He went back to school for these chefs

Chef Walter Potenza is a successful cook and entrepreneur. In addition to being a director of the Chef Walter Cooking School for adults, he teaches the culinary arts of the Providence Career and Technical Academy (PCTA), which combines a college preparatory academic program and technical training, making graduates a university or technical institute.

About the role of high school teacher: "This is another way of working with children, because I think that if they are 18 years old, they can no longer become great chefs, I think big chefs have to start at 14." 19659002] No, this was no mistake, he said, "Fourteen."

"A typical European internship starts at 14," says Potenza, who comes from Italy. "This is the time when a young girl is transformed , when they leave their parents' food control over the influence of friends and the environment. "

PCTA Potenza uses an industry-standard textbook for hospitality education and a sophisticated culinary text that teaches classics (" We do not allow recipe modifications " she says), but she thinks the best chefs are cooking "on impulse." In his view, the technique of the accused mystery basket (where cooks they need to prepare a pot – or just a few of the ingredients in the basket and sometimes from stock), is the best way to encourage creativity while at the same time enabling them to learn as instructors & # 39; aroma profiles.

Not that their profile was very complex at the beginning. Potenza recognizes that students work relentlessly in the first year to "go away from ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard".

Potenza himself never cooked cooking, but at age 18 he started working with Rhode Island's best chefs. At the age of 24 he was a restaurant chef and at the age of 28 he opened his first restaurant.

Potenza is listening to the art of cooking, it seems that "study and research" did not depend heavily on textbooks, which could be a useful tool, but not in the "The cook's life is very low on cooking," says Potenza, "is about discipline, self-esteem … Chef is technical, but there are many other elements behind it. I teach them a way of life … It's not just cooking. teach everyone who walks through the door. But to be chef, you have to re-design your own lifestyle, your own personality. "

Which is a lot easier task if anyone is 14.

" I disagree, "says Joe Pitta, senior teacher at the Minuteman Career and Tech College of Culinary Arts at Lexington, Mass Before Pitta arrived at school to help to lay the groundwork for the future cooks' culinary basics and lead their own colorful culinary life that began at the age of 20.

"I always loved food and cooking, and I do not really start my career until I was 20. The main reason I wanted to cook was because I wanted to travel. "And he, too, Pitta profited from a federally-funded labor market program that trained people in the hospitality main items of cargo ships and passenger ships on the west coast, he was still a food expert in the Amtrak. Sometimes Pitta felt that some Formal training was needed to continue successfully in the field Some certificates later on the travel days and he cooks at Ritz-Carleton Hote in Boston before moving to the Stouffer Bedford Glen Hotel in Bedford, Mass.

Pitta recalls: "The lessons they were tired and did not go to family life at all. And I had a family. So I left the hotel business to become a volunteer educator. "

Recognizes that your lessons are now enviable (" you really can not beat a teacher's schedule "), especially in the summer when the school but this does not mean that Pitta stops working, in fact, exactly when he starts another His work: the owner of a Red Sox owner and owner of the owner in a ball party. 19659002] Pitta has made a decision about changing jobs for 24 years and is still happy, but he initially admits that this was a tough transition and cook, everybody listened, asked "How high?" When he said, "Go!" But the kids "did not respect him"

Like Potenza, Pitta works hard every year to motivate children to try foods at home or in a fast-food restaurant where many people often eat. "Even those who say they want to say chefs do not say fish. But lack of experimentation among children is common: there is a 17-year-old home who mainly consumes chicken. "

Another culinary challenge that is relatively new is the fact that kids are more active these days than when Pitta became a teacher's career for the first time." The school is trying to solve building alliances for local farms for products and dairy products. ready-made food. "

Minuteman Tech is a highly structured program that includes an industry standard for hospitality and food service, emphasizing the technique in the program, just like basic cooking methods, though" recipes are found online, "says Pitta. school, hygiene certification is very important because Pitta says: "We want them to be able to serve their safety no matter where they are." And a 400 hour study component is part of the program, students are finally everywhere

"In this Everyone in the industry has a niche: sports, nursing, hospitality, airlines, snack bar you name it, "says Pitta. So if a student [culinary] is 14 and knows exactly what he wants to do, yes, that's a gift, and that's rare. "

Even though a student is young when he starts a culinary art, he means that no one knows better than Christopher Koetke, the dean of the Cul School, Kendall College, Chicago, American Art. has been cooked since 1982 in France's finest buffet restaurants and confectioners in Switzerland and the United States and has received numerous industrial awards.

Recognizes that he once had a fairly well-founded concept of the "right" man to succeed in the food industry. Opinions have changed and have changed over the experience of 13 years of higher education

"I recently went to a restaurant where a former student was a cook …"

Who knows how the transformation developed, but it was probably the success of this chef part, industry, skills and personality.

Koetke says, "There are great personalities, for whom the television is a great career and we say to the students that there is really a place for everyone who is interested in food and people, because this is a business through the great service of joy and happiness. "

In order to help students reach this level of service, Koetke emphasizes the importance of professionalism." Boasting the industry, respecting ingredients, workplaces, working hard and giving 100%, all this delivers great work. Students must have their own work ethics to succeed. "

Of course, the basic skills of students must be solid.

