Show me how interested I am

I recently received the most beautiful gift, a gold-paper-lined basket that contains homemade jelly, chutney and a beautifully decorated homemade cake. He blown out that someone had taken care of me and made so much effort.

And he pointed out to tell you how many ways we can know someone to think about them to appreciate our friendship and interest.

In social media and arbitrary times, it is often the case that the special moments are blurred and everything is united. It seems that every trip and time spent together remembers somewhere. But certain dates and times are more special than others.

-Why not show me how interested you are when creating a scrapbook or album about people, dates and events that are particularly important to them. The beloved pet, the birth of a child, a milestone victory, a special loss; all these can be collected in an attractive book. It is worth grabbing and grabbing and laughing or crying, undoubtedly giving hours of nostalgia, reflection and memory.

– Making a personalized gift that uses your special abilities is another way to show how much you are interested. If you are an artist, you can paint your favorite view, the pet person you will know that you will get treasure. Spend your time doing something meaningful to them, generating a generous gesture, sharing your talent and giving yourself. Other ideas include admin, invoices, de-cluttering, cake decoration, or signing.

– Helping with housework when someone emphasizes and presses time, shows you how much you are interested. She thinks she's gathering her kids out of school, helping in the garden, ironing or eating, and being a lifeguard to help them in that way when they're really trying time. Or maybe you can offer an evening to spend some time with yourself; they can go away or something really essential for change.

– How interested can be as simple as adding a flyer to a free conversation, show or exhibition that you would know would be interesting to them. This is another thoughtful gesture that says I saw this and thought about you.

– Time of recording the phone and simply calling them to talk, devoting as much time as you need, an insightful way to show you what you are doing, especially when the other person has there are many going and struggling to get out of the house. They could both drink a drink, comfortably and settle down to talk about things. Hearing and feeling of support can cause any difference in stressful times.

– I ask what I can do to help and show that you are real and serious about your offer, it may be important if someone is in a difficult time. Knowing that you are in their team will do everything. Things don't look so bleak when we're not alone with someone we share.

– When in partnership shows that care is not about expensive gifts, but about everyday touches that show love and commitment. Draw your partner after a bath after a stressful, busy day, cook a meal, make a drink while walking through the door, cleaning it all to appreciate your interest and everything is not financially expensive.

How wonderful that, after such a beautiful, honest gift, I was forced to think about the different ways we can show others how much I care. I think you'll be able to add more to the list. Please do it!

Source by Susan Leigh

Ethos, Logos & Pathos in the modest proposition of Jonathan Swift

Pathos is what the Irish are surviving and developing, so Swift starts his proposal with him. He presents a melancholic image to his readers in the first lines of "A modest offer", calling for beggars and urine of Irish doors, and for women after three, four or six children. It also includes its logical and ethical arguments in the first paragraph, mentioning the incorporation of alms as social evil, presumably because practice violates certain rich people who are "imported" and patriotic practices to leave Ireland for a struggle. English enemy. He then again questions the public's emotions, preparing his own nest to enter later feathers, saying that anyone who offers a cheap and simple solution to this dilemma must have a statue raised in honor of

. , the author jumps more ethically. One of Ethos's definitions of community character and definition, Swift's reference to replacing young boys and girls for cattle is one place in a modest proposal that focuses on the ethical part of the argument. This makes it possible for Swift to mention what he thinks of being a really outrageous idea, recommended to a friend of the country, the true lover of the country, who like the caste of others lost all his deer. The companion's solution is to replace the deer with young boys and girls under the age of fourteen. The tongue is firmly attached to his face, Swift rightly got upset with such an idea, citing the fact that the flesh of such children would be hard and terrible, so unacceptable for such refined palates. Let Swift be so cautious about the taste and sensitivity of a single person in Ireland, such as the great respectable enthusiast, so he deserves a patriot.

