Internet businesses are not the lazy people – Really

Everyone has your own boss. How many people are dreaming about the internet business, they do not know they are likely to work a lot of hours in their online business as a 9 through 5. Not only are long hours, no paid holidays, and free woods during the break.

Internet business requires discipline and hard work from all other things. Business may not require much money in advance and does not require much technical knowledge, but if hard work and commitment are not there, your business has little chance of success. If you want online business on the planet, there is a lot of research on the market that they are pursuing. This can take a long time and seems meaningless, but in order to get money, the entrepreneur needs to understand the market and the competition and that the market for goods or services is growing and changing.

After understanding the product market, it comes out. Strong Internet presence is vital for creating an online business and it can take a long time. Even if the business owner does not have his own site and works on other sites, he should be present there. Marketing your site or service is one of the most time consuming tasks for an Internet business and requires time and resources even after you start business. Even at the top of the online food chain, Google should even advertise.

As research and marketing have taken place, unless it is a purely affiliated business, it is still a product or service. This can be time-consuming, depending on what you sell. Most internet business gurus suggest that a sale product is sold and sold as a affiliate. This means that we provide something at some level, whether it's physical goods to be delivered or digital goods that can be sent by email. Maintain the system, even if it requires automated time and patience. Even if you are using an automated system such as Clickbank for digital products, it's still a mini-site check, fixing faulty links, retaining the current state of the information, ensuring proper checks, and placing the product on the market. on sales aspirations. Add the time to maintain this business aspect, and a front end product competes solely with your daily work time.

Everything in the internet business, regardless of what you sell or marketing, things have changed fast. The bottom can be dropped from one of the markets that others can replace. The affiliate search site will stop or change its payment structure. Anything can happen that can change business forever. The business should be able to adapt and change with supply and earnings. This requires constant research and contains more dirt. It also advocates diligence and creativity to expand continuously and create new markets and new revenue sources. Of course, there is no boss, but it is still not easy. Worth it? You have to believe it better.

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The need for corporate social responsibility among corporate organizations in Nigeria


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept deals with the need for a strong and ethical ecology that reflects the broader social and cultural morality of society. To be able to develop this ecology, support must be given not only from governments but from all stakeholders, but not least from the private business sector.

Over time, the private sector has always been subject to public scrutiny. The information today understood by corporate social responsibility was strongly influenced by the different economic systems, the evolution of the modern company and the corporate responsibility assumptions.

Cadbury's 1909 example is a remarkable example when trying to put CSR into context. These questions were in many respects the same as today's. First, companies were there and many feel they have the duty to maintain certain human rights, even if they have no legal responsibility. Secondly, companies that purchase commodities or processed products were considered to affect the behavior of their products and take responsibility. These superiors were involved in the 1909 court case and have a central role in modern corporate social responsibility, such as ethical trade.

Social responsibility was established in the early 1960's and 1970's, after many multinational companies created the concept of stakeholders, that is, their impact on an organization's activities. The owners of the company were used over interested parties as a result of an important book, "Strategic Management" by Edward Freeman; stakeholder approach in 1984. Supporters argue that companies produce longer-term profit prospects, while critics complain that CSR distracts the business's economic role. Others argue that CSR is merely a window binding or an attempt to prevent the role of government as over strong multinational corporations.


"Social Responsibility" may also refer to Corporate Consciousness, Citizenship and Social Performance. It is a self-regulation form integrated into a business model. The CSR policy works as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism in which business activities monitor and actively support the spirit of law, ethical norms and international norms. Corporate Social Responsibility is intended to encourage the company's activities and to encourage its positive impact on the environment, consumers, workers, communities, earthquakes and all members of the public who can also be considered as spinal nurses.

The purpose of CSR is to support the organization's mission as well as a guide to the company and support consumers. Development business ethics is one of the forms of ethics applied, which examines ethical principles and moral considerations, and problems in the business environment. ISO 26000 is a recognized international standard for CSR. The public sector (eg the United Nations) fits into the triad end point (TBL). It is widely accepted that CSR insists on similar principles, but there is no formal legal regulation. The United Nations has developed the principle of responsible investment as an investor organization.

Sustainable Development Business Council in the publication; that Lord Holmes and Richard Watts set up good business sensitivities, defined corporate social responsibility as a continuous business engagement to ethically look and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of work and their families, as well as local communities and society.

Well-functioning CSR assists in supporting the company's business purpose, builds relationships with key landlords whose opinions are most sensitive during difficult times and reduce business costs and maximize efficiency.

Challenges to Corporate Social Responsibility

Criticism and critical criticisms reflected the concept of CSR and made the audience vulnerable to the existence of social responsibility. One of the challenges faced by this concept is the challenge people use. We assume that we are talking about responsibility, how it performs the basic function of the company – not just money-making companies.

Some key arguments and some answers derived from CSR:

1. Owners are owned by their owners – the money spent by CSR for managers is the owner of the ownership of the company's shareholders. This is obviously the laissez faire 1980s voice heard by lawyers such as Elaine Sternberg who argued that there is a human rights case against CSR, which means that a stakeholder approach to management deprives the owner of their property rights. He further explained that the goals set by the traditional views of social responsibility are absurd. Not all aspects of CSR, however, are guilty, Sternberg added that all companies need fair honesty, honesty and equity.

2nd The leading companies reporting on social responsibility are basket issues – they argued that most effective business leaders do not waste time on CSR. This argument was that CSR is merely a cosmetic publication and that, when surveys are among the most respected business leaders, they often find names such as Microsoft Bill Gates, some years ago, did not achieve world-class status during game play , Welch still remembered the brutal downsurf with which he was doing business, and environmental incidents and prosecutions. Furthermore, pointing out that Microsoft was one of the highest levels of recent dominance in the market, and Gates was able to reach the financial status where it could be cruel in the business. They noted that this point implies that True people do not commit to CSR and do not live in a world where value is always considered to be rewarded.

3rd Companies have overcooked the hard times to do so; we can not afford to take our eyes off the ball – we need to concentrate on the core business. "It was claimed that it was good for large corporations who could issue huge sums of money to CSR and that their companies did not have the capacity to reproduce the same gesture for society. Moreover, for those who are struggling to survive, it is very difficult for them to do the same. Saying you can not spend money on unnecessary edges when you stop people and the morale at Rock Bottom. And the odd part of the volunteer worker will not make any difference to the Company if it feels cynical and negative about the company's operation. They have argued that managing social responsibility is like managing a business, and it can never do too well. No matter how much you want to be happy with society, you never considered enough for babies, and that's why it was the essence of practicing futility.

4th The task of politicians is to deal with all these things. We do not have the role to play. This view is of the opinion that the Business has traditionally gone beyond the lending and public order. We will do what we can afford. They believe that the government is solely providing services and providing a legal framework that tells how the society will subscribe and that there is no point in preventing smoking from being legitimate – and then behaving as if the tobacco factories would immediately pass. – If you think it's so terrible, you should be banned. If not, then all of us must contribute to the job to meet demand for adults who can choose.

