Career: Should someone create a new identity if they lose their jobs?

As for what you do for someone's life, the chances are that they are a big part of those who are. In fact, it goes even further when you see the whole area of ​​your life.

One then not only goes to work and then leaves this part of his life when they get home; it will be something they live and breathe. So they are probably spending a lot of time thinking about their work during their free time.

Further Work

In addition to what happens in their minds when they are not at work, they may need to do their work. It can be a job that you have to do or work that you choose to do.

At the same time, how they relate to what they do is perhaps not thinking about spending time on other things. They could say that what they do is so enjoyable that they don't have to do anything else.

The adhesive

Therefore, just like cement, which holds the bricks together, their job is to hold them together. Without this work their lives would probably be radically different.

But since every waking hour of their lives revolves around their work, it will not be a big surprise. This is very similar to the effect that the breakdown should be on someone if they had practically done everything with their partner.

All Consuming

Participation in the relationship would determine who they were, which makes it difficult for them to do so. If there is no separation between someone and your work, then maybe you don't have time to get in touch.

Or, if you are with someone, this person may be ignored and you don't feel as if someone appreciates them. Even if someone spends time with them, their minds may be elsewhere.

In the Middle

Such a person may have a very well-paid job and may be at the top of the hierarchy. As a result, this can be something that allows them to get positive feedback from others and to experience a great deal of stress.

However, you may not have such a job, but it may be something they find deeply rewarding. Generally speaking, the stress you are experiencing can simply keep them on their toes and not be too much to handle them.


If for some reason they lose their job, it would be incredibly difficult for them to accept what happened. The world will not end, but it may seem like their world is.

Aside from losing his job, he seems to have lost himself. Obviously, the same person will remain physically the same, but they will not have the same personality as regards their identity.

All at Sea

The task they have provided with many of their structures, and now that it has disappeared, they lose their shape. Like jelly, which is no longer mold, it will be all over the place.

In addition, they can get really big shame, feel like they have no value. The loss of identity will be bad enough and worse if you feel like you are worthless.

A New Beginning

One thing they could do to try to find another job as they could solve this challenge. If this were to happen, it would allow them to place this experience behind and gradually settle down.

Of course, there is a possibility that this will not happen, which means we have to try another approach. Regardless of whether they can get another job than they were, or just have to wait a little, it is essential for them to redefine themselves.

Many baskets

What they could do is decide to no longer base their identity on one area of ​​their lives, which prevents all eggs from being placed in a basket. They will be less affected by their various interests during their lives if an area does not go well.

If one area of ​​their lives does not go well, there will be many other interests to keep them. This allows them to have extended feelings; seeing that they are a multifaceted creature.


Whatever feels worthless, they find that the loss of their work was a shame that was already there. Perhaps this was the shame that started them to start their work.

He felt so bad that he thought he was the only way to experience the value of being someone and achieving something. Their touch with their inner value would have created the outsourcing of their value.


If this is the case and there is a tool to do this, you may need external help. This can be assisted by a therapist or healer.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

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