Games at My Wedding Reception?

Make your wedding reception and entertain the game! Of course, you also have the first dance with your new spouse for the melody when you first met. And you'll still eat each other's wool when you make your cake.

While the bride plays her bridal shower with the rest of her "daughters", the games are not only reserved for showers. You can use games to encourage conversations between guests. Games can also help in cases where you will enjoy the reception, but there are religious or other reasons to restrict dance or music.

There are basically three types of games that work on a wedding reception. These are games for everyone, jokes for the bride and / or groom and outdoor games (of course for an outdoor wedding).

Games for Everyone

Pass the Buck – dollars at each table. Anyone who holds $ 1 will win the center.

Turn your shoes on – The bride and groom can wear a shoe or dress to their opposite spouse in answering the question of how he will work in his married life.

Spot Art – Every guest gets a paper and pen and asked to draw another random guest. This works best if you do not know the guest to draw.

Guess the Truth – The guests are asked for multiple-choice questions that were previously asked by the bride and groom. The gesture will show how many guests are on the target.

Spot Poetry – Every guest gets a piece of paper and a pen. The beginning of the paper is a poem like "Sally and Mike met at the fair …" Guests finish the poem.

Games where the joke is on the bride and / or the groom [19659002] * If you are the bride or groom, read the best man or bridesmaid.

Returns the keys – (This only works if the bride and groom do not yet share at home.) The bride and groom basket. It should be made public that "Anyone who still has their home keys must return it." Many guys get up and throw the keys in the basket. Only a guy and a groom's aunt send her keys back to the groom's house.

Guess the bride – Blindfold the groom and show him 5 barefoot men. You have to figure out which legs belong to the bride. Choose from anyone, only the bride to be between 5 people. In fact, it's really funny if they're all men.

Guess the bridegroom – Blindfold the bride and ask him to feel the 5 man's face to figure out what the bridegroom belongs to. Choose anyone but the groom to be 5 people.

Challenge Games

What you will be playing depends on where the wedding is and how to receive the guests. A game such as croquet can easily be set up in a park or in a large yard and in semi-formal dresses.

If the wedding is very casual, a large grassy park can be great for volleyball or the huge circle of people who deliver the frisbee. And limbo – with the right music – is great from anywhere, especially for a Caribbean or seaside reception.

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