5th I have no time to do so, I have to get out and sell more to get our profitability. This group of people is of the opinion that there is not enough time to implement CSR and that they must have time and energy to reach the need for a profit line so that the company can compete competitively.

6th Companies are not really interested – they are just tempting the poor and the environment to have their obscene profits. Some companies are not really interested in contributing to the development of their host community, but are inclined to harm the environment for their business. Such companies are, for example, Oil and Gas Exploration Companies that, without adequate compensation or the appearance of CSRs, reduce their inclusive environment that is sufficiently proportionate to the degree of destruction caused by their immediate environment. massive rise against them, where host communities embrace them and make the region uninhabitable. This can be seen in Nigerian communities, such as Ogoni's In Rivers, where illiquitous and inhumane activities by oil companies have, by their nature, caused them clean rivers and air pollution to consume and breathe.


It is not appropriate to discuss the concept of corporate social responsibility without taking into account the perception of other parts of the world. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which engages the company in its impact on society, can contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction in the world. But what can be asked is that the CSR model developed in the West is best suited to CSR institutional and management models exported to other parts of the world, but not always very successful. In view of this, it is considered appropriate to study different models of the world in order to balance the need for CSR.


Traditionally, in the US, CSR was defined in the Filantrop model. Companies gain profits unhindered unless they meet their tax obligations. They then donate some share of the profits for charitable reasons. It seems that the action of the company is to benefit from the donation. Americans do not see corporate social responsibility as things like morals or traditional ethics; they rather see something happening that perhaps looks at the entrepreneur's human friends. This is evident from the various criticisms that the concept has resisted. Simply summarize the conclusion that organizations generally do not want to incorporate the culture of social responsibility into their different communities without being mandatory. In order for all business units to be socially responsible, it is necessary to make laws that force compulsion and the consequences of omission.


The European model focuses more on the operation of core activity in a socially responsible way, complementing investment in communities for solid business cases. This model is more sustainable because:

Social responsibility becomes an integral part of the prosperity process, which, if appropriately addressed, is necessary to enhance business competitiveness and to maximize prosperity for society.

When times are tough, the incentive to practice CSR more and better – if it is a philosophical practice that is peripheral to the core business, it is always the first thing when times are difficult.

CSR's business definition, however, can be characterized by doing business that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial, and public expectations of society.

On the other hand, the European Commission handles its reception with two definitions:

1. A concept that companies voluntarily undertake to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment.

2nd A concept in which companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business and volunteer interaction with stakeholders.

When both are critically reviewed, they largely agree that the definition now focuses on how it affects the management of its core business. Some people continue to learn how to figure out how far companies are going to address their impact on their territory, especially outside this area, to contribute to achieving leadership and social goals. This is a key difference when many business leaders feel that their companies are poorly equipped to pursue what social goals and activists envision, arguing that companies have no democratic legitimacy to acquire such roles.


Public opinion should not be underestimated in business as it can determine the existence of a business venture and its competitors. If the concerns of the Going-Concern principle become apparent, then the reputation and ability of the Company can be well established and managed in such a way that the company clearly shows the setting of a Good and Responsible Business. This is only possible if the company has a true and German interest in the well-being of its citizens in the various management of corporate social responsibility. Undoubtedly, people like to associate with businesses that have a good reputation. Therefore, a concerted and intentional effort is needed to continue this course.

Goodwill, as we all know, is immaterial in nature. Its quantity or value can never be summed up during the action, and this can be the difference between one business and the other. Creating a good business reputation as responsible business clothing will differentiate you. By doing so, the organization is widely accepted by people by having their own feelings, promoting competitive competitive advantages between competitors and becoming an ongoing partner. Business perception should not be underestimated, as this may be a thin line between prosperity and destiny.

Well-thought-out CSR helps build a good relationship with key landlords whose opinions will be most valuable during your opponents and insecurities, and will lower your business costs and maximize your efficiency. Finally, this may affect the choice of Doing Business people. It's best to have a company appear as a partner and not an enemy of People. This course will affect business. Even the cost of business can be. Some customers handle not only responsible business clothing but also insist on it. Often, it is a good idea for some companies to purchase business clothing that is responsible for introducing responsible policies, as this can have a positive impact on how customers perceive them.

Business leaders, however, corporate social responsibility must be considered as good relationships between companies and the Society for their own benefit. Based on the above, it is important to make the most of corporate social responsibility activities public by making sure that customers, suppliers and the local community know what they are doing. CSR is thanks to Good News Stories. Such publicity can create the charm of using CSR to win many contracts.

It is known that people want to buy from businesses that are respected and approaching, and a company has been found to have social responsibility.

Nigerian Experience in Corporate Social Responsibility

(Nigeria Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility)

A fast-growing trend in business is the development of corporate social responsibility packages for multinational corporations and other corporate bodies. This is not linked to public opinion about the adverse effects of day-to-day business activities on businesses, how it affects the environment, the economy, and the lives of host communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a standard that a company associates differently to affect society. Its ability to contribute to sustainable development, poverty reduction, vulnerable and older citizens, and contribute to the national economy and private enterprises. This is rapidly becoming an apology for fraudulent misuse for social responsibility and environmental protection to maximize profits.

From Oil-Multinational Companies in Nigerian Delta Nigeria, Telecommunication Giants, Drug Producers, Until the Consolidated Banking Sector. Well-published charitable and philanthropic businesses, such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), have become very popular for designing abusive publicity. Over time, Nigerian multinational corporations simply sign agreements with the indigenous government without distinguishing between direct host communities. Of course, this is what illustrates the protracted agitation of the Oil-rich Niger Delta, as multinational corporations have been constantly violating environmental rules for decades to the detriment of host communities in the Ogoni lands and criminals in brutal violations. human rights in these communities is a successful civilian and military government.

When the late-dictator's dramatic government, General Sanni Abacha, for the Mozoni Movement and Ken Saro-Wiwa, and eight other members of the Mozoni Movement, made the Ogoni People's Resistance (MOSOP): Against Local and International Outrage in 1995 Oil Multinationals such as shells, can not release themselves from the complicity of the murders because they have been unable to satisfy the legitimate needs of host communities by reducing environmental pollution without any tangible compensation without spillage or gas blowing. Shell would have been regarded as socially responsible if the hosting communities, the development of social infrastructures and the payment of their rights and compensation to the abuses in question had been substantially facilitated rather than the deception of host communities in spite of the non-khalant government who ignored this Outside the court of jurisdiction for damages against the shell of Ogoni Martyrs.

In order to overcome such abuses, the government's budgetary responsibility towards citizens must be in line with the corporate social responsibility activity for the people. This will help eradicate generous violence in the ever-resting Niger Delta and in the southeastern part of the country where the militia, the vandalism of the pipeline, and the latest kidnapping of the mighty Ransom criminals are getting bigger. The recent history has shown the military's impact on national security, socio-political activities and the economy. They give a look at the riots that led to the announcement of the state of emergency in Bayelsa in 1998 to withdraw oil molecules from the region and partly and definitively halt oil production in the country.