" I have reminded every day of the critical importance that students get the right information and training to get the highest possible potential at all stages of their education. "and experienced chef / entrepreneur, and recently wrote Culinary Professional to help future cooks back to the basics of contemporary cooking and help them start their careers in the basics and applications are complete understanding and modern hospitality. "

In addition to the tutorial CD that includes food service forms and worksheets, standardized recipes, and activities that improve student math and vocabulary in the industry, instructors monitor students and students , "They can read full skills at Koetke," they can read the knife skills all day, but they really have to do it. "

Although Potenza, Pitta and Koetke may not have much resemblance to formal education One of the most important elements of a new chef must be successful in success, the passion, Koetke summarizes," If the fire is not there, it does not work. "

Rick Smilow, the president and CEO of the New York Culinary Training Institute, writes about the books he has so far written on Culinary Careers: How to Get Your Dream in Food Tips for Culinary Professionals." He writes : "Teaching others through nutrition through career opportunities and growing opportunities due to the growth of the culinary education market over the past two decades."

Whether in professional programs that provide students with formal credentials or in leisure activities where students do not seek careers in a professional gastronomic setting and they have working time and part-time jobs with wages and experience requirements that are as wide-ranging as jobs.

Culinary Careers are thinking about their jobs in these different areas and include counseling, descriptions of typical days, hours, responsibilities, skills, pay, and job opportunities in addition to other subjective subjects such as the ones that most love and least love their work. a tool for those who want to imagine what they expect in different positions, regardless of whether they are interested in the food service industry and search options.

Source by Kimberly Parke

Teacher's Gifts – 10 Teacher's Gift Ideas

Teachers play an important role in the child's development and development. At the beginning of the alphabet learning, the child develops the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. The child then goes further in literature, science, mathematics, social sciences, and foreign language studies in high school. This growth in the sense would not be possible without the guidance and constructive support of teachers. As a parent, it is appropriate to show our appreciation to our children's teachers while we send a small gift to them. Although we certainly know how much teachers evaluate them at any time of the year, most parents will send teacher presentations to the National Teacher's Day (the first full week of March in the month of May) at the end of the school year or at Christmas holidays. This article provides some gift ideas for your children's teachers.

When choosing a teacher's gift, you can think about what you want and what can be useful to make your life easier. There are many gifts for teachers, while other gifts can be sent to anyone, but are especially useful for teachers.

first Teacher Gift Basket: There is a gift basket that teachers are mindful of. One such basket is a gift item with inspirational textbooks, coffee cups, handwriting notes, gourmet coffee and gourmet treasures.

2nd Personalized Gravel Bubble: You can send an attractive white ceramic coffee mug, available in many different designs. The mug can be customized with the name, level and subject of the teacher. Your teacher can use hot drinks mugs.

3rd Personalized Photo Frame: Your favorite teacher can send a picture frame that is personalized by the teacher, school, grade, or the name taught. You can choose from many color designs.

4th Personalized Bag: The teacher must wear curricula and students. homework, papers and books to school. This task can be made easier by sending an attractive large bag that is personalized with their own initials.

5th Personalized Pen: Every teacher can use pens to make notes and quality papers. A personalized pen with its own initials provides a useful gift.

6th Personalized Keychain with Flash Drive: The teacher needs to prepare a lesson plan and make notes about themes. It may be useful to have a flash drive that stores all the written material in one place. This personalized flash drive keychain is sterling silver and can be included in the initials of the recipient. This gift can be in a pocket or wallet.

7th Personalized Keychain with Small Screwdriver: Teachers often wear glasses that can slacken from time to time. This intelligent personalized keychain has two hidden small screwdrivers that can be used to attach spectacles or replace small electronics. The key chain can be sewn with the three initials of the recipients.

8th Coffee Gift Basket: If your favorite teacher is a cafe, you may want to mention a gift basket filled with gourmet coffee and delicious food. Teachers deserve a coffee break from their busy teaching pace.

ninth Thank you Gift Basket: Thank you for your gift basket thank you for your thanks thanks to the theme. The gift basket can be Thanks to a million theme bags of gourmet trees or Thank you for a million printed tapes. The basket will surely deliver the loud and clear message of thanks.

10th Spa Gift: The work of a teacher may sometimes be challenging and stressful. Thus teachers deserve some convenience to release stress. You can send a spa gift basket to your favorite teacher to relax and rejuvenate.

Overall, teachers play an important role in the development of a child's life. You can show your appreciation by sending them a small gift at the end of the school year, on the National Teacher's Day, or on Christmas holidays. Popular teacher gifts include a teacher gift basket, personalized coffee mug, photo frame, pen, keyring flash drive, coffee gift basket, spa gift, and thank you gift basket.

Source by Kate S

Playbacks to the Sixties – During the Nigerian-Biafrian War

The age that brought children's adventure was the same as the suffering of adults. While children explored rural nature, adults were worried about the surviving hunger that the Federal Republic of Nigeria had said was the fastest way to put the Igbo tribe's Art Nouveau Biafranzas on their knees.

At night, the boy got up in the early morning sunshine. Outside, on the sandy facade of the house, with a wooden wedge, and opened the wooden door. He was standing outside, waiting for an unintended intention. To the left there was a low Bahama grass strip that stretched on the main road and was in front of it in a massive street.

He was not a living creature except Jimmy, the hairless neighboring dog. Because of the fear of unbiased bombardment, the parents instructed the children to stay in a closed space. The men were hiding to avoid the forced reception of the Biafran army. Women cultivated the soil.

The boy thought for a moment. He could walk the grass surface until he reached the two stone walls at the front of the street, or waited, hoping that another disobedient child would come out to play. The dog is around the uneven, dusty red road. Rickily ripples developed like a wire basket, the juggernaut sinking from the back of the limb to the dangling abdomen, wrapped around and stopped to smell the bushes as he walked. He lifted his leg, lifted Jimmy and ran away. He stopped again, hesitated before squatting to throw five narrow bristles in the street. As many people became angry after the release, they quickly speeded up the pace and soon fired.

