Jiu Jitsu Gi Competitions in 2011

By the beginning of the year Jiu Jitsu Gi competitions feature. This year, the World Professional Jiu Jitsu Cup will be held in 2011 in Abu Dhabi. It is the third largest Jiu Jitsu event in the world. The prize comes from a combined fund, which is $ 1 million. The theme of Jiu Jitsu in 2011 is a world, a struggle. The discipline of the game is struggling. The concept of the game was created in 2009. The event has created a new series in line with the weight classes

Jiu Jitsu's athletes of 2011 will depend on the positions they have been pursuing for the various events in 2009. In the quarterfinals, we get straight entry to those who took the first 4 positions in the 2009 cup. The eighth round will reach those who have reached the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth positions. At the end of each season, athletes receive more points in the ranking of submissions. The athlete in the first place gets 5000 points, the second is 3000 points, and the third gets 2000 points.

Jiu Jitsu In 2011, the athlete will be able to defend / address the rehearsals. In this case, the champion must defend himself from the athlete of first rank. The test rankings – in the test category: 20 points to the first rank, 10 points to the second place and 4 points to the third place. In the Weights category: 10 points for 1st place, 5 points for 2nd place and 2 points for third. You get the absolute category: 1st prize if you get 40 points you get 2nd place if you get 20 points and you get 3 points for 8 points.

Jiu Jitsu format in 2011 and Jiu Jitsu Gi is the next division: the men's brown / black belt in the absolute category wins $ 30,000 for 1st place; $ 3,000 for 2nd place and $ 1,500 for third place. The weights category is $ 8,000 for the first $ 3,000 for the second and $ 1,500 for the third. In the women's section, the purple, brown or black belt does not have an absolute level of competition, only weights. Receive $ 4,000; $ 2,000 and $ 500 for the first, second and third places accordingly. The white and blue belts in the women's category for the first and second rankings are $ 3,000 and 1,500.

Again in the men's brown / black belt in absolute category $ 15,000; $ 1,500 and $ 750 for the top three positions. They give $ 4,000 in the category of weights; $ 1,500 and $ 750 for the first, second and two winners of the third place. In the men's purple belt category there is no third place, the first two positions are $ 2,500 and 1,000. Likewise, in the men's blue belt the first and second positions are worth $ 1,500 and $ 750. The dates of the race are 8-9 April 2011. And they are between 14 and 16 April. The Jiu Jitsu team will be in 2011 in the following categories: Korea, China, Jordan and Bahrain; 4stars – New Zealand, Poland and South Africa, and 5stars – Brazil, Canada, USA, Australia, Portugal, Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom

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Sports and hobbies in France

Sports is a popular pastime in France where football, judo, tennis and basketball are in the sport. France also includes racing competitions, the bicycle race also felt the world of tennis and martial arts.

Popular Sports

The most popular sports is football, but the French know the speed and the hardness of tennis and football and bicycle competitions, the grace and precision of tennis and football, and the League and the Union with two rugby styles offered hard and helmet.

Bicycle Race – Grands Tours France is famous around the world as the oldest and most prestigious. One of them is the Tour de France's most famous bicycle event in the world.

Motorcycle Contest – The hard and in-car sports hard drive compete for both the driver and the car's limitations at 24-hour Le Mans. The competition is considered the most famous champion of Sarthe Speedway.

Tennis Contests – Grand Slam tennis tournaments are spectacular on the French lawn. One of the four Grand Slam races known as the French Open is the Paris Master.

Olympic Games – The French Olympics Pierre de Coubertin, the inventor of the modern Olympic Games, at the end of the 19th century, has been enthusiastic about reviving the games. The Games of the First Games went to Greece as an appropriate gesture on the land where the games were born. France received the second game in 1900 and became the first home of the International Olympic Committee. Since then, France has organized 4 Olympic Games, one in 1924 in Paris and 3 in Winter Olympics in 1924 (Chamonix); Another 1968 (Greoble) and the Third 1992 (Albertville)

Soccer – This is a favorite sport in French sports where teammates give blue shirt and tri-color shorts to their patriotism during matches. The national football team gained great success and popularity in the XXI. In the 20th Century, he won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, the second in the same series in 2006 and 2 in the European Championships in 1984 and 2000. Ligue 1 is the country's highest national competition.

