How to cook an edible reclaimed treasure

Great ballyhoo, half a dozen campers dug digging dig on the sandy shores of Enemy Swim Lake in the North-South South Dakota Coteau Mountains.

I never imagined leaving the Nesodak camp's home with a suitcase and gloves bag full of "Kathi" labeled all new camp on my clothes to dig into a dirt.

experience and knowing that there is always some new discovery. My father's words were true.

"Keep it open, you have a wonderful time," my mother said in the last moments before she got out.

Spoiling waters in canoes in icy waters, craft treasures in the rustic western cabins, bushing on the woods and bunnies, while Kumbaya's voice or ghostly tales were filled in the night sky, dancing with the imagery during the weeks of preparation.

I had several summer camps so I had a great idea of ​​what to expect. I knew I liked it and did not like it. I did not like the KP. The kitchen patrol was not my idea of ​​having fun. In fact, whenever they were told to help my mother wash the food at home, I became a master and raised excuses that slipped. But in the camp I had a dazzling cabin to understand that my job to be rid of my home would not work with my fellow in my camp with my liberal, soft mother. His weight was just an unwritten law.

The artistic side of the camp work floated on my ship, and the sound was perfectly matched to the bill. Sound is fun and completely different from the other camp food. His digging did not even feel the KP. His cuddly and culinary cousins ​​- Pachamanca, Kalua and New England shellfish – are both a way and a way to prepare them. They are all based on the digging and preparation of underground chimneys

The preparation of underground food may seem rather novel for a modern world, but the roots of such cooking may be as old as humans. 19659002] If the sink of the sunken treasure takes on your imagination, the next step is as simple as creating the subject.

Make a sound in Maori-inspired New Zealand. In the Peruvian celebration, follow the old Inka tradition with a Pachamanza. If Hawaiian flavor is desirable, go with a sunny tropical Kalua, or if an American theme is your style, why not throw away the New England shellfish? Perhaps you can do your own coastline interpretation, which marries your regional cuisine with this unusual style of cuisine for the upcoming summer rocks.

How to Install Sound

1. Drop a hole in the sand

. Light a fire on the hole and heat the rocks at the bottom. Do not stay at this point; he needs to work fast.

3rd Place the prepared meals in a soaked muslin or white cotton bag and put it in a basket. They consume every taste of chicken, meat, potatoes, onions and maize. For more recipes and menu items, check out Kathi Dameron's How To Create Wow newsletter at

4. Cover the food and the whole fire pit with sand

. Allow the food to cook for two hours.

6th Do not forget where he was having dinner.

7th Check local ceremonies and take responsibility for playing the fire.

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