The latest settlements of Pfizer's international drug giants have begun a lawsuit against malnutrition in the Kano state during a meningitis epidemic on child abuse and the other on misuse of corporate social responsibility. The company and the parties concerned agreed on a $ 75 million settlement. Pfizer's spokesman, as quoted in the Associated Press Communication of 29 July 2009, confirms that Pfizer is based on the 1996 study, which was approved by the Nigerian Government with the consent of the participants. the parents took the priests and the study was consistent with the Nigerian laws.

Pfizer's offense to our children with experimental floating birds: if the government asks for help in the endemic outbreak, it is untenable. It does not release Pfizer to unlock the unfortunate incident and accuses the government of being a criminal offense as non-injured victims, the Children are the constitutional discharge of the public debt function to the citizen under the 2007 Fiscal Responsibility Act. By failing to verify the facts about the risk of such an unprecedented experiment of such innocent children, the government, which has become a major misuse of multinational and governmental crime. This prompted Richard Altshuler to argue that the settlement agreement accused the victims in a short time and received millions of dollars of Nigerian officials. Even the government can reach $ 10 million as a litigation.

Also denies the corporate ethics of corporate social responsibility when Pfizer wants to transfer the remaining funds from municipal money to the local government fund against the early agreement that the remaining $ 30 million will be spent on building the state metropolis hospital. Moreover, the misinterpretation of the turn of events is a real corporate social responsibility. This is because even damages money, which is a punitive action, can not correct the nasty event.

In the telecommunications sector, multinational corporations are also in this sector of the CSR philanthropic buzz. MTN, for example, was created by the MTN Foundation and the Child Risk Improvement System (CARES) to provide psychosocial support for the child's social and psychological support. This project was aimed at children who lost both parents: it is no doubt a commendable initiative. But it must be seen that this is encouraged to sponsor a wide range of scholarships and laboratories and cancer care equipment in schools and Nigerian hospitals.

In the light of the above, the holistic approach is unworthy of real corporate social responsibility in our society. The government needs to create a supportive environment by aggressively handling security, power and poverty issues at the highest minimum. so multinational corporations have the opportunity to meet the Triple Bottom Line credo; profit, environmental protection and the maintenance of social justice. While the federal government is struggling for the security of private businesses, despite the good governance of its citizens and its other obligations towards its multinational partners, the Nigerian government must be worthy of the trust of people in multinational companies, a double standard for oil spill prevention, timing of gas weapons eradication to fair relations with trade unions in their business.

In the light of the above, the holistic approach is unworthy of real corporate social responsibility in our society. The government needs to create a supportive environment by aggressively addressing issues of security, power and poverty. Thus multinational corporations must comply with the Triple Bottom Line credo; profit, environmental protection and the maintenance of social justice. While the federal government is struggling for the security of private businesses, despite the good governance of its citizens and its other obligations towards its multinational partners, the Nigerian government must be worthy of the trust of people in multinational companies, a double standard for oil spill prevention, timing of gas weapons eradication to fair relations with trade unions in their business.


The term CSR has three main keys to the Nigerian organization; include Philanthropy, economic support and compensation. Philanthropy refers to a humanitarian and charitable service run by corporate organizations to the people. Companies are well-versed in their activities to make people feel comfortable with their operations. Local communities often have an unforgiving amount of money for community development, cultural practices and festivities.

Another activity of the Nigerian Institute for People's Costs is considered as an economic aid. In this case, corporate organizations help provide social services such as portable water, school building and maintenance, park maintenance, support for basic and basic care systems, the introduction of authorization systems, and less privileged.

The third is the compensating CSR thread that gradually gains ground. Organizations compensate the Nigerian government, communities and individuals for some breaks in the manufacturing process. The three strands of corporate social responsibility can be viewed by various organizations in Nigeria, such as the United States of Africa (UBA) and MTN Nigeria.

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Network Marketing offers people the real chance of creating financial security and independence

This unique business deals millions of distributors every year with billions of pounds a year. It takes place in nearly 100 countries around the world. Praised by leading business people as well as heads of state to boost the economy. Still, most people in the United Kingdom are still completely confused.

Network marketing has created millions of millions and spread this exception to millions, but just what is the reality of this business?
So what is network marketing?

Network marketing is based on the concept of "networking". We all have people we know in the circumstances of our everyday life, and each one has its own knowledge, collections, family and friends. Network Marketing not only sells products, but also offers business potential to potential new distributors who will then launch the process of selling and recruiting their own networks.

In network marketing, services and products are distributed to end consumers through the network of self-signed distributors or agents (hereinafter consultants). These distributors are financially rewarded in two ways: a) from the sales responsibilities and overwrites, and b) their network contribution to the new "enrollments" to downline distributors. The network marketing business model works from the distributor to the consumer price difference. If registered registrations generate sales, we get a percentage of the sales price difference and so on.

Network marketing is usually accompanied by pyramid or pontiff scams. This is because the main structure of the two models can be fairly similar at first glance. However, if we look closely at the models, there is a big and decisive difference between them. The most important difference between the legal network marketing company and the pyramid scam is that it offers the first real products and services, the latter only promising opportunities and generating money from the registration costs of registered members. Pyramid scam re-enters incoming money from newly-paid members [#] pays to enter the system and does not generate any profits from other efforts. The founders of the scam benefit, while the financial burden mostly leaves not all of them, leaving the lower lines.

o Because the networks are widening, the individual leader will benefit not only from their own sales, but also from one percent of their sales from their network. As more people join the network, the remaining income is growing.
o Network marketing allows distributors not only to outpace the network to sell the product, but to downline lines up to a limited depth or even infinity. However, the two terms are generally used without discrimination.
o As with any other home business, distributors need to work hard, courageously and resolutely. Finding a good sponsor is as important as finding an interesting product and a good compensation plan that provides flexibility and reward for effort. Contrary to expectations, the novice has the same success as the long-term sponsor, provided the required research and skills are done. It's not necessary initially, "and in some cases, it may be more difficult and risky to join the beginning than at a more mature stage. Network Marketing is specifically tailored to married women with family responsibilities, as it offers them the opportunity to start a part-time business with little capital entrepreneurial women are able to base their talents and maternal skills on building businesses based on the founding and support of others' efforts.

Two trends lead the industry:
a. A general shift towards self-employment.
b. People seek a better way of life – They do not want to work 40 or 50 hours a week to pay their bills.

For many people, Network Marketing is the only way to create financial freedom for the United Kingdom

A business magazine wrote: "Network marketing is so far ahead of the competition when it comes to money and lifestyle that is in its league."

With a traditional career you only pay for working time. When you leave your employment monthly salary and all you stay is your experience and sometimes your retirement, which is rarely enough to live. Network marketing is completely different – Your efforts are multiplied by helping people succeed with their business, so your investment often returns, time and financial freedom. The longer you work on it, the easier it will be. The more you help others succeed, the more successful you will be.

"Network marketing offers people the opportunity to build their own business with small capital, in their own time and with a sponsor who is willing to help them in every step." Prime Time Magazine

As you take advantage of your efforts, you create a "residual revenue" by getting enough people to reach. In time, we can create a really passive income that will pay you long after you've done the job.

