Why is the American men's soccer ever to create an international racing team?

It could be argued that the United States produced the best male athletes ever seen in the sport world. From Michael Jordan to Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods, Muhammad Aliig, for the first time in the United States, they played sports for the first time. There seems to be only one sport that Americans have never been able to dominate: the world's biggest sport, football. In the men's category, the United States has won gold medals or championship titles in all major sports, including basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, golf, swimming, boxing and gymnastics, and almost all have dominated the Olympic medal. the Olympics. In addition, it is the world's largest and most important sports league in the US, including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and PGA Tour.

It may seem strange that in a country where such a sports culture has never been the most popular sport in the world. Much of the American population argues that football is a tedious sport as the number of games scored is low compared to any other big sport. The truth is that, since the 1994 World Cup, which was first adopted in American soil and the Major League Soccer was formed in 1993, football has grown considerably. The American Football Association seemed to be on the right track to make football a big sport. More and more kids have played around the country and now begin to become part of American culture, teams have invested a lot of money into building their stadiums and developing players. team youth academy

So what's the problem? The problem is that football is not a sport for every athlete. When we talk about a player's goodness in American culture, experts like to talk about how tall the player is, how high, how strong and how fast they can be. These are all categories that can surely predict how good an athlete can be in any big contact sports such as basketball or football, and so-called experts in American football are trying to use these categories to identify future prospects, the biggest mistake they can do it. In a MLS combination each year, potential MLS players get through a series of tests that are able to demonstrate their skills. The speed measurement consists of a 30-meter hyphen, an Agility test, measuring the time in random order 5-10-5, and then the Power Test, which includes the measurement of the vertical jump. What people need to understand is that these tests can stand up to nothing at all. Football is its own art and can not be reduced to four categories. Football is much more than what the four counts are trying to show. This is one of the best players in the generation, Andrea Pirlo will probably be at the bottom of the table in all three categories. Pirlo 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds, was never fast, never jump high and was not the most tired player but he was an artist with the ball and possessing the highest level of talent he can find. The same can be said of Lionel Messi, who is arguably the best footballer ever to play the game.

Although Messi is really very fast and agile, it measures 5 feet 7 centimeters and reached the growth hormone treatment that FC Barcelona has delivered to her to be able to grow. When Messi was fifteen, he was exactly £ 5 inches inches behind the 136 pounds. It's sad, but it's true that if Leo Messi was born and developed in the United States, he would probably never have done anything because no US team would have given him a chance. Scouts and coaches participating in national youth systems should rather focus on attracting crude talents to develop their academy instead of high, strong and fast athletes by changing the narrative and leading the only sport they could not conquer .

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