But the idea turns back because the author summarizes the author nicely. the values ​​and ethics of the community, which, at least in the light of the breeding potential of women, are a loss for the public. In addition, he saves the energy and sensitivity of sanctuary people who, in his opinion, would be unjustly cruel in practice. This was always Swift's own personal opinion, so his thoughts are in line with community ethics. Obviously there are other such, in his opinion, unethical practices, and he despises them. He says:

Then Swift continued to take up the idea and stated that his friend had received it from one of Formosa's fellow, who says that those in riffraff in his country receive the quality as the primary delicacies. Swift will, of course, always allow ethics, with this in mind the community's economic interests, and then it will not be a bad idea without girls' food to stay with one Groat without luck. The Kingdom would not be worse. He says:

As for the logical consideration of the modest proposal, reference to reasoning is referred to in the detailed list, starting with the presence of too many papists. The logic states that they pose a threat to the country, publishing more of their kind annually, their cruel political tendencies and their financial loyalty to the Catholic Church through tithes, one of which, of course, did not reach Rev. Swift's Sunday collection

Secondly, by making the proposal more logical, the proposal has no experience for the poor, ie with their own money and thus with the actual payment of the rent. This can be seen as an appeal to logos or a stumbling block, as landowners who feel themselves are likely to be reluctant to evict non-paying customers. The idea that tenants have money, of course, allows landlords to raise their rent, so it's a good idea because corn and cattle have already been seized. Obviously, Swift accepts some cruel, unethical behavior on landlords, who may be the favorite targets of feathers. Yet, the statement seems completely logical and untenable. He says:

The third line of logical arguments focuses again on public spaces. Because spending is so large that poor poor children will be maintained, why not use the proposal to not only enrich Ireland but to give the country something that is missing? Irony is rich; Swift talks about financial affairs and cold, tough economic concerns directly to new foods and restaurant concepts. Of course, the only one who prefers is the (thinly veiled) English aristocracy, the Fortune gentlemen in the Kingdom, who obviously do not feed, but have enough imagination to create new recipes.

Fourth, and perhaps most of the logical arguments concern the very poor, the so-called permanent breeders. Swift brings them into the argument, assuming they understand the necessity of their proposal. Think about it, saying that once this idea is rooted, it will be free from the burden of raising children when they reach their age of one. Plus, there will be eight shilling every year! Who can deny this logic? It is obvious that Mr. Swift devotes little attention to the Irish peasant, even if it seems to include them in his great order. This is perhaps how Irish are handled by another huge body, the English government, through the water.

Fifth, it returns to the culinary aspects of the proposal, referring to the rich people's eating options. for whom the vintner may know the scalp at an ever higher price. So, not only Swift has made a logical appeal to patriots, religious and rich, but also extends the proposal to the audience and even beggars. How can I be set aside? He asks.

Source by Byron Edgington

Contact: Why do some people become obsessed when they come into contact?

When somebody is in contact, they find their behavior doesn't really change and it allows them to continue in the usual way. It is obvious that their life will be different from that of someone, but it does not cause them to be someone else.

They will continue to have other areas of their lives that interest them. On the other hand, he said that their partners would not be the center of their world.

Many Interests

So beyond the time spent with their partner, they spend time with their careers, friends, and different participants. hobby. One will not be the one who puts all the eggs in a basket.

This does not mean that they are not thinking of their partner when they are at their workplace or in the gym, which means they will still be able to focus on what is and what will work. Of course, it will be normal for them to spend more time on their sample at the beginning of the relationship.

Brand New

It's no different than how much time you spend on your car, if it is brand new, and of course, if it's a car that you are proud of. But as the days and weeks go, they gradually realize that they are paying attention to other things.

The ability to focus at any moment in their lives and not to spend too much time thinking about their partner is likely to have a positive impact on their relationship. One will still be in a way similar to how they behaved when they first got together.


Other areas of life satisfy their needs, preventing them from looking to their partner to meet all their needs. This prevents them from being too needy and waiting too much.

Ultimately, one will not see their partner for their mother / father, allowing them to maintain their boundaries, thereby enabling them to recognize that they are two separate people. You will have what this person can give them and what they don't know; just as it will be, what they can give to their partner and what they don't know.

Different Experiences

While some will be able to be in this way when they are in contact, there are some who eventually lose self-control when they end up with someone. As a result, their behavior is likely to change and challenge them to focus on other areas of their lives.

By saying that this can be a challenge, there may be an underestimation; it is more or less impossible to focus on other areas of their lives. It may be like a mind takes something.

One Focus

Therefore, no matter what happens in their lives, they spend most of their time thinking about their partner. It doesn't matter if you have a career that performs or hobbies you enjoy.

He spent so much time with his partner thinking that they didn't work as well as normal work. They may not be fully present when they participate in a hobby or, for example, among friends.