Turned to the left, the boy only saw the shadow of the two walls. The beginning of the road was marked, which cut to the street where he lived. Last year was too short to climb up. This year was different. He knew he could get up there, rejoicing in his heart.

After the spot, the boy started toward the stone wall. Halfway down, two angles in the sunlight, one in the top. The boy had always wanted to get a grasshopper. The capture of the two has come true for a dream. He put it in an empty matchbox, he cares for them and feeds the ants until they grow up.

But the grasshoppers always stared at him. "Why are you so trickier in this neighborhood of the grasshopper?" she often complained to her grandmother. "Uka, these grunts are tempted," he warned.

If there was not a war, then it's still on Onitsha, Akokwa, instead of their ancient house. The town of Onitsha, where he lived all his life, has been a different challenge to a five-year-old than in the village.

Children born in the village can catch the grasshoppers. Their stealth, speed and jumping were what they needed now. He imagined that he would gain respect if two grasshoppers would show them when they came out. The Uka accounted for a moment, two, and three before she was diving with her two palms. "Take them!" he exclaimed. He woke up with his head, shoulder, and knee. He glanced carefully between his fingers. "Nothing," he hissed, dropped her back to the floor with backs and moi-moi leaves. Then there was a silent voice in the nearby bush. Grasshoppers seemed to mock the failure.

Very often in life, only encounter with failure means that we think twice. "Should I go home or continue the two stone walls?" the boy wondered. "Go home," a voice said in his head. "Go on," he whispered. Both souls resembled each other like two dogs in a fighting fight. The first soul won.

Soon he stood at the foot of the stone wall on the right. With a big leap he sat on the top of the wall. A few pebbles stuck to his buttocks and reminded him that he did not clean the top before he sat down. Turning his left hand wiped the top of the wall where the right knot sat. He switched the base and used his left palm to sweep pebbles from the left hip.

As he sat up, he jumped up again like the depleted pebble. His three left sleeves pulled the threatening gravel into the pale shorts. The hole was not punctured, but a thread that was covered by the web of woven fibers. He grabbed the gravel on his neck, unable to pull it out of the hole; so he jumped off the stone wall, unlocked his hips, and the gravel went to his thigh.

A voice that broke the silence of the neighborhood prevented another effort on the wall. – Oh, where are you? On the way home, the boy noticed Jimmy from the opposite direction. His footsteps were quicker, more purposeful, and practically missed, and a bruised body of a dead animal in his mouth

Source by Anselm Anyoha

Seven can not give you money every day

This year, money is scarce in many families, including ours. As her son has a teenager (13) and our daughter, 15, I scratched our heads on exactly what we need to do for these two teenagers. birthdays. This does not make it easier for both teenagers to have a birthday the same day. The ability to perfect the family's design techniques. Or pick up the coincidence and get closer to what really happened.

In any case, I thought of cheap or cheap gifts, all of which can be proudly "cool". Obviously, there is no easy challenge. But since we can actually spend money for our children to have a birthday celebration, I hope that one day they will discover the special gifts that do not cost money, but they mean a lot more. You can expect at least 7 such gifts, which I can think of in a special order.

first Merry words: these may be words, such as "Thank you". These might be encouraging words: "You can do it, do not give up." What about the words of praise or praise: "You did it great, you look sharp, that is brilliant observation." Reinforcing words: "It's important for our family, it makes a difference in our school, in our company or in our church." How about comfortable words? "I do not know what you want to experience what's going on, but I'm with you, I support you through this. Valuable words: "We could not have missed this." What about humor like a good joke? Or Welcoming Words: Please say "Good Morning" every day you wake up; yes, "Good morning," even to all the people who live in the same house.

2nd You can give your tab at no cost. How? Pay attention. Just listen. It is a caring, worrying and wise thing to hear another person with the empathic feeling that says, "I understand, I care, I know, I want to know."

3rd What do you say to your eyes? This is the gift of attention or eye contact and does not cost you money. Do you know that love is in your eyes? & # 39; A good look can seal the agreement between two people, as one is in love, and the other confirms that the feeling is reciprocal. Your eyes, if blessed with the gift of vision, is a wonderful gift; use them to give a special to a special appearance that results in love, trust, compassion, and the like.

4th An apology: More than just a gift to another person who hurt or hurt you, the free gift of forgiveness cures and rescues you, just as you release your offender. "Forgive you" is one of the strongest sentences a man can tell another to hear. He says he is ready to move on and so does the other person. Forgiveness releases two prisoners, though they may still be different in anger, bitterness, and anger.

5th Presence: This is one of the most underrated gifts in the world. Your presence, just there, would make a lot of difference. Presence differentiates the lives of millions of children. Do you know that a boy can drop school, use drugs and alcohol, engage in sex-related engagement, commit a crime, and be imprisoned simply because his father was not there? Never underestimate the "staying" power. The gift of presence is indispensable for organizations such as a sports team, a church or a company. How good is a team, a church or a company if no one appears if players, members or employees do not participate if they never exist? Participation is only a gift of presence. For those who are religious, one of the beliefs that keep many is a simple promise from the Almighty: "I will be with you, I will never leave you and I will not leave you, I am with you, even the world." Presence. What present!