Network marketing offers people the opportunity to build their own business with small capital, in their own time and with a sponsor who is willing to help them in every step. "Prime Time Magazine

Creates" residual revenue "to help you make your efforts – helping people succeed with success and generating a truly passive income for a long time

See this
In the US in 1995, : About 100 people who work under the age of 25 are 65 years old …

o 63% depends on social security, friends or relatives
o 29% are dead
o 3% are still work
o 4% have sufficient capital for retirement
o 1% wealthy [19659002] Network Marketing Questions Generally Questioned

Q.Can Can Successful Have Network Marketing Successful Part-Time? .. are really very common in a part-time without giving up the current source of income while Network Marketing does not produce the necessary income. And the best part is that you can continue working indefinitely on a part-time basis. What could you do if you were financially self-sufficient and most of your time was free to do what you liked? That's why there are so many people at Network Marketing. And for that reason, say, Network Marketing gives freedom to a free business!

Q. Should you give it to the door-to-door or to the parties or meetings?

A. No. One of the most important features of Network Marketing is that success can be achieved through a number of methods. You choose the methods you are comfortable with. We use wonderful internet technologies within Tiscali. They do not deliver products, do not collect money, no party planning meeting!

Q. Is not Network Marketing one of those pyramid schemes?

A. Definitely no. Although network marketing and pyramid schemes do not show similarity, there is a very important difference to the latter illegally. In pyramid schemes, income is only the process of getting others into the pyramid. Sometimes a product or service of a value in question (which will never be delivered to the public on the go), but usually what you buy is the right to add others to the system. This is illegal. In addition, in the pyramid schemes, those who first arrive and who are at the top are all lost. In a lawful network marketing company, however, distributors are only paid for product movement; not in recruiting. Both wholesale and retail. In addition, there is compensation for training and management of the marketing team. And unlike the illegal pyramids in Network Marketing, no matter where you are or if you are joining, you can go to the highest level of income and earn more money than over the network.

Q. I'm not a seller, so this is probably not for me.

A. In fact, studies have shown that people without marketing experience have a great performance in network marketing. In fact, studies show that they are often better than those with previous sales experience. This is because network marketing is not about selling; at least not in the way most people think about selling. There is no place for winding or high pressure techniques in network marketing. Rather, Network Marketing is simply about sharing the concept and products of Network Marketing that you use and excited about.

Q. How Much Money Can I Do?

A. The point is, you get out of what you've got. It works … if yes. But that beauty too; you control it; How much do you think it is worth? And do not forget that the income generated by Network Marketing is a remnant. This basically means that work to date can not only earn money today, but also in the coming years.

Q. How important is sponsorship in this business?

A. It's … it does not matter how intelligent, rich, energetic or dynamic you are; we are all limited to 24 hours a day. However, sponsorship can eliminate this limitation. By sponsorship, you can basically clone yourself and dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people can work indirectly on your behalf in time and get what you are doing. Sponsorship also provides security in this area. Why? In most traditional businesses, what happens when you are ill or disabled and can not serve your customers? Or would you like to have a long, long vacation? Whatever the case, you can lose most if you do not have all your income overnight because you rely on being there. This is not your own life, and this is certainly not financial freedom. However, through the process of sponsorship and construction of network marketing, it can create total financial freedom. With a downstream job for self-employed businessmen, you do not have any eggs in a basket anymore. On the contrary, since all people in the downlink have an interest in continuing and building their own businesses, they generate income that does not depend on you – an income that can continue or even grow infinitely or without it.

Q. Do I need to store and transport products?

A. Most network marketing companies today allow distributors (and often even retail customers) to order directly from the company. At the same time, the company monitors your accounts, credits your account, and automatically sends you a check for the full amount due.

Q. Network Marketing is not another "get-rich-quick" system?

A. No, "get-rich-quick" is a fairy tale. This does not happen in the real world. Of course, there are some exceptions, but extremely rare. In fact, if the nightmare is your dream, your odds are likely to play better in the state lottery than in business – in every business.

Q. I could not get involved with Network Marketing. This is not a "real" business.

A. It's really real. Network Marketing is now a billion-dollar industry, involving millions of independent businessmen and large US companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette, Sprint and MCI. And this is a fast-growing international force as thousands of network marketing companies operate in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Q. If Network Marketing is so great, why is there no more people involved?

A. This can be summed up in one word: misconceptions. The general public simply does not understand what network marketing or opportunity is. But it will eventually change. At present, we estimate that only 2% of the US population are involved in network marketing. But industry experts predict that this may rise to 10% by the end of the decade. You can set yourself to take advantage of this trend if you are starting to network marketing now. Timing is great for working together!

Q. What are the costs involved in starting and running such a business?

A. Virtually any Network Marketing company requires you to first buy some "Starter Kit". This is a one-time cost, usually less than $ 100. Plus, of course, there are monthly costs for office supplies, postage, advertisements, and so on. Between 50 and 150 pounds of snow is likely to be a realistic expense. Anyone can afford this amount without jeopardizing their current lifestyle while trying to create a better one. And here are some good news – most, if not all, tax deduction.

Q. What if I can not afford to buy extra products?

A. I should not. Network marketing companies just want the products you buy from elsewhere, where Network Marketing produces the same but higher quality products. This will probably save you money as you buy now. Plus, it just makes sense to buy it yourself – buy a "own shop."

Q. I've been trying to network marketing and did not work for me.

A. Suppose he was moving to a new town and he decided to come that night. Unfortunately, the restaurant you raised was terrible. But just because it is one of the worst experiences, I certainly do not swear to eat at other restaurants in town, right? Of course not! Network marketing is no different. There are decent Network Marketing companies, great Network Marketing companies, and yes, even some bad Network Marketing companies. But Network Marketing Works! Just be connected to the right company and the right opportunity at the right time. See MLM RockStars.

Q. At present I have no cash to participate in Network Marketing.

A. Get it! If you offered a brand new £ 60,000 Mercedes for you 1,000 pounds, would you find some money to buy it? Go and get the money because your own Network Marketing business could do much more than Mercedes.

Q. I see that others have been successful, but I do not think I can do it.

A. All ages, all backgrounds, all the moves of life in Network Marketing today. If you have a desire, then Network Marketing succeeds.

Q. If I'm halfway sponsoring the country, how do I get a response? And what about training?

A. Free advice and assistance from a sponsor, other upline staff (and often from corporate network staff at Network Marketing) is a phone call. Faxes, email, voicemail and other new technologies provide fast and efficient communication up and downline … regardless of where they are located. As far as Distance Learning is concerned, you can easily manage it on video courses, phoned seminars, books, online computers and telephone conferences, etc.

Q. I do not have time to start the Network Marketing business. There are too many iron in the fire.

A. That's why it's worth considering network marketing. In addition to creating financial freedom, Network Marketing expressly provides you with a personal freedom to do all the things you really want to do in a lifetime.

