Gynecological Behavior

The workaholism is a general type dysfunctional behavior . This is a destructive behavior pattern that is not normal . Simply hard to work from time to time is not about talking here. We all have to do this occasionally. It becomes dysfunctional when the duration and intensity of behavior is exposed to control and negatively affects your life. Smokers must first resolve this problem if they want to be more productive.

So what?

Many people really admire being a work server. They like to tell you how many hours they spent and that they did not have a day off for months or years. Most hostages do not realize that they actually say they are dysfunctional and behave irrationally. You have 24 hours in your day, only 24 hours in my day, just 24 hours for everyone.

  • George Washington spent only 24 hours every day to figure out how to build a new nation and follow his ideas.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower spent only 24 hours a day to figure out how to win World War II and follow his ideas.
  • Albert Einstein had 24 hours a day to solve the Universe's greatest secrets (including the true meaning of time).

These guys were actually good reasons to have occasionally been hostages. It's a fact that most of us are not building new nations, fighting global war, or solving the problems of the universe. Probably doing our job without becoming a work collabo.

What now?

Be honest with yourself (first, it can not be easy or feels good). Think about why you chose to be unemployed. Here are some of the reasons for a psychologist who is studying this behavior:

  • Smokers have problems with their retirement or no action. Some job vacancies deeply perceive the insecurity and believe that others are just appreciating what they are doing instead of them.
  • The man is concerned that he does not meet the expectations, is not good enough or other people realize that they are not as good as everyone thinks. Manfred Kets de Vries, a psychoanalyst, said that these people made "all the eggs of self-esteem in the work basket".
  • The tyrannical people do not delegate because they think no one else can do the job as much as they can. This attitude of course ensures that they will never escape from the job cycle.

There are many other reasons for working conditions, but the most important question is what to do. One of the most effective steps to conquer working conditions is that takes time to think . Observe why it's so hard to drive yourself to help figure out how to stop it. Use some uneasy energy to explore the subject and discover how to create a better, non-dysfunctional life for yourself. Do not think that job work is a normal behavior.

"More to life than to speed up." – Mahatma Gandhi

Source by Chris Crouch

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