The Seven Bosses of Ireland

Trees grown in pots can be planted at any time of the year, but winter is the time to bare rooting trees.

For example, if you plant an apple tree plant, you have four feet four foot holes. Make plenty of rotting manure. Add the compost and the corners of the tree

. The geotexet (breathable lining, which is herbicide) is placed downwards. Then spring holes and plants in some chives and flower pots. Chamois prevents saffron, and flower buds attract the bees to pollinate the tree.

The Irish has two words to indicate a tree, a crann, and to indicate the holy tree, the epe. Here is a list of Ireland's seven sacred trees that can help you choose a tree

By installing a tree you can climb that CO2

Of these sacred trees, seven are totems for clans. Tradition has grown from every settlement around a tree. The forests were respected because they were fed. Trees were mixed with hazelnuts and berries. They were also the hunting habitat. Drugs were given in the disease. The trees were also the first alphabet in Ogham, Ireland. Finally, it was possible to cut fuel for both the fire and the holy fires at the festivals.

The trees supported the old writers in the body, in the soul, and in the soul. No wonder trees are so rooted in Irish psyche

. Oak – from the Irish duir that can be translated into the door. Oak is linked to Derry County, and oak is associated with the three premier saints of Ireland – Donegal St. Columcille. The strength of oak is evident not only as a building material, but also as a spirituality. The oak leaves the crown of the man of The Green Man or Wildwood. Along with Hawthorn and Ash, it's supposed to be the favorite of fairies

. Hazel – Hazelnuts are rather magical. Palm feed hunts wisdom salmon. When salmon had the fill of these nine nuts, he knew it. Chopsticks are also used in water. The Irish superhero Fionn MacColl is the "noble son of the Hazel" so the adventures of the territories can resonate with the spiritual energy of Hazel

3. Apple – County Armagh in Ireland Orchard County. Of course, it is also linked to St. Patrick as the spiritual and ecclesiastical center of Ireland. The classic Irish dessert is covered with apple-crisp, sharp, sweet local apple in the Loughall district. Apples and turnips are used in Halloween.

4th Yew – This tree lives for thousands of years and is often found in cemeteries. There is a tradition that the cemetery thrust around every corpse. Being eternal and diligent, it symbolizes eternal life. The holly was favored by Celtic warriors

. Ash – Both the Scandinavian and the Celts looked at the tall ash as Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. When cutting, the red soak is soaked. Due to the widespread roots, this species, along with the Tisza, is associated with the Underworld. For this reason, and with the magical associations of the fairies, the ashes were called "door opener". While it is very strong, flexible. The Willow, the Popular Material of Basket Making

6. Holly – This evergreen winter is in the battle between Holly and Fairy kings. Thanks to its warlike qualities, it means courage. Yet since the busy year is sacred, it is more meditative. This is the spiritual warrior's tree, not the soldier.

7th Pine – This species was one of the first in Erin Island. This is the other evergreen tree that arrives at the Winter Solstice. Pine oil is an excellent detergent. The smell of conifers refreshes the air and cleans the lungs. While Holly fights for oak guns, pine is a peaceful, contemplative and deeply spiritual winter.

Be in the woods and meet these trees. You find yourself in a fairly short time, admiring the beauty of a particular species. You may be your own head of household. Take a walk and see if a tree decides to share its totemic power.

Planting is a good way to offset its carbon debt. If you do not have a garden, give it a wooden gift. We know a Christmas tree with oak and birch trees for girls, bee mum and maple father, whose family is in Canada. Or you can help build a forest. Ireland is one of the most polluted countries in Europe

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