
include calming blues, greens and violets.

The colors you use to decorate your home usually affect mood, energy, and appetite. By choosing a cool blues, light green, and violet, you can potentially calm your senses.

Warm floor covering

Incorporating the floor covering on the walls. By maintaining a simple color scheme
you can avoid strong color combinations that may be confusing
. To create a relaxed mood, mimics nature, uses darker colors on the floor and brighter colors on the surrounding walls.

Insert a soft carpet or place a simple carpet, but remember to remove the patterns because it is too lifelike and occupied by a quiet place.

to find a wide selection of carpets and carpets that help to create a quiet corner

Smooth textiles

Relax your feelings by banning abrasive fabrics such as polyester and wool
and soft cotton, cotton and chenille pillows and blankets. The feeling of smooth smooth textures suggests tranquility.

Soft lighting

When illuminating the light, make sure the dark wall and floor colors
light up while lighter colors reflect. Insert some lamps
with tungsten bulbs, and create warm light in the room. The tungsten
light bulbs create a soft, golden light that makes it easy to see.

Silent and private space helps eliminate all
daily roles as a mother and guardian. Enjoy your escape, but do not leave children unattended
. Send another adult to look at your children by clearing the feelings of mind and maternal anxiety.

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Source by Jennifer Villalobos

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