6th Smile or laugh: Few things communicate "I'm in my team" as a real smile or a laugh. For many years, I've made a point to have a good day. "If the sun is wearing and I have not got the laughter of the sun, I surf the internet until I find a good failure. But most days, I laugh a family member, a friend or even through the phone By the way, laughter relieves the stress and the conditions in your head like you know what By the way, we talk about "laughing" someone, not "laughing" 19659002] 7. Gift of touch: The world's mother Teresas understands the great gift of human touch, a kind kind of gift that can shape the infant's personality in the life of the child as a whole, often touched by a child who never embraces or kisses. The gentle touch of a nurse or doctor may recall or even accelerate the patient's healing process or make a difference between a peaceful death and a traumatic exit. Jesus the rabbi differentials he hired himself from the other religious leaders and thanks to the common people he gave himself rather as a tourist as a separate teacher. He touched epilepsy, leprata, prostitute, hate, and touched his disciples. The touch of Jesus changed his life and made tears in the most lively eyes of men, including Simon Peter, the powerful fisherman of Galilee. Never look at handshake, embrace, empire, kiss on your face or lips as a valuable gift.

We have a small chance to impress our son or daughter with these costly gifts for their birthday. The good news is that because of their parents, we know that these gifts are the ones most remembered after leaving the nest. And thankfully, these dear presentations can be decided on them every day of the week, regardless of whether or not they are birthdays.

Source by MG Matally

Early death comes from drinking water?

Can you believe a doctor made this statement? Dr. Joseph Mercola, a well-known "Health Expert and Nutritionist" statement, can be found on the Internet on the first page of Googling's distilled water search results.

Jim Jones claimed that Kool-Aid; and the 900's lost their lives due to the follow-up of their teachings and ads. This is shocking or difficult to believe, but there are many people who will vote with a charming, addictive, trusting smile and a basket with a "false promise" to a candid whispering presidential candidate, without investing time or energy to examine their faith, goals or background. They agree to accept all the propaganda the media is feeding.

After publishing the online statement that the consumption of distilled water killed, Dr. Mercola took the names of two other "doctors": Dr. Zoltán Rona and Pavlo Ariola, ND, who just quoted him, including many amateur " "articles, blogs and websites. No researcher or writer disturbs his own research, such as:

  • Consider the motives behind Mercola to make such a ridiculous statement of clean water;
  • Exploring Mercola's Thought: "Early death comes from distilled water";
  • Looking for an opinion of recognized and recognized experts in science and medical fields
  • 1. During my personal research, I quickly discovered that Dr. Mercola offers dozens of health products on its website, and the FDA has repeatedly referred to the publication of health claims about products that heal certain diseases. It also sells carbon filters to a multi-level marketing company, Aquasana. Moreover, these carbon filters do not remove more than 250 known toxic chemicals in multiple municipal water supplies in the United States. Now you understand why Dr. Mercola motivates water, which is clean and free of any kind of dirt, as it promotes a water purifier that does not remove everything from water, especially inorganic minerals.

    2. The second is the prerequisite

    of Dr. Mercola quoted articles, blogs, journals and web pages. Mercola claims that because distilled water is pure water, "distilled water soakes the minerals from the body and because it is" hungry water ", it emits carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into acidic. Take even more minerals organization. "That's not true! This ridiculous statement flies on the faces of simple elementary science, chemistry and biology. First, a glass of distilled water will surely not be acidic until it is just sitting on the counter. In fact, after one day or one year, it is still pure distilled water with a pH of 7 (neutral). In addition, pure distilled water (H2O) can not be filled with minerals from the body! Why? As the water is rapidly transformed into blood, lymph, digestive juices, lubricants, epevacs and other body fluids, and no longer two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen. One of the most important advantages of distilled water against any other water is that the body does not need to be cleaned first, remove all its toxins, carcinogenic substances and inorganic (non-chelated) minerals that contribute to kidney stones, gallstones, plaque and many other disease. Otherwise, they are the same minerals that are not removed by Aquasana filters

    3. The third is the other expert opinion

    Dr. Andrew Weil, founder and director of the University of Arizona Medical School, with a degree in medicine and a university degree in Harvard. For many years he was a frequent guest at Oprahon, Larry King, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, USA Today and New York Times. One of the 100 most influential people in Time Magazine has been named in the world; three times on the front of Time Magazine and Discover and Natural Health Magazines. Dr. Weil says: "Distilled water is free from all contamination, carcinogen, poison, bacteria, viruses and all other organic and inorganic substances and, literally, pure H2O when distilled water is removed, although all organic and inorganic minerals are removed from the distillation I do not see this question because we do not get the necessary minerals from the water but we get food. In terms of acidity, distilled water is seven on the pH balance, which is neutral and no distilled water is safe and healthy to drink, what I use. "

    As for Dr. Mercola's statement:" Early death comes from distilled water, "Dr. Charles Bragg wrote: "The Scary Truth of Water" and "The Wonder of the Fast," which read both books in 1972 at the age of 25. As a result, I fasted from year to year and at least a gallon of distilled water a day for more than 40 years and I did not die of scabies and deaths. It's a fact that I've never been ill or have not taken any material, not aspirin. I think, "A man who has experience with a man's grace [or a doctor] with reasoning."

    Source by Douglas Hoover

Sweet potato fried blend is gluten-free

Sweet potato is a delight in the flavor of the Oregon Cookbook, a home-made product. We love this recipe for Thanksgiving dinner and we love to eat in the cool autumn time. Our family has been serving this food for years. It reminds us of the Mother and the wonderful loving Thanksgiving traditions. Our mom is missing, but we like to remember the warm and loving approach of every holiday. He always tried to decorate his house and expect the traditions we can count on. There is something wonderful about you.

