Contact: Why do some people become obsessed when they come into contact?

When somebody is in contact, they find their behavior doesn't really change and it allows them to continue in the usual way. It is obvious that their life will be different from that of someone, but it does not cause them to be someone else.

They will continue to have other areas of their lives that interest them. On the other hand, he said that their partners would not be the center of their world.

Many Interests

So beyond the time spent with their partner, they spend time with their careers, friends, and different participants. hobby. One will not be the one who puts all the eggs in a basket.

This does not mean that they are not thinking of their partner when they are at their workplace or in the gym, which means they will still be able to focus on what is and what will work. Of course, it will be normal for them to spend more time on their sample at the beginning of the relationship.

Brand New

It's no different than how much time you spend on your car, if it is brand new, and of course, if it's a car that you are proud of. But as the days and weeks go, they gradually realize that they are paying attention to other things.

The ability to focus at any moment in their lives and not to spend too much time thinking about their partner is likely to have a positive impact on their relationship. One will still be in a way similar to how they behaved when they first got together.


Other areas of life satisfy their needs, preventing them from looking to their partner to meet all their needs. This prevents them from being too needy and waiting too much.

Ultimately, one will not see their partner for their mother / father, allowing them to maintain their boundaries, thereby enabling them to recognize that they are two separate people. You will have what this person can give them and what they don't know; just as it will be, what they can give to their partner and what they don't know.

Different Experiences

While some will be able to be in this way when they are in contact, there are some who eventually lose self-control when they end up with someone. As a result, their behavior is likely to change and challenge them to focus on other areas of their lives.

By saying that this can be a challenge, there may be an underestimation; it is more or less impossible to focus on other areas of their lives. It may be like a mind takes something.

One Focus

Therefore, no matter what happens in their lives, they spend most of their time thinking about their partner. It doesn't matter if you have a career that performs or hobbies you enjoy.

He spent so much time with his partner thinking that they didn't work as well as normal work. They may not be fully present when they participate in a hobby or, for example, among friends.


This may mean that you are constantly sending messages to your partners, knowing what they are doing and where they are. Initially, their partner has appreciated to be the center of attention, but over time the behavior will probably be too much to handle them.

Their partners may eventually feel repressed and as if they were strangled by attention. The problem is that if the partners end up being dragged out, it would have been even more obsessed – if that was still possible.

A Closer View

Their partner was amazed at what happened to them and that their behavior is only a sign of how they love them. In reality, behavior is probably about love and fear-based behavior.

The reason their head is consumed by their partner is probably because of an error. Under their mind, obsessive thoughts and destructive behavior are probably a lot of pain / trauma.

Emotional Wounds

If they get out of their heads and get in touch with what's going on in their bodies, they may feel that the pain is overwhelmed. This may be the time when you are rejected, abandoned, helpless, hopeless and helpless.

Consumption with another person is therefore a way to keep this pain in the bay, a pain that is probably the result of events in the first years. Then it's not that he loves his partner necessarily; is to try and avoid how they feel.


Another way to look at this is to say that it is unconsciously the mother / father who they want to buy for their partner, so that they can experience love, value and value. feeling of belonging. other thing if you have them. And if they don't have this man in their lives, they would cause them to get in touch with how they felt when they were younger.


Early years may be when they were interrupted and / or neglected. The years have gone by in their lives, but how they felt in their bodies.

If we refer to this and want to change their lives, they may have to seek external help. You may need support from a therapist or healer.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

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