The concept of food for the function

Too many times the basket is served because the packaging looks good and / or because it has a good taste. I want you to understand this simple, yet powerful concept that needs to be cut into a stone tablet and look every day: USE FOOD FOR FUNCTION, NOT ONLY FOR BEAUTY. Read this twice and let it absorb it please.

Food is a wonderful thing because it emits emotions and generates huge reactions in our brain. There is an emotional attachment to the food we enjoy, and this feature can be a problem for those who need weight loss because they are almost instinctively using foods when they are unfavorable and thus make the fat burning process more difficult than needed.

That is why I say that we keep ourselves away from the feeling (of pleasure) given by some foods (ice cream, pastries, fatty foods) and started eating as a tool that is a perfect example for serious (hardcore) bodybuilders diet. What they do is a bit extravagant for everyday people, but it really embodies the concept of eating for the function.

Bodybuilders do not require sugar or fat, but because they know that proteins help them grow stronger and become stronger. I saw bodybuilders consume grilled chicken for breakfast, then shake protein three hours later, then chicken with tons of vegetables for lunch, and repeat this protocol until they go to bed. This is because this will give them calories X from protein, Y calories from carbohydrates and Z calories to fat. This is calculated and emotional. It works. This removes all "sentimental" bonds from the picture. I ask some competing bodybuilders if they really enjoy eating the same food all year round. Some people said yes, because they simply and predictably ate, but most of them replied: "No, I do not like it, but I do it because it serves the purpose I want to achieve."

you have to look at the need to mimic bodywork. I do not say that you have to do it all year long, not to say that you can not be a cheating meal here or there or occasionally a pie piece. What I'm saying is that you have to look at the food as a means of achieving the desired weight with minimal hassles.

Inform yourself, start reading food tags, save time to compare similar products, and see what's behind the market research as "fat-free" corn protein. You will not know what's happening in the food industry and how to avoid frequent pitfalls when you buy it. If you buy a piece of meat, do not choose a loose one because I like it (I know you prefer a little fat, you can taste it better), but because it helps you reach your goal.

Do the same for all the items you put into the basket and you will see that while your wallet is lighter, your body will have clear arteries, reduced body wear, increased life expectancy, and more. I'm coming. The benefits of eating are endless. Think about the food, think about the function.

Source by Daniel Remon

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