Rugby Union – This is another popular sport, which is a tremendous track record especially in Paris and southwestern France. The national rugby team won an impressive victory over the Six Nations championships of 16. He participated in all Rugby World Cups; He reached the semi-finals 6 times and finalized in the 3 World Rugby Championships.

Rugby League – The crowds of spectators in the world admire this rugby football variance. The locations are mainly found in the cities of Perpignan and Toulouse. The highest league for the European competition in the Super League, but for local professional competitions, the Elite One Championship is the championship to be followed.

Basketball – Basketball has been strongly occupied by French athletes and over the last twenty years the country has created elite world-class teams. The home team won the FIBA ​​Euro Basket in 2011, which has achieved its performance over the past 60 years. In addition to the game, the site also won 2 Olympic silver medals in 1948 and 2000.

Sailing – One-man and short sailing is a favorite of the French when the oceans of the world are on the Atlantic Ocean's edge and waves. Zenitite sports are embodied in Vendee Globe, a unique ocean challenge in the world. The tiresome journey begins within four years on the French Atlantic coast. To maintain suspension and excitement 3 sailing competitions across the Atlantic – Mini Transat 6.50; the Tour de France Voile and the Route du Rhum.


French people regularly enjoy many hobbies. There are skiing on the high slopes of the Pyrenees and the Alps; The fence is a very popular form of self-restraint that is widely practiced. Another very popular pastime is kite-surfing primarily along the shores of the Mediterranean. Learning theaters, listening to music or playing music and dancing are all popular hobbies. For physical activists in physical defense, the "parkour" version of martial arts from France.

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Ghost Season, The Series – Basketball, IV

The first third of the season was successful for Bobcats, as he was surprised by the following four Western teams. Tyee averaged 21 points, and Larry averaged 13 rebounds and 11 points in the race. Sylix scored twice on average 10 assists and 11 points per game. But the real test would come when Bobcats faced each of the six Eastern Division members before he finished the season while playing for the second time with the Western Division teams. There are four challenging non-league games.

The first game was the crossover phase with St. Peter's Patriot shortly before Christmas. It was the last championship race before the break. Pats had a large number at school. They were the largest 1B school in the state and its administrators were sure that these numbers would only be kept under the 2B mark. He has dominated the championship for several years and has won the national championship for the last six seasons. This would be a particularly tough game in Spokane's suburbs.

Both boys and girls rode on a large, medium-sized bus. Three hours later, the troops arrived in Greenacres, Spokane Valley suburbs. Ghost, Abel, and the boys watched carefully, because their schoolmates dominated Lady Pats three quarters. The Spirit encouraged his team to get to the dressing room. After they got the boys, Spirit taught them: "All you expect is that boys are best 32 minutes, we all know it's a tough team, but we're not paying attention to the scoreboard. It's a toy, close game and we can only to keep them, to surprise them, and to remain iniquitous! "

The boys formed a truncated tunnel to congratulate the winner girls. The warm-ups started with slow collisions, defense shifts, a 3-corner magical drill, and a 3-by-2 drill started with a free shot. The Bobcat boys looked at Pats' new 6 and # 6 transfer players.

The game seemed to last forever, at half-time Sinkiuse boys hit 41-22. the refs, "Hey, let's call it a mistake to the home team, we'll even come up." He cried aloud and the gym was silent for the moment.

The attorney's office warned the Spirit to be cautious and threatening but not called a technical mistake. And the coach realized that he had made a mistake, first of all, he wanted to emphasize sportiness, and now ignored his own words, the head and the soul remained silent in the rest of the game, and Abel asked for time, and Ghost apologized to the boys and tried to confirm

On the way home, Kanaskat was persecuted by the Ghost. With the 6-0 record, Karen tried to keep up with himself and supported the Coach Sintasket It was a respectable member of the community, her husband a long time member of the council, Karen asked, "Did you talk to Kay?"

"No, I've tried to contact him several times, but no, no."

"Well, I usually talk to him once or twice a month once and for once, or twice a year, for a weekend of girls." He is a special way of showing love.

"He is proud of his work and feels his contribution.

The ghost remained silent, deeply thinking of the memory of the home.