Our favorite autumn dish is actually serving as a dessert in our house. This bowl was very happy for people who thought they did not like sweet potatoes. This year, we prepare the mixture of Agave Nectar and gluten-free flour after we know that the three family members are gluten-intolerant.

(All cups of white sugar substitute, use 2/3 cup agave and other liquids to reduce 1/4 to 1/3.)

Sweet Potato Joy 6-8 [

  • 1 cup of granulated sugar (this year instead of Agave Nectar)
  • 2 eggs, beaten well
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 1/4 c. milk
  • 1/2 c. butter
  • Topping:

    • 1 C. brown sugar
    • 1/3 c. flour
    • 1 C. cut pecan
    • 1/3 c. butter

    Mix all ingredients except for filling and pour into a pressed vessel or a rock

    Mix the ingredients and fill the baking dish

    minutes. When using agave nectar, some people reduce the temperature by 25 degrees.


    Source by Linda Cramer

    The Seven Bosses of Ireland

    Trees grown in pots can be planted at any time of the year, but winter is the time to bare rooting trees.

    For example, if you plant an apple tree plant, you have four feet four foot holes. Make plenty of rotting manure. Add the compost and the corners of the tree

    . The geotexet (breathable lining, which is herbicide) is placed downwards. Then spring holes and plants in some chives and flower pots. Chamois prevents saffron, and flower buds attract the bees to pollinate the tree.

    The Irish has two words to indicate a tree, a crann, and to indicate the holy tree, the epe. Here is a list of Ireland's seven sacred trees that can help you choose a tree

    By installing a tree you can climb that CO2

    Of these sacred trees, seven are totems for clans. Tradition has grown from every settlement around a tree. The forests were respected because they were fed. Trees were mixed with hazelnuts and berries. They were also the hunting habitat. Drugs were given in the disease. The trees were also the first alphabet in Ogham, Ireland. Finally, it was possible to cut fuel for both the fire and the holy fires at the festivals.

    The trees supported the old writers in the body, in the soul, and in the soul. No wonder trees are so rooted in Irish psyche

    . Oak – from the Irish duir that can be translated into the door. Oak is linked to Derry County, and oak is associated with the three premier saints of Ireland – Donegal St. Columcille. The strength of oak is evident not only as a building material, but also as a spirituality. The oak leaves the crown of the man of The Green Man or Wildwood. Along with Hawthorn and Ash, it's supposed to be the favorite of fairies

    . Hazel – Hazelnuts are rather magical. Palm feed hunts wisdom salmon. When salmon had the fill of these nine nuts, he knew it. Chopsticks are also used in water. The Irish superhero Fionn MacColl is the "noble son of the Hazel" so the adventures of the territories can resonate with the spiritual energy of Hazel

    3. Apple – County Armagh in Ireland Orchard County. Of course, it is also linked to St. Patrick as the spiritual and ecclesiastical center of Ireland. The classic Irish dessert is covered with apple-crisp, sharp, sweet local apple in the Loughall district. Apples and turnips are used in Halloween.

    4th Yew – This tree lives for thousands of years and is often found in cemeteries. There is a tradition that the cemetery thrust around every corpse. Being eternal and diligent, it symbolizes eternal life. The holly was favored by Celtic warriors

    . Ash – Both the Scandinavian and the Celts looked at the tall ash as Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. When cutting, the red soak is soaked. Due to the widespread roots, this species, along with the Tisza, is associated with the Underworld. For this reason, and with the magical associations of the fairies, the ashes were called "door opener". While it is very strong, flexible. The Willow, the Popular Material of Basket Making

    6. Holly – This evergreen winter is in the battle between Holly and Fairy kings. Thanks to its warlike qualities, it means courage. Yet since the busy year is sacred, it is more meditative. This is the spiritual warrior's tree, not the soldier.

    7th Pine – This species was one of the first in Erin Island. This is the other evergreen tree that arrives at the Winter Solstice. Pine oil is an excellent detergent. The smell of conifers refreshes the air and cleans the lungs. While Holly fights for oak guns, pine is a peaceful, contemplative and deeply spiritual winter.

    Be in the woods and meet these trees. You find yourself in a fairly short time, admiring the beauty of a particular species. You may be your own head of household. Take a walk and see if a tree decides to share its totemic power.

    Planting is a good way to offset its carbon debt. If you do not have a garden, give it a wooden gift. We know a Christmas tree with oak and birch trees for girls, bee mum and maple father, whose family is in Canada. Or you can help build a forest. Ireland is one of the most polluted countries in Europe

    Source by Bee Smith

    The Endless Season – Girlfriend – why it matters

    You know how hot it was. He really wanted him to be there. And for baking, they played fields that are about half a mile west of the intensive indoor complex next to Coatesville. This Tuesday contains almost a dozen games, but it's just a girl's match. A freshly defeated team loses the course, and the trainer relocates to a vacant spot where he guts them with a meticulous effort. "Our next recording is on Thursday," he says.

    United Sports Center, mid-February, 20:00:

    Three Indoor Pre-Girls' Team For professional and amateur teams, Lightning-Fast, one of the fast training consultants, a professional chess player, Shannon Grady, a small trainer, closes the pro shop when a woman enters her daughter and asked her to sign up to the next Surgical Clinic: ten, I ask Shannon to how young you got them Eight

    Understand Title IX if you want, NEWSWEEK did, for reasons, respectable George Will echoed that the initiative was a "train wreck" that was shoe-horn female athlete to college sports to the detriment of well-founded men's programs. The 1999 World Cup winner did not take Title IX, threnody continued because the 1972 law was not codified and have not been executed for more than a decade, during which time women's sports are themselves flourishing. The NEWSWEEK then follows the IX. He balanced the competition for the title and placed the cover on Michelle Kwan on the cover, and on the cover of "Gamma Girls" on page IX. The title correctly facilitated the appearance of well-adjusted teenagers who were not back-stitched queens or baskets. Go ahead, blow out the IX. Title for legions of type A parents who expect a sports scholarship. But if you look a little deeper, you will notice that it's a small price to pay for girls' allowances. football mania around us.

