Commercial Dishwashers for Different Applications

Commercial dishwashers can be divided into two very different areas of application. First of all, there is the hospitality and leisure market where the focus is on washing quality, speed and high throughput capacity to cope with peak speeds. Then there is the supply market where the emphasis is on washing quality, hygiene and thermal disinfection to minimize the risk of the patient and the staff and the cross contamination of the visitors. In both situations, the customer seeks excellent washing quality, reliability and trouble-free use. If you choose a commercial dishwasher in the United Kingdom, it is advisable to choose an appliance that is tested by the Water Research Council and endorsed by the Water Regulatory Advisory System. All dishwashers approved by this program may be used in Category 5 high risk healthcare such as hospitals and homes.

A heavy-duty dishwasher is the right tool for catering companies such as cafes, pubs, clubs, bistros and restaurants. A typical machine is capable of accommodating thirty plates, twenty four cups, twenty cups, and cutlery, in a double tray with double spray arms. During three cycles, clean, fresh water is introduced into the machine – prewash, main wash and final rinse. You can achieve excellent cleaning levels and remove any infectious substances.

For small promises, a semi-commercial dishwasher or glass washer could be more suitable, for example, office kitchens and small nursing homes. The semi-commercial machines are extremely economical to work, releasing staff from the task of washing and consistently producing high quality results.

High-performance dishwashers are a great necessity for large, busy restaurants and hotels where there is a lot of staffing and speed, cleanliness and functionality are of paramount importance. Such facilities will be of varying size and composition burdens, and only a high-capacity professional machine will be able to cope with this requirement. The possibilities of the first loading tank system are the best solution here. This machine is always ready for use, thanks to the sink temperature, maintained at 65 degrees. The last rinse is then transported with fresh water at a temperature of up to 85 degrees. Tank equipment can charge up to sixty seconds, which corresponds to the maximum cleaning capacity of sixty baskets or thousands of plates per hour. Built-in water softening and dispensing pumps are also available, and each machine has a desk, basket and other accessories, so it can be used almost anywhere and can be customized.

If space is tight, a compact dishwasher will continue to fit your needs, as one can buy a large space for pots, pans and trays for only ninety seconds. This is equivalent to a possible cleaning capacity of 40 baskets per seventy-twenty plates per hour. A valuable space is saved as the machine contains a built-in detergent dispenser and a water softener.

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