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Goalrill Basketball Systems Vs Goalsetter Basketball Systems

Looking for a high level basketball system for the home sports field? The market for basketball systems flooded the opportunities offered by different manufacturers, which promise different opportunities. Among the competing resources of the High-end basketball bar, Goalrilla and Goalsetter offer superior products for home use

Both Goalrilla and Goalsetter offer products with similar features: glass floor, rotary hoist mechanism and limited lifetime warranty. Do you have so many key features the same way things make these products different? Or why are you buying one or the other? This article explains some differences in design, warranty and selection. Design differences are probably the best place to try and determine what the most appropriate system is.

Differences between Goalsetter and Goalrilla basketball system:

One of the most varied differences between these two systems is the pole. First of all, the appearance of the pole is the simplest way to determine what system you are looking at. With Goalsetter's basketball goal, the pole is designed to offset; that is, the pole has a vertical portion that is perpendicular to the ground, an inclined back, and then another vertical portion. This design helps to offset the weight of the systems to ensure greater stability during use to achieve the target. The Goalrilla model follows the traditional design of the one-way vertical pole. Why would you get one or the other?

The Goalsetter models are well suited for making aggressive games. The off-set pole design is designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions and dunking. Goalrilla is great if you do not expect to play that game. The poles or 5×5 inches square or 6×6 inches square, depending on the size of the ribs you order. These poles are more than adequate for typical basketball. The Goalrilla models are usually sold at a price ranging from $ 300 to $ 500 compared to their Goalsetter-comparable size. Another big difference between the systems is the warranty.

Goalrilla and Goalsetter Warranty Differences:

Both Goalrilla and Goalsetter offer a limited lifetime warranty for basketball systems. These guarantees are limited to the original owner for manufacturing defects in the lifetime of the system. Where these guarantees differ, there are certain things that are not included. Goalsetter's warranty (from the time of writing) is the guarantee of dunking damage – NON HANGING; while the Goalrilla system does not cover dunking damage. Otherwise, the guarantees are very similar. The final difference is the selection of available products

Goalrilla Basketball System and Goalsetter Basketball Goal Differences:

Goalrilla basketball systems include 3 models: a 54-inch glass, a 60-inch glass and a 72-inch glass. These systems often require customers to decide what will be the basketball court. However, sometimes other customizations should be made. Goalsetter Basketball Systems offers all models of glass and acrylic backing boards. Most systems are offered in 3 to 5 wheel variants. Each wheel has different qualities and guarantees. Thus, based on the intended use of customers, these various options enable customers to meet their individual needs. Again, a comparatively dimensioned glass bottle system of Goalsetter costs $ 300 to $ 500 as a Goalrilla system

Have fun shopping

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Basketball is fun and a great workout

Focusing on crime can easily be achieved, but it must also be able to focus on defense. Victory requires the ability to defend. Without a good defense a basketball team loses the match.

TIP! Always keep your head when instead of balling instead of dribbling. Anyone who looks at the ball while obviously spending more time in the gym while killing.

You need to learn the correct way to roll the ball. Do not use your palms to swim. Instead, use your fingertips. Dribbling dramatically improves the ball. Bounce only at the waist level side and not the beginning. Instead of concentrating on the ground, he looks up.

Find out what the crossover is and how to do it. Transferring the ball from hand to hand is a crossover. Quickly do this to make it good. Learn how to perform a crossover drift.

Try hand signals to make sure they're taken over. Players can easily be disappointed when they pass on players who are not available to catch the ball. These common misunderstandings can be avoided by using hand signals, indicating that the passing player is the other player ready to pass. If a person does not give a signal, he / she should not be handed over.

TIP! You are often prepared for passive movements. When you practice, you have to be a drill to be able to catch random balls with perfect passes.

Your goal is never to get away from the ball in court. You need to know what happens to the ball at all times. Keep your eyes open in the open areas.

Build up your strength and concentrate on basketball training for basketball. If you have strong muscle muscles, your body will be more balanced and move faster. Work ab, back, hip and butt muscles. Like boxers, jumping rope can improve speed and footwork.

Consistency in approach is vital to solidifying in free throws. For example, pull the tab, drop three times, or bend your wrist. If you align your routine, your body will always know how to shoot every time.

TIP! You can learn to deceive your opponent's team. What about behind the back? If you want to go back, start playing basketball with your dominant hand.

If your opponent hardens, you can give yourself a little space where the ball is thrown by your feet. Practice this by bending the ball firmly between your feet as you move forward or backward. This technique can really throw away the defenders.

