How can you tell if your cat is going to work?

If you have a pregnant cat, you want to know when it's ready for the kittens. This is an important day and prepare for it well. There is a "nesting point" that is ready to use it if he chooses. The nesting area is usually a cardboard box or laundry basket full of broken fins. This will be an area that is confined to noise and distraction, but it is easy for the mother to use it.

A few things you treat as a day and time delivery approach. He starts the following things, or all of them: licking the vagina as if it were warm, leaking, nesting, and restless.

When you're ready to give birth, you're gloomy. You do not have to do anything. Just leave it alone. It may be a little shaky, simply to calm down and ease the pain. He must be able to have the kittens alone. After the first kitten was born, the mother would lie down on the bag, lick the fluid from the nose and mouth of the kitten and then lick her knees loudly to begin the circulatory system. He is likely to eat the offspring – it's a bit rough, but it contains nutrients you need, so it's okay.

Between the birth of a kitten, a mother's cat can rise, stretch, drink or lie. It's all normal. There may be little time between the kittens. The mother should be able to take care of everything. The only time you need to intervene when your mother fails to remove the liquid-filled bag. In this case, remove the bag and wipe the fluid from the eyes and mouths of the kittens. Then add the kitten to the mother to lick it. If the mother refuses to do so, rub it firmly but gently with a towel. Connect a sterile cord around the umbilical cord around the umbilical cord. Cut the end of the cable. Finish the end in a small iodine.

Following these instructions, you must make a very safe birth with the new mother cat. Have fun with these kittens!

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