    Like many people over a certain age, I remember when football was an autumn boy was a sport, which was regarded as ignoring football in private schools. You have not seen "pick-up" football games in a way that you play with basketball or football. And the girls played the hockey hockey. As the rising of football in this country is parallel to the growth of women's sports, it seems that an intersection is inevitable: no other sport offers every girl the same wide range of opportunities and opportunities.

    ALYSSA – my niece is far less than his two brothers. Little but solid at age 10, he did not have team sports experience when I enrolled in Lionville Youth League and tried to open him up. As it was late, it was played for the first time in the field. He did not know anything about the positions and rules ("What position do you play?" I asked before he came in. "My captain," he said.) But with agility and aggression he made the coach close to tears when I was relocated to a traveling team a year later.

    You do not have to be big. Or high. Or strong. You do not have to have the natural gifts that early separates Mary Lou Retton and Michelle Kwans. There are no expensive courses, equipment, clothes or facilities. Give him a few feet of space and a ball and stay there for hours. Democratic, equal opportunities, as it may be. His sport is not a "girl sport" or other segregated subset, but a universal game, the world's largest. And now, like the generations of boys, he has idols himself. Some like Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain, icons, household names, draw the masses wherever I go. Some like Philadelphia's own Heather Mitts and Lorrie Fair (both models) are beautiful enough to be sexual symbols. And hard? Oh yes, feminine, but at the same time hard. Best of all, hard.

    FELICIA – Another tiny, shy girl, younger and far less physically-aggressive than Alyssa, this dark-eyed beauty was inclined to focus on the inevitable collision of football. But in the Phoenixville United team, practiced by Stassi Theodoropoulos, you are a local legend in youth football training. An old European club player, Stassi, aged 54, lives in the sport and is over-excited by spending several teams, including girls. at the Villa Maria Academy. His work with Phoenixville United was lifted into a machine that tortured most of his opponents, including some older girls. teams. And Felicia? He also grew, shyness a distant memory, as it now faces all the opponents who will come.

    There are school teams. There are local clubs such as the Lionville Youth Association and the Phoenixville Area Soccer Club. There are larger organizations such as the Intercounty Soccer League and the Philadelphia Area Girls Football (PAGS), which provides a framework for most of the region's championships. All this is added to a fascinating wallpaper that is getting thicker this week and you do not have to look very hard at the evidence. New playgrounds are coming everywhere, and any weekend or evening they are likely to drive in front of a girl. match.

    Charlestown Park, Phoenixville, October:

    In the fall, the fields will rest. Be on Saturday or Sunday before a game finishes, other teams arrive and warm up on the sidelines. It's the same way on the way to the Lionville Youth Association. Not to mention in schools. It's the same everywhere. And when the girls get to teens, many play for both their schools and their team. Even Stassi, with all his energy, does not fit that way. In the high season, he had to give the beloved United team a full boost while spending time at Villa Maria. But in good hands he assures them and keeps them all eyesight.

    In 1999, in the Women's Physique World editorial, I called for the Women's World Cup victory on the most beautiful day of female bodybuilding: "What else can you call when the prevailing picture in America is an ecstatic young woman who cuts her shirt and triumphantly triumphs before the whole world and no one is questioning it? "With these new heroines, I started a new paradigm," I said, "and that" what is important for us, because their outstanding significance is forever linked to the sweaty muddy worm bone, the bumpy crunching collision and the total outflow , featured in the function … and it does not require objection … Lady-like? Not a woman! "

    Charlestown Park, Phoenixville, in early April:

    April? It's okay, early April … a rainy, rainy Saturday afternoon, but Stassi United's daughters love it, rain and mud are part of fun. the other team on the four zip, and with the rain all the time, happily kneeling on a blanket and taking pictures of some of the games, the rest sitting in the rain who did not seem to enjoy it, but it's okay … they just grew up. The local heroes, Philadelphia Charge, finished last season with a leading championship title last week. We are heading for this year's Women's World Cup, tens of thousands more devotees than Lastly, many of them are in the same areas, they are catching up on a new generation of superstars and making physical opportunities even higher. The young league team's daughter in this growing limit he enjoys the freedom that his mother dreamed of, a future that has been delimited by the limits of old physical fairness, sports conditioning and femininity. From the mud and dust of your local sword, you see through countless crashes and crashes. And you can get up.

    Source by Charles Peeples

    Bulrushes – No need to confuse the Cattails

    When do you hear the claws, do you think the cattails? Strangely enough, most people. However, there are differences between the two, though coexistence is not unknown. Cattails have become known to penetrate the wetland habit much more rapidly than shells, covering large areas over a single growth period due to the mass of windmill seeds. In the growing season, cattails are more water-dependent than shellfish. Typically, the hardtop groove [Scirus acutus] is used for wetland habitat projects and restoration. The rubbers are much slower than the cattails of creating and spreading because they spread mainly in the underground rhizomes instead of seeds. The nuts better handle and withstand long, dry periods like cattails. There are some differences between cattail and scrub like growing vegetation, but one of the remarkable communities among them is the special adaptation to deliver oxygen from the air to their roots, enabling them to grow continuously in shallow but shallow waters. Both the cattail and the spine start quickly (though mentioned above, spheres are still slower than cattails) and both can tolerate poor quality water. However, peduncles grow deeper in water, while cattails are rather shallow water.