Q. Do not you need to enter the beginning to make real money? Does not occur saturation?

A. This is another big misconception that the media has captured year after year. The fact that there has never been evidence of "saturation" in network marketing. This topic was discussed at the same time by US courts, and this was the conclusion of the courts. Secondly, notice that since Network Marketing is still a very young industry, there are hundreds of millions of lookouts around the world that have never heard of Network Marketing. It takes years to do the tooth. But here is the most important reason why "saturation" is a myth: Timing. Only in the USA, tens of thousands of brand new perspectives each year "each year, among the numbers, the young adult who just got to the stage of their lives, where he would consider (and afford to) start a business, and there are the thousands who are just they have experienced a significant change in their lives due to changes in the workplace, at home, etc. The same people who had not been able to look any way or could not have been able to see Network Marketing a few months ago, are suddenly very open to the proposal.

Finally, business people who are recognized by the Internet agree that Network Marketing is one of the greatest opportunities of today. [196599054]

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Apple Recipes for Autumn Apple Taking

Falling fast, it's time to start thinking about the wonderful aroma of baking apples in your home. If you live somewhere where apple grows, you know what I mean. Taking Apple brings many apples to use a number of pleasant trips, but sometimes the same recipes are repeated over and over again. There are so many things that can be made with apples and not all sweet trees. In fact, you can cook apples as well. Adding the apple's delicious flavor adds a wonderful touch to many meat and some vegetables. The listed are just some of the great ways to use all the apples you gain with the advent of the next enjoyable apple picking.

Apple Pork – There are many varieties of apple pork chops. I found one on the internet, though this was particularly pleasant. The recipe combines the thick flavors of apple and onion to create incredibly good contrast. Sprinkle the apple, the brown sugar and the onions to make sweet and tinces sauce to use clean, succulent pork. The whole family will love apple pork slices. You can search for an online recipe or even your own creation.

Apple stuffed chicken breast filled with this recipe stuffed with boneless chicken breast apples and delicious cheddar cheese filling creamy, sweet stuffing. It will be so guided to cut the delicious chicken and taste the contrasting taste of your favorite cheese piece and the seeds you have chosen. The rice goes great with this chicken because the stuffing is delicious. Everyone wants this recipe after he has prepared for them.

Making Your Own Potpourri – If you already offer large quantities of apples at home, there is really no reason to buy potatoes. You can steam apples alone or add other wonderful fragrances to make a more complex smell. Add a lot of cinnamon, orange peel, peanut extract, or any other element that has a wonderful smell to make homemade cash, which can do everything you can in a store.

Roasted Apple – Many people follow these complex apple recipes, but can simply return the whole apple for a simple enjoyment. There are many ways to do this, all you have to do is find the best you like for a recipe. Everyone will love fried apples and do not have to make a slave in the kitchen.

Finally, what would happen without at least a delicious apple would be sharp. Not much more than brown sugar, oatmeal, cinnamon and, of course, apples, this is a very simple recipe and warm and curly treatment that awaits each and every preparation.

This autumn, experiment with apples and find something new that will please the whole family.

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Baby Bottle Warmers – Why You Need It And What It Benefits

Baby Bottle Warmers – why do you need them?

Mother should be cautious in pumped breast milk or formula. If you breastfeed your microwave in a microwave oven, you may change the milk composition that results in loss of certain anti-infective properties and nutrient content of the milk, even if you have a microwave for a short period of time. They are therefore very effective and why they are bought by the newborn's parents. Breasts are usually very sensitive to warm temperatures and are very easily losing vitamin C content. The warming breast is also ineffective in the stove because the middle spike causes the temperature to cause the bones break. Just like microwave breast milk, it quickly causes minerals, immunologic properties, vitamins and microelements to lose. What can you do? Pumped breast milk may be in a sterilized bottle and run in hot water for ten minutes, but who wants to do it when a newborn screams because it's hungry? The same formula. For years, doctors claim that microwave baking forms cause terrible heat dissipation, which can cause infants' mouths and warmth of the belly. Although most people shake the bottles to avoid this – it does not always work because the heat is usually conglomerated again. Warming up water is a much safer method.

How do you use infant bottles?

Most can easily heat the breast milk and formula for about one to three minutes. They are very comfortable, because if your baby's room is upstairs, you can keep it warm. By changing your newborn's diaper, the baby's warming heater can easily warm up with 3 or 4 ounces of milk. It is very easy to use, fast and reliable. You never have to worry that the new babysitter will cook a bottle in the microwave oven. I bought a Philips Avent iQ Bottle Bottle and it works like a charm. You only add water to the tank and choose the setting. Put the bottle and close the lid and let it go. Baby warmers warm milk quickly evaporates water and heat milk without hotspots and without breaking the milk composition. Now that the baby is about 4 ounces, approx. Within 3.5 minutes, I can heat the bottle to heat the milk to a perfect temperature.

Did you know that breastfeeding or nutrition would be such a science? In addition to the above-mentioned great benefits, I find that the baby just prefer warm milk, so it's perfect for me. It is very comfortable, it does not occupy much space and can be easily inserted into any closet if I'm ready. Very compact and transferable to all rooms! There is a small tip that the bulk of the bottle is warming up – if you can use distilled water, do it. Otherwise, if you use tap water, the bottles of the bottleneck heaters will be built.

So the baby bottle is needed?

I think so. I think if the parents are feeding the bottle, their baby will pump the breast milk at the same time, if absolutely necessary. Not only has many advantages but is very easy to use. Add the water and stick to the bottle. When it gets warm, baby's baby warms up and that's it. Shake the bottle and feed the baby. Infant bottles on the market are able to hold both thicker newborn bottles, short, tall, or thin bottles. They work very well during the night and can do the whole process with one hand.

Which would I recommend?

Definitely Philips Avent. It was fantastic for my husband and myself. The First Years Night & Day bottle warming system is good because it is a glass cooler. If I did it again, I would probably buy the Gerber bottle heater or the Munchkin Deluxe bottle and food with a warmer cleaning rack. The Gerber Electric Bottle Heater offers great reviews and fantastic travel. The Philips Avent Express Baby Food and Bottle Warmer is also a large baby bottle warmer.

Remember to use a microwave oven for pumped breast milk and never recommend baby glasses. It is not only difficult to judge how long it is necessary to heat up the glass, because it breaks down and loses minerals, immunologic properties, vitamins and microelements very quickly. The hot spot is a threat to sensitive infants. You can run the bottles with hot water, but wait 10 minutes and keep checking. This is the greatest gift we have received for our newborn baby. These are revolutionary new products that frozen breast milk is very safe, fast and without the need for vitamins and nutrients important for babies. Advanced thermostatic controls and thermal fuse allow hot water bottles, disposable bags without boiling or overheating of frozen pumped breast milk. Another idea – get a timer!

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Black kitchen accessories and lighting

Lighting is one of the most important pieces of kitchen accessories. This is especially true in black kitchen just because it really needs extra light. It's important to just make sure the room does not feel too dark and depressing because it really overwhelms the goal. Instead, you probably want a more dramatic look, especially if you choose to have a black-colored color.