You can prevent other players from stealing the ball from it, dribbling hard. This can make the ball faster and your opponent will have difficulty getting to you. If an opponent's player is watching the point where you can not clash well, you can get to an open teammate.

If you have a chance, pick up the prize. This will allow you to recover the ball to the team and make a mistake. It causes great damage to the opponent's psyche and is really a huge game.

TIP! Play basketball in the months preceding the season and during the season. Maybe you can not always find someone who can play with you.

Be a better basketball player, even if he knows how to play. Start using a tip and see how much better your game is. Once you've done enough, each shot will have a positive impact on the team. This separates the professionals from the newcomers.

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5 Basketball tips that will take you to the next level

Can you hang out with the big boys?

Basketball can be a team work, but individual play must be in front of the competition to influence the basketball court.

If you want to get the upper hand to compete, you have to get used to developing the following skills and mentalities in the game.

Be a team player

Do not force the bad footage, but let the game come with you. You have a man, so use them. If you can not create a game for yourself, create a game for the teams. It's not about how many points you can score how much you can do for yourself and your teammates.

Play as a defense when your troops beat the basket. There are times when teams beat the defensive end and it is up to you to help them when an attacking player comes along. Sometimes you have to leave the match behind the three dots to prevent another offensive player from getting a light bucket in the paint.

Quickly Goes Into Paint

When the band arrives heavily in contact. If he goes up slowly, he will throw the bullet or probably miss the shot.

You can learn how it affects the pain by watching the pros. Look at players such as Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade to see how they affect paint.

Train to Life Dependet

Train to end in a crucial game of the championship. Trying with little effort will appear in the games. You need to educate your mind and body to play at a high level at all times.

If you do not exercise high, you will not be able to add the game when you need it, because you will not be in yourself. You have to try your skills and make the game more comfortable in practice so when you go to court you can do it easily.

Be competitive

Do not let anyone pull you out of the court. Believe me that you are the best player at the court and you prove to all the witnesses. Always play for victory, even if your team has reduced by 30 points.

Let the guy nobody want to watch

Do you know the player you do not want to guard? You know, the guy who crosses you, shoot on your face, and get a point from will?

Let this guy.

Awake to play, be aggressive, wait in defense, and give it all when you go to court.

Practice. Exercise. Exercise. Then go crazy in organized basketball games.

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Burmese tea and tea shops

When I'm writing and / or talking about tea in Burma or elsewhere, it's inevitable that we are going to China in the realm of tea – more precisely in southwestern China – because, as I explain below, where the tea originates.

The controversy over whether Burmese tea and Burmese tea are consumed in China is likely to be closer to at least some Bamar & Burman that the origin of the tea comes from China and that tea is later shaned from Shan was accepted as tea, tea and tea culture itself. The facts are that tea has been discovered as a plant and drink and has become an important part of Chinese and later Shan culture when Bamar / Burman has not yet entered Burma (since Myanmar since 1989).

In other words, the first kingdom of the kingdom of Bamar Pagan (founded by Pyu and we are here, Anawrahta, the 42nd king of Pagan, who according to Bamar / Burman was the founder of the first Burmese king Pyu, not Bamar / Burman) then there is no decisive answer to the question of the origin of tea, tea and teak culture in Burma; Burma or any of its predecessors simply did not exist in that era or at that time. But why are there still people (not so many) who, despite all the facts and logic, say that Burmese tea, tea and teak culture will not be exhibited in China? Short answer: Since the timely area of ​​Bamar's pre-Shan is currently far to the northeast of Burma. However, these areas are located within the boundaries of Burma today, does not necessarily mean that Camellia sinensis originally found its territory, and where it spread from India to Southeast Asia, and finally to the north of the world within Burma. It is possible, but it is possible that Camellia sinensis – translated from Latin to English, means: Tea flower – (camellia) from China (sinensis) – will be extended at a later date to the territory of the northeastern part of Burma.

The book of tea is a lot of pages and chapters that look back in the mist of myth and legends in 3000 BC. Even the specific date mentions what is connecting the (adventurer) discovery and later tea with the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung to who I will tell you later. No one knows when he started forming a part of Chinese culture to drink tea (which was always green tea because it was not confirmed, but it was not oxidized). Therefore, it can not fall within the scope of this article (which may be so interesting) that it deals with related myths, legends and folklore in order to reveal the secret of the history of tea when and where and how it happened. The answer to this question will never be found anyway what it means to be always hidden behind the curtain of the legend. Before we find the facts in the form of written notes and archaeological finds that will provide information on the teapot function. And for that matter, we do not have to look for long.