    The shellfish is a variety of herbs in the Scirpus (aquatic). Annual or perennial plants are medium to high altitude. The so-called Come, Woolly and Ratbone, this herbaceous plant grows up to 10 feet tall; North America and Eurasia.

    There are groups of herbaceous [Scirpus validus] and hard-boiled [Scirpus tabernaemontani] snails in the Cyperaceae family. These two species are fairly similar to their appearance and share their community in the areas they produce. Molluscs are often used in farmed wetlands to treat agricultural NPS pollution and to create and restore wetlands. One of these types of projects is Giant Bulrush named "Restorer". This is an excellent resource, especially in the southeastern states. Now you can ask what is NPS pollution and where do you come from? Good question!

    The NPS is short of "non-source pollution", carbon and metal mining, photography and textiles, agricultural and urban areas, household sewage and other disturbing activities that adversely affect the waterways of America 30-50 %. It is an affordable and effective tool for treating and cleaning different wastewater with ordinary water areas. For nearly 60 years, scientists have studied and reported the use of natural or built water habitats, their efficiency and their ability to clean contaminated water. In 1989, a researcher named Hammer defined wetlands built on sewage treatment as "saturated substrates, surfacing and flooding vegetation, animal life and water, simulating natural habitats for human use and benefits". [19659002] Mussel [Scirpus spp] is a plant species that is grown in shallow beds or root canals, such as sand and / or gravel, effectively helping regulate water flow. At the same time, biochemical reactions occur within the submersible parts of plants and in aqueous soils. Oxygen is passively available for biochemical reactions, mainly through air diffusion into the system (Rogers et al., 1991). Only in the United States, more than 56 FWS (Fish and Wildlife Service) systems run 95 million gallons of runoff and sewage (Reed, 1991).

    The funnels are reeds, long, strong leaves, twisted stems and small, often brown spikelet hanging clusters near the branches of the stems. There are a few leafy leaves with the sap. Roots (or rhizomes) produce edible tubers. The tops of the shells are picked from blooming reddish-brown or straw-colored flowers that become stone-like fruit from April to August.

    These are often found along marshland or marshland; such as wetlands such as shallow lakes, lakes, marshes, fresh and salt marshes, wet forests, slow moving streams and road trenches. They can rise up to 10 feet on wet ground, shallow or deep water, from 1 to 9 feet of water. The shell is densely rhizome and rich in seed production.

    Scirpus species are almost always naturally occurring in wet habitats. Cyperaceae family of herbaceous [Scirpus validus] and hard-boiled [Scirpus tabernaemontani] snails. These two species are quite similar to their appearance. The soft stem shell can grow to 10 feet and grow in rhizomes in thick colonies. The soft round has a round (cross-section), light gray-green, relatively soft stems, which comes with a point without obvious leaves (just the bottom of the stems). The flowers are usually under the stem of the stem between July and September. They grow in the places referred to in the first paragraph, where soils are weakly drenched or continuously saturated. As far as its ecological importance is concerned, herbaceous spheroidization doubles the amount of biomass in a vegetation period. One area derived from this spine is urban wetlands where soft beam beams can be used and can be used to reduce pollutant loads caused by rainwater runoff.

    A hard shell (come from a black root) a perennial plant is a mandatory [restricted to a particular condition in life] highly rhizome-rich aqueous plant that forms dense colonies. The stems of the shell are rigid and slender, sharp, finely triangular; usually 3-10 feet tall. Likewise, the leaves are slim blades that are coated around the long stem. The flowers are brown spikelets. The seal has a 3-cylinder but cylindrical oval-shaped spike. The corn germ is whitish-brown with 6 basal bristles. The peduncles have rusty subjects and long, thick, brown, underground stems [rhizomes]. Hard-spherical spheres exhibit much greater tolerance for mixosalin [water containing saline] conditions than soft-spherical spheres. After removal, it is well regenerated and is resistant.

    The water bodies of all aquatic plants provide many micro and macro invertebrates. These invertebrates are used for fish and other wild species (for example, amphibians, reptiles, ducks, etc.). After the aquatic plants die, bacteria and fungi degradation ("detritus") nourishes many aquatic invertebrates. Molluscs and other birds consume mussels, while geese, muskrats and nutria consume rhizomes and early shoots. Muskrats and beavers want to use this rising water vegetation to build food and huts, thereby improving the wet habitat.

    Biscuits are used in a variety of cultures for medical purposes and

    Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang Provinces in China use the meal in teas, chocolates and extracts. It appears that the joint is effective and most often the stopping of bleeding, whether it is an injury or an internal disorder. It is also used to treat painful menstruation and post-natal abdominal pain. Evidence has shown that bulus extracts may reduce lipid levels in the blood and are effective in treating colitis.

    Indians have eaten rhizomes (seeds) that are high in protein and have high starch content in a flour powder, mixed with water, boiled and eaten as oatmeal. Young shoots are delicious, whether raw or cooked. Spherical for syrup and / or sugar, used in salad or boiled vegetables. The syrup is dried to produce sugars and the pollen is used to make bread and cake.

    A bunch of stems was also made from blood circulation and the handling of snake bunks. The roots can be processed and used to treat abscesses.