This may mean that you are constantly sending messages to your partners, knowing what they are doing and where they are. Initially, their partner has appreciated to be the center of attention, but over time the behavior will probably be too much to handle them.

Their partners may eventually feel repressed and as if they were strangled by attention. The problem is that if the partners end up being dragged out, it would have been even more obsessed – if that was still possible.

A Closer View

Their partner was amazed at what happened to them and that their behavior is only a sign of how they love them. In reality, behavior is probably about love and fear-based behavior.

The reason their head is consumed by their partner is probably because of an error. Under their mind, obsessive thoughts and destructive behavior are probably a lot of pain / trauma.

Emotional Wounds

If they get out of their heads and get in touch with what's going on in their bodies, they may feel that the pain is overwhelmed. This may be the time when you are rejected, abandoned, helpless, hopeless and helpless.

Consumption with another person is therefore a way to keep this pain in the bay, a pain that is probably the result of events in the first years. Then it's not that he loves his partner necessarily; is to try and avoid how they feel.


Another way to look at this is to say that it is unconsciously the mother / father who they want to buy for their partner, so that they can experience love, value and value. feeling of belonging. other thing if you have them. And if they don't have this man in their lives, they would cause them to get in touch with how they felt when they were younger.


Early years may be when they were interrupted and / or neglected. The years have gone by in their lives, but how they felt in their bodies.

If we refer to this and want to change their lives, they may have to seek external help. You may need support from a therapist or healer.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

Career: Should someone create a new identity if they lose their jobs?

As for what you do for someone's life, the chances are that they are a big part of those who are. In fact, it goes even further when you see the whole area of ​​your life.

One then not only goes to work and then leaves this part of his life when they get home; it will be something they live and breathe. So they are probably spending a lot of time thinking about their work during their free time.

Further Work

In addition to what happens in their minds when they are not at work, they may need to do their work. It can be a job that you have to do or work that you choose to do.

At the same time, how they relate to what they do is perhaps not thinking about spending time on other things. They could say that what they do is so enjoyable that they don't have to do anything else.

The adhesive

Therefore, just like cement, which holds the bricks together, their job is to hold them together. Without this work their lives would probably be radically different.

But since every waking hour of their lives revolves around their work, it will not be a big surprise. This is very similar to the effect that the breakdown should be on someone if they had practically done everything with their partner.

All Consuming

Participation in the relationship would determine who they were, which makes it difficult for them to do so. If there is no separation between someone and your work, then maybe you don't have time to get in touch.

Or, if you are with someone, this person may be ignored and you don't feel as if someone appreciates them. Even if someone spends time with them, their minds may be elsewhere.

In the Middle

Such a person may have a very well-paid job and may be at the top of the hierarchy. As a result, this can be something that allows them to get positive feedback from others and to experience a great deal of stress.

However, you may not have such a job, but it may be something they find deeply rewarding. Generally speaking, the stress you are experiencing can simply keep them on their toes and not be too much to handle them.


If for some reason they lose their job, it would be incredibly difficult for them to accept what happened. The world will not end, but it may seem like their world is.

Aside from losing his job, he seems to have lost himself. Obviously, the same person will remain physically the same, but they will not have the same personality as regards their identity.

All at Sea

The task they have provided with many of their structures, and now that it has disappeared, they lose their shape. Like jelly, which is no longer mold, it will be all over the place.

In addition, they can get really big shame, feel like they have no value. The loss of identity will be bad enough and worse if you feel like you are worthless.

A New Beginning

One thing they could do to try to find another job as they could solve this challenge. If this were to happen, it would allow them to place this experience behind and gradually settle down.

Of course, there is a possibility that this will not happen, which means we have to try another approach. Regardless of whether they can get another job than they were, or just have to wait a little, it is essential for them to redefine themselves.

Many baskets

What they could do is decide to no longer base their identity on one area of ​​their lives, which prevents all eggs from being placed in a basket. They will be less affected by their various interests during their lives if an area does not go well.

If one area of ​​their lives does not go well, there will be many other interests to keep them. This allows them to have extended feelings; seeing that they are a multifaceted creature.


Whatever feels worthless, they find that the loss of their work was a shame that was already there. Perhaps this was the shame that started them to start their work.

He felt so bad that he thought he was the only way to experience the value of being someone and achieving something. Their touch with their inner value would have created the outsourcing of their value.


If this is the case and there is a tool to do this, you may need external help. This can be assisted by a therapist or healer.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper