The Endless Season – Girlfriend – why it matters

You know how hot it was. He really wanted him to be there. And for baking, they played fields that are about half a mile west of the intensive indoor complex next to Coatesville. This Tuesday contains almost a dozen games, but it's just a girl's match. A freshly defeated team loses the course, and the trainer relocates to a vacant spot where he guts them with a meticulous effort. "Our next recording is on Thursday," he says.

United Sports Center, mid-February, 20:00:

Three Indoor Pre-Girls' Team For professional and amateur teams, Lightning-Fast, one of the fast training consultants, a professional chess player, Shannon Grady, a small trainer, closes the pro shop when a woman enters her daughter and asked her to sign up to the next Surgical Clinic: ten, I ask Shannon to how young you got them Eight

Understand Title IX if you want, NEWSWEEK did, for reasons, respectable George Will echoed that the initiative was a "train wreck" that was shoe-horn female athlete to college sports to the detriment of well-founded men's programs. The 1999 World Cup winner did not take Title IX, threnody continued because the 1972 law was not codified and have not been executed for more than a decade, during which time women's sports are themselves flourishing. The NEWSWEEK then follows the IX. He balanced the competition for the title and placed the cover on Michelle Kwan on the cover, and on the cover of "Gamma Girls" on page IX. The title correctly facilitated the appearance of well-adjusted teenagers who were not back-stitched queens or baskets. Go ahead, blow out the IX. Title for legions of type A parents who expect a sports scholarship. But if you look a little deeper, you will notice that it's a small price to pay for girls' allowances. football mania around us.

Like many people over a certain age, I remember when football was an autumn boy was a sport, which was regarded as ignoring football in private schools. You have not seen "pick-up" football games in a way that you play with basketball or football. And the girls played the hockey hockey. As the rising of football in this country is parallel to the growth of women's sports, it seems that an intersection is inevitable: no other sport offers every girl the same wide range of opportunities and opportunities.

ALYSSA – my niece is far less than his two brothers. Little but solid at age 10, he did not have team sports experience when I enrolled in Lionville Youth League and tried to open him up. As it was late, it was played for the first time in the field. He did not know anything about the positions and rules ("What position do you play?" I asked before he came in. "My captain," he said.) But with agility and aggression he made the coach close to tears when I was relocated to a traveling team a year later.

You do not have to be big. Or high. Or strong. You do not have to have the natural gifts that early separates Mary Lou Retton and Michelle Kwans. There are no expensive courses, equipment, clothes or facilities. Give him a few feet of space and a ball and stay there for hours. Democratic, equal opportunities, as it may be. His sport is not a "girl sport" or other segregated subset, but a universal game, the world's largest. And now, like the generations of boys, he has idols himself. Some like Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain, icons, household names, draw the masses wherever I go. Some like Philadelphia's own Heather Mitts and Lorrie Fair (both models) are beautiful enough to be sexual symbols. And hard? Oh yes, feminine, but at the same time hard. Best of all, hard.

FELICIA – Another tiny, shy girl, younger and far less physically-aggressive than Alyssa, this dark-eyed beauty was inclined to focus on the inevitable collision of football. But in the Phoenixville United team, practiced by Stassi Theodoropoulos, you are a local legend in youth football training. An old European club player, Stassi, aged 54, lives in the sport and is over-excited by spending several teams, including girls. at the Villa Maria Academy. His work with Phoenixville United was lifted into a machine that tortured most of his opponents, including some older girls. teams. And Felicia? He also grew, shyness a distant memory, as it now faces all the opponents who will come.

There are school teams. There are local clubs such as the Lionville Youth Association and the Phoenixville Area Soccer Club. There are larger organizations such as the Intercounty Soccer League and the Philadelphia Area Girls Football (PAGS), which provides a framework for most of the region's championships. All this is added to a fascinating wallpaper that is getting thicker this week and you do not have to look very hard at the evidence. New playgrounds are coming everywhere, and any weekend or evening they are likely to drive in front of a girl. match.

Charlestown Park, Phoenixville, October:

In the fall, the fields will rest. Be on Saturday or Sunday before a game finishes, other teams arrive and warm up on the sidelines. It's the same way on the way to the Lionville Youth Association. Not to mention in schools. It's the same everywhere. And when the girls get to teens, many play for both their schools and their team. Even Stassi, with all his energy, does not fit that way. In the high season, he had to give the beloved United team a full boost while spending time at Villa Maria. But in good hands he assures them and keeps them all eyesight.

In 1999, in the Women's Physique World editorial, I called for the Women's World Cup victory on the most beautiful day of female bodybuilding: "What else can you call when the prevailing picture in America is an ecstatic young woman who cuts her shirt and triumphantly triumphs before the whole world and no one is questioning it? "With these new heroines, I started a new paradigm," I said, "and that" what is important for us, because their outstanding significance is forever linked to the sweaty muddy worm bone, the bumpy crunching collision and the total outflow , featured in the function … and it does not require objection … Lady-like? Not a woman! "

Charlestown Park, Phoenixville, in early April:

April? It's okay, early April … a rainy, rainy Saturday afternoon, but Stassi United's daughters love it, rain and mud are part of fun. the other team on the four zip, and with the rain all the time, happily kneeling on a blanket and taking pictures of some of the games, the rest sitting in the rain who did not seem to enjoy it, but it's okay … they just grew up. The local heroes, Philadelphia Charge, finished last season with a leading championship title last week. We are heading for this year's Women's World Cup, tens of thousands more devotees than Lastly, many of them are in the same areas, they are catching up on a new generation of superstars and making physical opportunities even higher. The young league team's daughter in this growing limit he enjoys the freedom that his mother dreamed of, a future that has been delimited by the limits of old physical fairness, sports conditioning and femininity. From the mud and dust of your local sword, you see through countless crashes and crashes. And you can get up.

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