    "Boneset" tea was a popular therapeutic drug used by Indians and pioneers to treat general pain and discomfort. They said it was the most effective relief for the 19th and 20th century flu pandas. It is still a popular herb and used as a tonic to help reduce colds, sweat and bone healing. This is the belief that it really helps bone healing, which gives the name of "bony tea". Modern medical research reinforces these benefits and states that "boneset tea" compounds stimulate the immune system. Some Indian Americans chew the roots of the stomach like preventing thirst.

    The stems are used for heavy rugs, ropes, baskets, purses, hats, skirts, sandals, curtains, temporary shelter, cans and rafts, and knits. and other household items. The plant has to develop on rough texture soil, free of gravel, sludge and clay, when roots are used for quality basket cuts. The root was looked for in black, designed to highlight patterns based on basket making.

    Due to the benefits and uses of ecologically, therapeutic and creative ecosystems, we must carefully consider the planting zones of wetland habitats and indigenous restoration landscapes.

    Source by T Sons

    Tips and tricks to quickly sell a house

    Today's real estate market is hard to sell your house quickly. With the growing number of Foreclosures, home buyers have more opportunities than ever when choosing a new home. Fortunately, there are relatively cheap and easy things you can do at your house that can improve your chances of fast sales!

    When you compete with all the overclocking exclusives, the only thing you are homeowners is that banks are not, the ability to make minor changes and improve the "moving" quality of home. There are definitely many rehabers and house-flippers who love the thrill of buying and upgrading the flooded house, but most people are looking for a house that is ready to penetrate. Look at your house with the talented bargain hunters and now make these repairs!

    Besides the placement of the pre-house slogan, what else is it about your house that would encourage you to call your realtor? Stop on the street and evaluate your home as a buyer. What attracts your eyes first? Does the house look dingy? The grass is green? Attractive to the road? Does it seem that the house needs to be repaired? Everything helps you find a way to improve your chances of selling your house quickly.

    Curb Appeal, Road and Door Update

    If the house is bursting, it is much cheaper than painting and will greatly improve the curbing of apartments appeal! Consider the different things you can do to make the walkway more attractive. Always make sure that you start grass early in the morning and until late at night, it will retain the water and provide a beautiful green lawn. Make sure the lawn is mowed and feel the pavement to provide a clean look. Take a look at your mailbox, what shape do you have? There are many decorative ways to redefine mailboxes, or if you're not creative, just buy a new one. With the accumulation of the promenade, you should consider purchasing outdoor lamps, which also helps to pay attention to their homes when they are hosted by most people.

    Once on the track, consider the front door. Doors can be quickly and easily painted, and adding such new door accessories such as new buttons or handles can greatly improve the entire house before the potential buyer enters! This is also a good time to enter the threshold or the knocker. Is the doorbell broken or discolored? Do you need a new carpet? What about the house number display – is there another one? You certainly want to make sure they remember the address. Look at these items and coordinate each update to encourage you to feel together.

    Upgrading the Lobby or Entrance Area

    Now that you have a home buyer through the front door, what do they see? Make sure all the messes have disappeared, collect all family pictures and replace them with neutral art, but leave some carefully placed nick-knacks around the house to draw attention to homes' major selling points. Check all walls to make sure they are in a clean state, repair the strips in the walls, and replace the wrong, broken or discolored disks. You want the buyer to imagine your house as a house, but at the same time create that warm home feeling.

    Do not forget lighting. Properly placed lamps can change everything in the room's appearance. Turn off the headlights and use strategically placed floor or table lamps to create warm golden light in the room. Continue your house, a room at a time, and analyze each one the way your stepfather is! Are the floorplates clean? Do you have dust on the curtain, need to be replaced? If not, look at the curtain rods or the drapery . Roll over the cabinet, move everything off the floor, and wrap the clothes up to give more cabinets. Updating your bathroom is always an important selling point. clean and fresh looking. If needed, buy a new bathroom mattress with hand towel and shower curtain. The bathroom can be added to be fragile and organized, with simple items such as Soap, shower basket and towel bar can make this effect quite easy. There are also some products in the local hardware store that allow you to quickly recycle wooden boxes and add new cabinet buttons to change the overall appearance of the entire room.

    Updating the Kitchen

    The kitchens must be prominent and organized. Clean all devices from the counters to display more than one counter. If the devices are out of date, consider purchasing new handholds. Refresh the cabinets and make sure all the appliances are clean and do not forget to remove the magnets in the fridge or personal notes

    A kitchen with a nice cinnamon or vanilla flavor can also create a nostalgic feeling when the customer looking at her house, make sure nothing is exaggerated or too obvious. For a pleasant natural scent, one simple idea is to place sugar and cinnamon on a sheet of cake covered with foil and place it in the oven under low heat, or go out and bake some chocolate cake or fresh bread. Make sure you take a look at the cabinets in the kitchen too. Tighten or replace the lost cabinet hinges and replace the kitchen cabinet buttons if necessary. If your cabinets are in a very bad condition, grinding rough areas and painting completely ignites the entire kitchen.

    Apart from housework

    The above tips and tricks will help you quickly sell the house, but beyond the maintenance, there are many other things you can do to sell the house. You can often contact a real estate agent and make sure they are acquainted with online real estate sales. Give them a high and low price on the house and have some negotiating place when they work with home buyers. Ask them what other marketing methods they use when selling their homes and make sure they are writing newspapers or webpages where the real estate ad is listed. Always make sure your agent contacts you before you arrive at the house to keep it and leave! There is nothing more than a buyer than a salesman behind him as he looks over the cabinets. When you return to your house, take another critical look from the curb to the bathrooms and continue the repairs until the house sells – You may be faster than you think about the right upgrades.

    Source by Tara Deck