Basic skills of basketball

In order to master the best skills of basketball players, you must first understand and master the basics of the game

Basketball has 6 different core skill areas for players to concentrate on training


Basketball is played if the ball is moved only when passing is not a better option and there is no band available. Both new and experienced players make a mistake of the ball when it is not needed. Ask any collage or professional basketball coach – they will all say the same. Dripping should be performed when the player (you) has some purpose to fill. Cheating while looking for an offensive opportunity is a good way to lose the ball. If you choose this option, hold the ball firmly and place your body between you and the protector. Regardless of how well you are, the defense will always be more likely to steal if the ball is thrown away, not both hands.

Transfer is the number 1 option that sets the ball to court. Delivery is faster than dripping and it's a deadly attack tool to reach the open man to see. Good passes are the hallmarks of good teams, as most of the offensive games were created by good passes.


Recording is probably the most experienced skill for new and experienced players. Still, many people still do bad. In practice, all drilling should be done at the speed of the game and kept under pressure. Players are usually too lazy to do so and instead of practicing a sweet jump shot, they are constantly doing the game to lazy-down a hop-shot. Instead of jumping to power, their arms are used to power, and the legs are the others. Exercising the bad shooting mode is what players always do, but they do not understand why they have to leave all the jumps in the game …


There are two ways to get stunned – attacking and defensive. Lots of new players look back at the rebounding and I immediately think it's a big mans area. But that is not the case. The astonishment is not only great. It even exceeds the jump ability. To be in a good state of recovery, you need skill and commitment. The skill is primarily the ability to place yourself and read the recordings – which is fast in practice. The dedication is probably the most important factor in offering. The person who gets the ball is the one who feels the most of the ball and who is willing to do all it can to get it.


Attack is a fundamental element that includes all aspects of the attack court. Records have already been covered (and can be found on the basketball website listed below). However, leaving the ball to give offensive opportunities for the ball, another thing that is essential for a good offense. Supporting teammates with the screens, as well as finding the best attacking ability and delivering the ball are the indispensable elements of the crime. These skills are often ignored.


The NBA's best defensive team is often the ones playing in the playoffs. This can be seen year after year so a simple conclusion can be drawn here – defense is the key to victory. Defense is not just about stealing or blocking, but also intimidating opponents.

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Basketball Positions: 5 Basketball Rankings

If we’re categorized widely, basketball games have three main basketball courts: guard, forward and center. These positions will be further graded, more precisely depending on the role assigned to each position, so that the five positions altogether. These are point guard, shooting, low forward, power forward and center. The responsibility of each position depends on the team to the team, but the basic nature of these positions is low, which is the same for all teams. In the case of professional teams, the coaches simply enter the number associated with that position. Therefore, to know the game and the positions in depth, memorize the following serial numbers for each position. How do you implement a data management platform (DMP)?

. Point

2. Hammer

3. Slightly ahead

4. Power forward

5. Center

The first two basketball positions backcourt

This basketball game is managed by the team’s strongest players. He is the team captain and an effective ball manager. Increases team performance and helps. The point guard height is the shortest, somewhere between 6 feet and 6 feet.

2. Shooter: Basketball Position 2 or Shooter Position is the best shooter for a player. The ideal shotguns should be able to reach 20 foot high jumping shots. There is also a need for good ball management and transfer. The shooter must be able to walk inside and outside the three dotted lines. The height of the typical shotgun is 6 feet 3 inches and 6 feet 7 inches.

The following three basketball positions are called foreground

3. Small Forward: This is the most competitive position. The player in this position should be lean, fast and short. Responsibility is the power of the forerunner and the shooting situation, as well as a mix of passage, shot, rebound, and defense. In the case of similarities between roles, small forward and shooter basketball positions may be exchanged as needed. [19595004] 4. Power Forward: This is the No. 4 position and is often referred to as a major step forward as the player assigned to this position is high and a strong teammate. In the offense game you can do the back of the basket or jump in the middle. In the defense game, you are protecting the hostile team in the basket zone or against the opposing team. Defensive and rebounding have to be alive and mostly concentrate on the basket

. Center forward: This is called the 5th position and is provided by the highest team member. This location is usually called a player close to 7 feet. This basketball position is also called “Pivot” and the player’s action area is near the base line. The role of this position has returned to the basket. Excellent blocking shots and rebound capabilities are required

So we discussed all the basketball and skill sets needed for all positions. The fate of the game depends solely on whether the right player is in the right position.

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