We received the first reliable information in a Chinese encyclopaedia that we started writing and writing about in the Han dynasty, BC around 325, and has been extended since then: the name Erya also wrote Erh-ya. The author of Erya is unknown, but it is accepted among scientists that they are disciples of Confucius. Here are some notes that we know that tea was already known and bore at least at the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty in 1046, probably earlier. However, it does not determine whether the tea comes from Camellia sinensis, and for pleasure or some plant, probably not too tasty, for drunken medical purposes.

From the later records we know that brewing and drinking was part of the everyday life of the Chinese people at the beginning of the Han Dynasty in 206 BC or earlier. The fact that tea consumption has reliably penetrated Chinese culture so reliably would not have been possible without Buddhist monks. Buddhist monastic orders spread not only tea among the population, but also took over the tea planting and processing. At the time of the Han dynasty, tea was taken and Buddhism was linked to tea. Buddhist monks made it very early to know that tea was a cheap and refreshing drink with a good taste and smell that kept them awake.

From Lu Yu under the Tang Dynasty, and approx. In 760, "The Classic of Tea", we know that green tea has become known and drunk throughout China for the 618s or earlier. The tea of ​​Lu Yu has become a symbol of the mysterious unity of harmony and universe, from which you can see how much tea you have been thinking.

A sensational discovery (at the time of writing 2016) would prove Lu Yun 1255 years later as green tea was a popular drink in South and West China as early as 141. The sensational discovery was that it was proven, that the West Han Dynasty emperor, Emperor Jin Han (Liu Qi) emperor found the leaves where the actual (Camellia sinensis) tea leaves, clay soldiers and many other things than the heavy goods the way of the afterlife. In order to avoid confusion, the Emperor's grave was discovered in the 1990s during road construction, which was a world-wide experience (not the road construction but the discovery of the imperial grave). However, the content of the article was even more sensational to discover the tea leaves because these teal leaves are the most ancient and beautiful teal leaves that have ever discovered what the Guinness Book has acquired in the world records; The World's Oldest Teal Sheets & # 39;

Like many other things, the beginning of the tea is immersed in the legend. There are different stories about how the first chapter of the tea book begins and after reading them, I have come to the conclusion that 99.99 percent belong to the realm of legends. One of the most popular Chinese legend is to rejoice over and over again the imperial cup of hot water that was placed under a tea tree exactly where the tea leaves were sure to get into the pot. Of course, the wonder (how could it be different), the tea leaf dropped into the pot with hot water, and the emperor took a sip of the previously unknown, now yellowish-brown water out of curiosity. He was as the legend goes, so excited about the scent and the taste of having made tea for his favorite drink, and drinking tea has become part of Chinese culture. Emperor of the legend is Shen Nung's mythological emperor, Shannong, Shen Nong, who praises the Chinese as a divine farmer. and the "father" of the Chinese herbal doctors. He is what he calls the "pharmacologist" and believes that he "lived" 140 years from 2838 BC until 2698 BC. This is certainly a clear legend, but its origins can be seen in the background that Shen Nung was herbaceous and the tea was initially used as a herb in both solid and liquid form (tea form).

What is the tea and where do you come from? Briefly, tea is a drink usually containing water and natural (not scratched) and cured tea leaves of the species Camellia sinensis. As mentioned earlier, an evergreen shrub in Asia that, when it remains untouched, grows in the forest to a tree with a height of 55 feet / 17 m. Why else do we call tea, tea? Let me briefly explain where the tea name came from and where the world spread. Tea name & # 39; origin in China where 2 names are used as the same beverage. It's called & # 39; Cha & # 39; in the Mandarin dialect and in the "Xiamen dialect." In 1644, the British established a commercial post in Xiamen and angamized Xiamene. What happened to tea? is a name that quickly spread in the following time and accepted by the English language.