You can have a very traditional look. In this case, use only lead glass. The bottle is perfect because it wants to get the accent. His room is quite saturated. Instead, it becomes really lighter and clearer and you will really notice it, but it will make a huge difference in the room. There are all sorts of black pendants that can be coordinated with larger luminaires. In this case, it could be a star-shaped design. This has a vintage effect and can work in blue kitchen design. This is a modern way to make a vintage kitchen just because of the black and white traditional in this type of room. However, instead of black white walls and black accents, you will change black walls and white accents, which is due to the usual white walls and black accents, which is a pretty classic way for the kitchen. Just choose a light fixture with a simple glass shade that also truly provides the maximum amount of light in space.

Another trend with which you can do this is more natural appearance. This is a lot of urgent relief in the dark room. In this case, only a spun shadow could be searched. This can be pretty cheap. It also delivers Zen's mood better. Of course, in basket and woven blinds, you can also keep continuity across the room for a homey touch.

As part of the black kitchen accessories, you can also try the blend color with the lighting. In this case, it is more a shade of a blown glass type. This will be all the complicated ironwork and the various colors of lead glass. It will simply be sculpted. There is even a bubble in it. This is a chance to really get a quality piece of equipment so the room does not look too cheap. However, since it is a small luminaire, it will still be affordable and you can add a bowl of color to your room, such as turquoise.

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Make your senses with a hot balloon ride!

You can not deny some things in life, and an exciting hot air balloon ride is one of those. Not necessarily an adrenaline drug for such tours. Ideal for all ages. Fear will never prevent you from going to the balloon for an adventure.

Once you know exactly how it feels like floating in the air, it would not be too bad if you ignore fear of heights (if there is one!) And just get a big balloon to get started.

I said that I felt. The moment the balloon leaves the ground, it feels that it is not just a moment. Ascension is so flexible, so gentle and very interesting. I saw that I was at cactus height, then I was above the cactus. I lifted slowly. Soon I felt that I was constantly raising up, in silence, and the basket was so calm that I was not afraid at all. Yes, I say: Drop your fears and go into the magical experience of the very hot and ecstasy filled air springs!

Most hot air balloon companies offer balloon flights for an hour. After the balloon experience, breakfast is closed after returning to the geographic company. Due to the sudden increase in the popularity of a plane, it is very important that it is seized at least 2 weeks in advance.

Did you know Rajasthan is India's most popular place to swim on a hot balloon? Over the Udaipur and Ranthambore National Park, start at the start of the sky with India's largest largest balloon.

Do not forget that due to dependability on the weather, most bookings are temporarily received a few days from the main event. This ensures that the weather is ideal for traveling to the balloon.

Then take a look at the landscapes below. The best way to enjoy the level is to go before sunrise. Start the day at the beginning of the day. This also helps in exposing those strong edges that tend to get up after sunrise. I'm sure you'll be excited to be on the launch site. Let the sunrise shine on his face. Look at the sun in the place where heaven meets the earth as it drifts quietly over the mountains and valleys.

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Cure back with young people's understanding of how to overcome arthritis naturally

In changing times, it is getting harder and harder to figure out the age of people by looking at their faces. Sixty is really the new forty. But the sign of personality often pays attention to it as they move. Often, the older the person gets, the more they go. They may experience pain when they open the pots or go up the stairs. The family history review provides the opportunity for a person to suffer from stiffness and pain offered by businesses.

Not everyone who suffers from joint pains and stiffness wants to cure their problem. In an age where finding healthy alternatives to diseases is becoming increasingly desirable, natural exploration of arthritis is indeed the source of youth for those people who experience discomfort, even performing simple activities. It may be surprising that people suffering from arthritis find out that there are foods that prevent arthritis from fun lifestyle. There are some methods that teach a person how to beat arthritis naturally and return spring to their stairs – fruits, herbal treatments, exercises, vitamins and foods that really exist and are really a huge difference between for people. the damaging effects of arthritis.

Maybe one person laughs and suddenly feels knees when the basket is raised upstairs. Or maybe they find themselves doing the finer job for the younger people. Even those hobbies and activities that people enjoy in themselves are sidelined when the pain and stiffness of arthritis appear more and more often. All of these things can limit activities and bring the joys of life to millions of people around the world.

But that's not the case. By consuming foods that prevent the prevention of arthritis in people's lifestyle and learn to understand arthritis, of course one person can gain their body, health and future without expensive treatments that often have dangerous or unknown side effects. Of course, there are natural methods for treating inflammation of the joints and make a more enjoyable and healthy daily order.

It may be confusing to understand how to overcome arthritis naturally. Finding all the foods that can prevent arthritis, hours and weeks. It would not be good if all the information is available in a simple report that would prove the most effective and proven way to treat arthritis naturally? No more ineffective tablets, creams and rub. There is no smelly smell and ointment.

Is the end of medical visits that spend money and honestly call a person getting older? There is indeed such a report. A person must be as young as they feel. And feel like young people like them.

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Things you should not do when printing

Flyers are a great way to promote your business. They are both beneficial and effective and deliver the message directly to the target audience. This meant that if the word in question did not immediately grab the reader's attention and motivate them to buy, then a short trip to the nearest bin will be made.

In order to avoid the fate of a waste bin, there are errors that need to be avoided at all costs. Keeping these in mind when you are ready to fly the flyer will have a much better chance of success.

first Too Much Written . People do not read flyers, but look at them. What needs to be said needs to be absorbed in just a few seconds. Put a point and get the message as many words as you can.

2nd Using your business as a title . The headline is the main chance to capture the reader's attention, do not obscure it. If you sell wooden houses, the headline can not be "Popular Woodworking Ltd.", It should be like "Be warm and cozier than ever, half the price!" Tell the reader why they actually feel the flyer in their hands, give them something that triggers the thought "this is something I really want." You do not care who you are, this is what matters to them.

3rd List Features Do not tell people what you are, tell them why they will feel better about their life and I'm glad they bought it. This is the psychology of sales. If you list features like the technical manual, it's boring and uninteresting.

"Feel amazingly calm as the fingers of our experts remove their care and tension by using an Indian head massage."

"In the head of a beauty salon you can say a leaflet:" Indian Head Massage – Experts with Our Staff " See the difference?

4 Business Not Personalizing . There are many tips on the first person's flyers, that is, the use of the word "You" to deal directly with the client. This is because leaflets are very personal, often handed to a person directly, and this creates a better relationship with the reader. The same applies to business printing of flyers, which is often ignored. Copy should be more relaxed and conversation.

5th does not contain a call for action . People are flexible and generally do not bother to make efforts if they do not. Hopefully, their brief and skillfully crafted copy attracted their attention and convinced them that he really wanted what he was offering, but he still had to make this final, constructive statement – a call to action. Whether "Call Now on 0800 …" or "Offer Ends Friday – Buy", you must clearly specify what you need to do. Experience shows that if they do not, people have a reason to "like me and later," and the flyer enters into a drawer or a handbag, will soon be forgotten. Call for action overcomes this trend of postponement.

