How to invest a million dollars – get the best possible yield

First, you need an idea of ​​what search you are looking for. For this exercise, I set 27% percent of the cost as the result of the annual profit. 27% are vast today's standards, although I think we are the highlight of the inflation period and night-time cash reduction may occur in double digits. A possible repeat of the 80's

However, 27% in the current climate is a good result. One million dollars to invest effectively, always wise to diversify and not put all your eggs in one basket as they say.

Most of this million should be taken up by quality real estate. The trick is to find a deal. The less you pay for a property, the greater the appreciation will be during the year, and the higher the rent percentage. For example, a good 3-bedroom family house with a garage and well-established gardens can be worth $ 300,000. It is your job to invest one million dollars in the 27% yield to find the property at a lower price tag. Of course, you can not find this property for $ 200,000 or $ 250,000, but for $ 270,000 it may be a 10% discount.

If we rely on the historical average of the 7% refund, and for the lower one we find that the actual return on rents is between 10% and 12%. In addition, small and inexpensive repairs and improvements are as simple as a shadow that offers neighbors greater privacy or simple adjustments designed to make the house more attractive to tenants, which can increase rental rates by up to 15% if it is done correctly. 19659002] So buying 4 rental apartments for about $ 270,000, where many of the millions of dollars are parked. Small variations and re-uploads for each house added a one percent value to the house, increasing the equity ratio. Historical appreciation can look to 7%, but even 10% to 12%.

Let's see what we did, we bought 4 houses for $ 300,000 for $ 270,000.

When things are going to go, they have a value of 10-12% with small adjustments to the final value of homes that want properties better. Costs for each home were around 10%, including custodial fees, attorneys' fees and rehabilitation costs.

At the end of the financial year, after all costs, the 3 properties repaid the rent by 15%. Properties increased by 12% even after costs. This is a total return of 27%

Furthermore, as tenants are now in a solid lease status and have just signed the new 5-year lease, they are considered to be prime leasing owners. This is a resale value and many home buyers want to pay for these tenants. This 5-year rent for quality tenants can reach up to 5% more on the sale of purchased flats.

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