Where exactly does Camellia sinensis originate? As incredibly as it sounds and whatever it may be, the extensive and detailed research results have shown that this tea plant – Camellia sinensis – was not a plant that has many but it is surprisingly enough within a relatively small area located in a region that is part of today's Shan state (the back and northeastern parts of non-Burma) and China's Yunnan and Sichuan provinces [19659002] But when Burmese "tea comes from China (what's up) or not, or whether drinking tea is a Burmese culture it was only part of Shan (what it was), or not of the famous "tea of ​​Burmese milk", actually the Indian and non British people during the British colonial times (what it was and what) were actually not many – whatever is – # 39; the "tea" time (through the Bamar / Burmese kingdoms, the British colonial times and the independence of the past) is called "The Burmese Drinks and Food Culture that you have to stay today and will always be what you are now broadcasting From the ancient past to the present

Before we arrived at the many Burmese tea stores in Yangon – no joke, they are literally in every corner, which is true of any place where there are more than two houses in Burma – one or two cups the famous "Burmese Coffee" and one delicious Burmese tea leave at the end of Lahpet Thoke this article by briefly answering questions such as where tea grows within the limits of today's Burma, what tea is there, how is the quality of Burmese tea compared to the quality of China, India and other Asian countries, and so on.

Where is tea in Burma?

] In Burma, more than 80 percent of farmed tea grows in the state of Shan, north-eastern and eastern Burmese. Namhsan, Kyaukme, Namkham, Kutkai, Kalaw, Yatsouth, Mong Hsu and Mong Tone settlements in Shan state are the most important tea cultivation areas.

What kind of tea do you have in Burma?

In Burma almost exclusively Camellia sinensis, Camellia sinensis var. sinensis and Camellia var. assamica. The Camellia assamica extends to Camellia sinensis from West-Assam / India to Burma, South-West and East China.

I recently read an article in the magazine as much as I remember about promoting Burmese tea, under which Camellia irrawadiensis & Native and cultivated teas are mentioned in Burma. In case you can read this, I would like to know that Camellia irrawadiensis & # 39; the flowers of white pets, the yellow center (very similar to the huge flowering flowers) and the dark green leaves can be nice in the garden, but nothing for the cup of tea because the # 39; Camellia irrawadiensis " There is a so-called "no tea" tea. This means that the complete lack of caffeine in Camellia irrawadiensis & and a very unfavorable biochemical composition does not allow the plant to produce a liquid that is even approachable to the level of tea.

What is related to tea plants and when is it happening?

The tea time is roughly April to November. However, letters in the first two weeks of April are of the highest quality. This is because harvest time begins in April, and the first leaves are known as "spring tea". (Burmese "shwe phooo") are the highest prices.

As for pickup, there are two methods: "fine swallow" and "rough stretch". Fine stripping means that only two leaves and buds, so-called "flush", burst and crunch a whole cluster of 2-5 leaves. The average amount dries a teaspoon and places it in the basket for approx. 25 kg. After cutting, the tea leaves are collected and partially drained and oxidized without green tea and partly sent to tea prices for black tea to be processed. Most of the tea produced in Burma is sold in the form of green tea and consumed domestically.

How does Burmese tea build up after plugging in? After the tea has arrived in the tea shop, the tea leaves are processed in oolong (dried and partly oxidized) and black tea (dry and fully oxidised) in the following order: drying, rolling, winding and the final step of oxidation.

What is the quality of Burmese tea compared to the quality of other Asian countries?

Compared to the quality of teas produced in other countries, such as China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and India, Burmese tea is less quality, while other countries use more fertilizers and pesticides.

What role does Burma play in world tea production and trade?

Burmese tea industry is largely a backyard industry. This means that large areas of tea plantations are distributed among a large number of tea producers, often in areas with about 50 hectares / 125 hectares of land owned by families since many generations. The local tea industry is poorly organized, and tea growers and workers with professional expertise are fairly low. Moreover, the infrastructure is very weak, and the mechanical and technical equipment of the daisies is hopelessly outdated and the storage facilities are extremely unsuitable for the tea. As if this were not bad enough, many areas were scattered across the mines and can not be crossed by the heavy struggle between the ethnic armed groups and the tatmadaw (the Burmese army) that teacupers and workers are at high risk. Due to the regrettable general situation, national tea production is low and steadily decreasing and tea exports are negligible. In global tea production and commerce, the Burmese does not play any role today. Look at yourself. Burma will produce about 60,000 tons of tea in 2015 in total. Of them exported 2,800 tons. Here are the tea exports of neighboring tea makers and exporting countries: India (900 094 tons), China (1000 130 tons), Sri Lanka (295,830 tons), Vietnam (116,780 tons). I think these numbers speak for themselves.