These tips may seem simple but are effective tools to increase leaflets efficiency and should be mentioned when you consider the following item flyer.

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50 Ideas to Organize and Enjoy Scrapbooking Hobbies

Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby! In addition to recreation and entertainment, along with creative and time-consuming family and friends. It also leads to a history of lifelong memories.

One of the most important elements of scrapbooking is organizing everything. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • stores all stocks in an organized manner so they can be found immediately when you need them.
  • remembering what stocks to buy at the store and discontinue repetitive purchases.
  • Finding the time to find new and creative ways for you.
  • find enough time to enjoy the art of scrapbooking in his busy life.
  1. TELL THE HISTORY. Design your photos before shooting. Instead of making random shots for someone standing here or someone else sitting there, tell a story. For example, let's say Halloween. You can plan to take four photos of your children:
    1. on the dragon who took you to the pumpkin.
    2. looking for pumpkin.
    3. to find pumpkins.
    4. later carved the pumpkin.

    Photos for your documentaries can be extremely useful if you take some time to learn basic photography. Visit for a quick photo tour. Organizing has a lot to do with getting ready and this site is full of useful tips and ideas.


    Organized documentation is important for a serious scrapbooker. The main goal is to eliminate future issues such as "Who is this?", "Where and when did this photo take place?" And so on. Create documents while taking them so you will know exactly what is in each coil in the movie. Get ready when you are ready to sort your photos in the library.


    If you find movie tubes around the house that are ready to go to the developer, bring them today. You may think that you have sent all of your movies to a vendor such as so you do not have to spend time filming or taking photos. Simply send your movie and return your photos to the post one week later. From now on, always make your movie as it pulls out the used rolls from the camera.


    After developing photos, you need a place to store them until you are ready to go to the library. Keep them every year or every event, in Ziplock bags. Label each bag with a number and place the appropriate number in the Documentation Form. Then store them in a photo box. Keep the box in a dry, cool place to protect your photos until you are ready to take photos.


    From the beginning of the 1900s, it has frames that will begin to capture them. Schedule a day and time to start sorting and stick to the meeting when the sun goes around. Take your kids or friends to help. Let's start by stacking piles for each event or year. If you do not know the exact year, they will settle for at least decades. It may take a while, but after everything has been separated, the filing of the photos will be much simpler and more pleasant. After each one is arranged, store the photos as described above.


    If you want to unsubscribe a lot of photos, start the latest photos and go back. There may be a new journal that describes the latest photos, and even if not, you probably will be able to recall the details more easily. Older photos – those that do not have a diary – think a bit more.


    If your scrapbooking hobby seems like a huge job for you, it will not be fun. You do not feel that all your photos should be taken to the library. Most of your photos can be placed in acid-free photo albums or photo boxes where they will be safe. Choose a small series to start scrapbooking. Once you have completed this small set, you can decide whether to embed photo albums or photo boxes and continue to access the file or leave the photos where they are and simply record new photos in the future.

  9. Dual printing.

    Duplicate prints are not good if they just sit in the photo box and take up space. Do something with them. Maybe you can send them to someone on the photo. It's a great way to keep in touch. Or hand over the pairs to toddlers who want to create their own notebooks. It's a great way for them to learn their beloved hobbies and decide if they want to be hobbies.


    Sometimes, to decorate your guestbook creatively, there may be tickets, brochures, maps, postcards, etc. Holds on a particular trip or event. Use this manila file folders or catalog envelopes for this purpose. Label the folder / envelope to know which photos / documentation form matches. File them until ready for use.


    Have a good idea about stickers, diets, etc. Which do you want to use with a certain photo set? Keep the same Ziplock bag with your photos until you are ready to go to the library. So everything will be in one place and ready for use.


    Accessories and punched shapes can be held in acid-free pads, plastic baseball cards, business card sheets or Ziplock bags of up to 3 holes. Each sheet should be categorized and tagged by theme: birthday, christmas, halloween, wedding, spring, etc. Place these sheets in a 3-ring binder. If you have a large number of stickers and shapes, you should use index divisions with the general category. For example, a general HOLIDAY category can hold Easter, Christmas / Hanukkah, Halloween etc., a general SEASONS category, summer, fall, winter and spring, and so on.


    Very small diecut and other small objects are considering storing empty film containers. The bright ones are the best, but if they're just opaque, just stick a label – or a real tape with a ribbon – on the container, indicating what's in it. Baby food containers serve the same purpose.

  14. PAPER.

    Where do you keep this cool paper until you're ready to use it? You can get a plastic portable container – researching its composition for archival security – which contains hanging file folders. Pending files are a topic or a color. You may place a manila file folder in any frozen file folder to keep your papers. Alternatively, you can buy file-type pockets or side pads that fit into a 3-ring binder and store the papers inside each pocket, categorized and tagged. Also, make sure that no acid-free paper is stored with other paper.


    Get some research and buy a scrapbooking organizer that supplies papers, supplies, and more. It will contain. There are many products on the market that will help keep it all. There are a number of office shops with six drawer organizing stations. They are vertical and have 6 branches of the same size. Each account can be assigned for other purposes – papers, templates / diecut, stickers, etc. Plus, it has wheels that can be easily transported from one room to another. Or if you often take home retail outlets, such as a friend's house, use a portable system that is not too heavy or cumbersome and has a handle.

  16. stencil.

    Put the templates / templates on the side guards that can be purchased at any office store. Then insert them with a 3-ring binder for easy access. Alternatively, two templates can be stored on a sheet protector using a sheet of paper – white or colored, depending on the color of the template. This facilitates the design of the plans and eliminates them to seize each other.


    If you always use home scrapbooks, use a kitchen jug with multiple compartments, for example, those that usually contain high kitchen spoons, spoons, and spatulas. Those that are centrifuging will keep everything you need on your fingertips.

  18. HANG IT UP.

    If you're lucky enough to design a room specifically for your scrapbooking hobby, put a big lane over the work area. Then you can attach doctors, templates, criminals, rulers, templates, and much more for easy vision and access. Additionally, you can hang in small close-ups or shelves, all your corners, photo frames, and so on. Stored. If you like everything outdoors, this system works like a charm.

  19. TIRE.

    Store the rubber stamps in a shallow plastic container with a plastic organizer with a rubber stamp or sticker. Do not put stamps. It must be stored in a single layer so that the top of the stamp is always visible.


    Fishing tackle boxes – the compartments and levels that expand and collapse – are wonderful for storing scrapbooking tools and devices. Plastic tool boxes with many seemingly drawers are also great for this purpose.


    Is the cabinet full of scrapbooking magazines? There are some things that are related to this dilemma. 1) Through magazines, find the articles you want to keep and sort them into categories in file folders. In other words, hold the article, throw the magazine. 2) Or store magazines in cardboard boxes. If you do this, you must always keep the magazine's title / number, the pages of interest and a few words describing why you are interested. So you can scan your list, instead of looking for the whole magazine to find what you're looking for. You can also use your computer and create a list in a text editor file. Next, use the Find function to easily find the keywords in your document.


