Holiday Stress (Take your vacation)

Me, oh me. Holiday stress is here!

I'm always trying to finish my Christmas shopping, BEFORE Thanksgiving, but since she was a kid, this did not really happen anymore. In fact, Christmas shopping was such a terrible thing to be scared every year.

Well, this year I decided to control everything and enjoy Christmas. BACK TO THE CHRISTMAS!

Christmas puts a lot of emphasis on relationships when you're stressed, and usually the ones you consider the most dejected tend to stand out. Holiday stress can be so bad that you forget the most important person of your life – your partner.

Here are some things you did this year (and some other ideas that can help you too):

1. Online shopping.

I've bought a lot online this year – more than ever. It's amazing how much you can do within an hour while shopping for your computer. There are no lines, no traffic. Pajamas and hot cocoa. How can shopping be more relaxed? Do it with your darling and it will be fun instead of scary. (If it's stressful for you, just pause and finish it later.)

2. No Stress Gifts

I have a mother who is very difficult to buy. every year. I bought things back and replaced them before the holiday. I was thinking of how much you want or not, and Gifts, a gesture, not a great decision for your life, Amazon is great for a one-time shopping.

Give it

Give it to him

Forget it

Gifting should be joyful and not stressful [3.] Determine Your Activities

You DO NOT need to accept all invitations your way, everyone busy and understand if you can not take part in certain activities (and if your friend / family does not understand it, they are selfish and not I'm interested in what they think anyway.) This is my opinion on the road.

Last year many activities were rejected and much less emphasized. This cave for us is the decision to simplify this year.

4. Expand your activities.

My extended family has a christmas breakfast this weekend before Christmas this year. Thanks to this and some other changes, we only have to get to this place on Christmas Day this year and just have to prepare for one meal. (I felt stress leave my body when I think about it.) You can celebrate the joy of the season and your love every day, and new traditions are just waiting to be discovered.

5. Schedule at least one day in the night during the season.

Everybody's hustle and bustle everyone needs a little R & R schedule, for at least a day or night, just about a couple. DO NOT DO YOUR CHRISTMAS BUSINESS. You can schedule this for a few days.

Find some fun thing that encourages physical contact. Go for a walk and hold your hand. Take a car and collect it together. The possibilities are endless. Scientists have shown that physical contact reduces the level of stress in our body, so we take advantage of the reconnection time to reduce stress and strengthen the relationship at the same time.

Remember, the relationship is like a bank. You have to create it if you want to buy something when you need it.

6. Buy your partner something to make contact.

Things can be as scrawny as you want. Girls, if you're always sleeping in flannel with pajamas or sweats, buy some silky ones to sleep. Then throw something silky to the guy, some stamps with candles. Put everything in a nice box or basket and give him a Christmas gift. (Guys can do this with your daughter.)

You'd be surprised if a little gesture could make something bigger in your relationship.

A few years ago I made my husband a coupon book and is still his favorite.

Do you need a few more ideas? Here goes:

1. There is a candle-lit picnic on the living room floor.

2. Rent a room for one night with a fireplace and hot tub. 3. Take a thermos of hot coffee or cocoa and look for Christmas lights.

4. After a nice dinner, watch the Christmas movie. (Still classic.) 5. Go to a nice restaurant, just for dessert and coffee.

6. Take a hot whirlpool

For more ideas that you can apply now and year round, visit our website. It's full of tips and ideas that you can easily integrate into everyday life.

When you read this, it really is fun for Christmas, huh?

So be it all in the happiest, simplest holiday season. Do not let celebration stress come into your life this year. This is Christmas. I take it back!

Source by Angela Christian Pope

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