Catering equipment: Make your guesthouse for the holiday season

The holiday season is on the corner. At this stage, the guesthouse has already received reservations regarding leave. That means you know how many guests are waiting and you need to prepare your guesthouse for busy seasons.

Guest houses often offer accommodation for guests. And this is welcomed because after a well-rested night, guests can simply enjoy a comfortable breakfast before they start the day. As a guest of the guest house you have to make sure you are comfortable with the proper catering equipment.

We usually arrange breakfast in a buffet style so you can find the catering equipment for this purpose.

  • Infiniti Grain Dispensers – these are very polished mirror-grain operators that have translucent tubes to view the content. It divides the grain at the same time.
  • Infiniti Croissant Warmer – this high mirror refreshes warmly the croissant in a beautiful dome covered display unit.
  • Infiniti Round Chafer – this top quality catering facility also reflects the elegant look. The two-way heating option is a fuel or heater that keeps eggs, bacon and sausage warm.
  • Jam / Honey Stand – this is a tripod stand that allows you to place two flavors and a honey pot on each guest table.
  • Infiniti Juice Dispenser – a grain-like design for consistent display. This appliance has a dispensing cap to pour the juice.
  • Bristol Cream with Chalk Cover – a 230 ml jug with lid that is ideal for warm milk or cream. The lid holds the heating and the stainless steel design creates a mirror image.
  • Bristol Sugar Bowl – candies and milk cans always match. This candy cover is the same color as a creamy jug.
  • Ovalina teapot – 600 or 900 ml capacity teapot mirror is hygienic and perfect for serving tea with breakfast.
  • Ovalina Coffee Pot – the teapot counter. This coffee pot has the same design as 600 or 900 ml capacity. One, two or three guests can serve at a table.
  • Infiniti bread box – this catering equipment features stainless steel baskets that serve elegantly and bread.

Infiniti Butter Bell – put the butter in the mirror and make the dome shaped butterfly server to impress its guests.

Source by Stana Peete

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