    Instead of keeping all the great scrapbooking ideas and tips in your mind – you know the ones you're up to from journals, websites, and so on. – Keep the three-ring binder in which every piece of paper is found on all your thoughts and ideas. Plus, when you see something in the magazine, you can simply cut the page out of the magazine, hit 3 times and place it in your binder. The same thing happens if you see something on a website that you want to refer later; just print it out and insert it into your binder. The binder can also be divided into several separate parts, such as page layouts, ideas, appropriate tools / supplies, and so on.


    Scrapbooking is much more fun and less than enough to put everything in one place and close to our work area. Highlight a room or part of a place in your home for this activity. You should be able to redeem stocks, photos, etc. in seconds, without having to go to another room or throw it over the closet.

  24. purchase.

    Use an organized shopping system to remember what you want to add to your hobby – scissors, sleeves, papers, etc. This eliminates the already purchased products. When you remember something you need, immediately put it in a SCRAPBOOKING PICK UP list and bring this list to you when you buy it. Using 3 inches x 5-inch index cards, you can give examples of cuts and punches. Label and keep them in daytime timing or with a tiny 3-ring binder. Bring these cards with you when you buy scrapbooking items and you will never buy duplicates. It also works great to remember what color pencils it has. Just drag a line to the index cards and label them.


    Resist the urge to buy a million new paper, punch, and so on until you've used your existing craft inventory. If you already have items that you can use in your current offer.


    You can save a lot of time in the store if you are committed to purchasing online shopping.


    If there is something you do not use within a year or more, such as hand-made scissors, stickers, etc., Replace them with a friend. Who knows? Sometimes your friend can find this item right away and you will get something that you can use in return.

  28. goals.

    Always set goals for your scrapbooking hobby, sometimes one or two pages a week. This is especially necessary when creating a new postcard for the next special occasion.

  29. plan.

    Before you begin working on your pages, plan ahead. Organize your photos in chronological order and make stickers, diecutes, etc. Which are appropriate for your photos. Think about your layout and how you intend to document each photo. This ensures that you are satisfied with the final results and reduces the need to renegotiate things.


    Step 1: Collects pages with photos, documentation, and critical diecut.

    Step Two: Decorate with stickers, stamps, etc. The two-step process helps you get the critical part (first step) faster, and then continue the second step (less important) later.


    Although you really feel that you need to create an artwork occasionally, if your goal is to create a postcard as quickly as possible, keep it simple. The main goal is to get photos and documentation in the album. Save the really creative moments for extra special scrapbooking projects. And do not forget that there are too many things on one side and take the photos.


    Quickly organize your ticketing with colors that compliment each other, citing a good color matching book. You can add one to your local bookstore. They also include hundreds of color combinations. Color Harmony, Hideaki Chijiiwa, is an excellent book for this purpose.

  33. multitasking.

    Are you looking for a few minutes here or there to catch up on your statue? Hold and place your phone calls in the same room as the designated scrapbooking workspace. Then, while you are calling your friends or family with your phone, you can cut, draw or record it at the same time. Or instead of punches when you need them, make a lot of punch at a time while watching a television or by phone or when a water tank boils with water. This will save you time later because the punches are ready when you need them.


    Many people like to introduce their children to the actual project, such as ordering stickers, applying diecut, etc. If you prefer kids not to take part in the actual project, give them an own project. You will always find some photos you will not use in your notebook, some cheap paper, scissors, etc. Each child can then make their own album. Anyway, the kids will be captured, which will give you time to enjoy your hobbies.


    If you have more than one child involved in scrapbooking activity, each one must have its own plastic storage box and / or harmonic files in order to keep their own stocks. So, if I want to work on their album, all of their stocks are already separated. Your color may also encode your kits, plastic boxes, etc., so you always know which one it belongs to. For example, the blue tank, the blue scissors and blue Billy labeled signs, and all pink for Sally.


    Scrapbooking is a great way to spend some time with your family. Simultaneously take the whole family around the table. I'm glad to share ideas and dreams. Does not it seem to involve the male family members? They might have been sitting at the table while women are scrapbooking and they can do something they enjoy at the same time. At least everyone will be together and have fun.

  37. TEAM UP.

    Scrapbooking is a great way to spend time with our friends and to catch up with each other. Start a scrapbooking club and meet each other for a week or two. Make a party!

  38. identified.

    The next time you meet with your friends or a scrapbooking club, put a small ribbon in the scissors. handles, holes, pens, etc. sides. Then you can share it, but you can be sure it will return your assets when you want to go home.


    If your friend's home gets scrapbooking, he takes a few minutes to plan what he wants to work on. To do so, you only have to deliver the kits that you will use. In other words, if you work on a wedding theme, there is no reason to carry all of your festive occasions.


    If you spend too much time finding supplies, backgrounds, photos, frames, big rubber stamps, and so on, it's time to organize the workstation. Unpack and discard or distribute items you do not need, dislike, etc. Organize your supplies with binders and containers. You should always work on a clear surface, just on the current project ahead.


    If there is a waste paper basket right near the workstation, all the residues that you do not plan are immediately disposable. Do not leave garbage in the work area. If you visit a friend's home, you must keep an empty tissue box so that all the residues can be discarded immediately and clean the host quickly and easily.

  42. APPLY.

    Always have a home for your care, and when you're ready, take a few minutes to dismiss everything. You need to be able to start fresh, clean mind and a clean surface.


    Never do a big batch for a smaller batch, because if so, it will not be visible and it's hard to find it quickly.


    Organize your work area for greater productivity. Make sure it is lit. There is a comfortable chair to sit. Supplies and tools must have a weapon.

  45. SAFETY.

    Arrange scrapbooking securely in mind. Use a protective cover for the table. Craft carpets are great for cutting. Scissors and other sharp tools should be placed downwards in the holder and removed from the front of a toddler.

  46. light.

    Different personality styles require different organizational systems. Make sure you are using an organizational system that you can live on – one that works with your style and allows you to find things without delay. If you can find things easier, if you are in alphabetical order, use this system type. You might find things better by color. Then use this system. The organization system must be consistent with its personality.

  47. Do not do that much.

    You can find the time at scrapbooking and / or rubberstamping hobbies may be difficult if there is too much going on in your life. Reduce or eliminate activities that you do not really enjoy. Reduce your children's activity. Create an organized cleaning schedule so you do not spend the whole weekend cleaning. Make healthy meals easier, but prepare for preparation. Get your family to help with household duties and responsibilities.


    The spare minutes we can all use can benefit you. Wait for the doctor's office during the meeting? Schedule a quick layout idea. Waiting to finish the washing cycle? List some photos or gather materials for tomorrow's scrapbooking project.

  49. WRITE IT.

    Never leave your home without a notebook. You have to invent an idea or a cute inscription for your archives. If you do not write down immediately, you can forget it. You also want to have a small pad and a pen next to the bed, in case you have a good idea in the middle of the night.

  50. Have fun!

    Design, organize, and schedule some time to enjoy your creations with your family and friends. Scrapbooking is about fun, laughter, memories and touching moments!

Source by Maria Gracia