Dark Chocolate – Perfect gift for Valentine's Day

Are you trying to think of the best type of chocolate to buy your sweetheart for a Valentine's Day gift? Do you still wonder whether sweets can be accepted? Most people try to avoid calories and sugars in sweets because they are worried about their health. So it's a good idea if your girlfriend loves chocolate to look for chocolates that will not be harmful to her health.

Every chocolate is made from healthy cocoa beans, but after the beans have been processed and added with milk and sugar to make milk chocolate, only a few of the original health benefits remain. On the other hand, dark chocolates add less sugar and retain the higher percentage of cocoa beans. Consequently, more health benefits come from dark chocolate consumption.

Instead of purchasing sweet milk chocolate, find chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Seventy percent or more of cocoa content provides most health care. The higher the content of cocoa, the less sweet the chocolate. So, it is best to try to find a compromise between the highest cocoa content (95%), which has a bitter taste and most health benefits, and has lower cocoa content than 70% sweet taste and slightly lower nutritional value.

The more cocoa content the higher the chocolate is high antioxidant than the flavonoids. Free radicals may cause premature aging to both men and women, but antioxidants can help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. In addition, flavonoids can help eliminate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure, and balance hormones in our body. Dark chocolate is actually regarded as a healthy diet by the health care institution. Of course, even healthy chocolates need to be moderately consumed, as they contain calories, which everyone should take into account for their weight.

Some people do not have dark chocolate because they do not have enough taste; while others just love them because otherwise they do not like sweet meals. It would be best to know your girlfriend's tastes before you decide to buy something that is good for your health but you can not enjoy it at all.

If you want the best Valentine's Day gift to your sweetheart, make sure she loves dark chocolate before trying to show her that you love her so much to care for her health. You may not be as worried as you are.

Source by Nancy Howse

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