However, in the international tea processing and marketing market, there are huge opportunities for Burmese tea, after the volume, quality and global tea promotion improves, and the Civil War is over, which is conservatively estimated to last for at least 4 to 5 years. Personally, I'm afraid there will be at least ten years for real, constant peace in every teak-outbound border region, which will also make a major contribution to solving the drug problem, in which more than just a few theaters are involved because they produce at least so much poppy as a source of additional income; but this is another story.

Where did the current Burma milk recipe come from?

Burmese milk recipes are of Indian origin.

Where was the current Burma tea salad Lahpet Thoke & recipe comes from?

Burmese famous pickled teaspoon (Lahpet Thoke) can be derived from what is today Burma, but that can not be said without doubt because in China tea leaves had been in salad or vegetables since 2000

So as we promised that the story history and the processing and processing of tea history will be brought to Yangon's tomato tomorrow morning and enjoy a cup or two famous "Burmese" Teaspoons and one delicious Burmese tea lettuce Lahpet Thoke & within the unique atmosphere of the Burmese tea houses. We meet tomorrow morning.

It's ok 08:00, paratha, samosa, nambia, etc. Cooking staff will soon be baking and the shop is still lazy with the guests. But do not worry they were ready to sell later; no need to starve.

After a good night's sleep, we are now separated from authentic Burmese teabags, with typical low-plastic chairs that are in the same low plastic panels as a sun umbrella (umbrella for outdoor use), next to a plastic dish containing tissue paper , containing a small bowl of water and a small cup of water, and a small plastic container with a single cigarette. In addition, there are small electric fans attached to the wall, as well as slowly swirling colonial-style ceiling fans. All of these are the standard of tea delivery in Burma, and the style of the "Burmese tea shop".

As you can see, there's nothing in the mood of tea-making; never. There are always the same, more or less old and / or clean furniture, often old and pagoda motifs, besides the beer advertisements with turquoise painted walls, a Buddha statue with fresh water and food, flowers and joss sticks in a glass to the wall. At a height of 8 feet / 2.6 m, sometimes a small piece of paper at each table.

Like virtually any tea store, it's family owned and is currently operating in the second generation, and the third is already waiting. Order tea and whatever you want to eat. You can choose, for example, Chinese chopsticks of char kway (19459003) thayar paratha (] thin and flat multilayer bread with sugar from India thin and flat multilayer breads steamed or cooked peas, India origin (19459004)), samosa ( paper thin slatted dough, 19659038] cut or chopped potatoes, green peas, onions, cumin and coriander powder, cumin, masala and – various types of minced meat (chicken, pork, beef, etc.) (19459004), spring rolls (), deep-drawn paper thin wheat flour, finely cut bean curt, onion, shrimp, beans, carrots and spices, China origin ) and some sweet confectionery such as sweet red or yellow beans filling you, make the pick

What the tea is ill Ethiopian, now the thin Chinese green tea (Yay nui yea) from the thermo on the table (free tea, not the spinach) is the famous Burma tea lahpet yea cho (19459005)) strong black tea with condensed milk ) and sugar, the "professional" tea has to pour some tea from the spinach into the cup, twist it into the cup two to three times, then pour it into the ground, this will help clean the cup? the napkin paper and clean the inside and inside of the cap that is doing the job. We have to wait for the fermented tea leaf salad (Lahpet) because it is not so early in the morning.

While sitting, drinking tea and meals, let me tell you about this tea shop, especially, and usually from other tea shops, since it's not a fast-food, but a tea shop (and the well-crafted tea and grocery store) here is the time, to enjoy the typical taste of strong black tea, water, evaporated and / or condensed milk and sugar, delicious food and wonderful atmosphere; back home, there is nothing like that.

This shop is like most other authentic and traditional Burmese tea and grocery stores, which are open from 06:00 until 22:00, but the preparatory work in the kitchen starts at 4:00 pm. The shop is open from 07:00 to 09:00 in the morning and at approx. It starts at 06:00 a few minutes later, at 10:00 when the shop is closed. During breakfast and in the evening the shop is always crowded, especially if there are interesting football games. Burmese football is crazy. In office, the store – except for lunchtime (11:00 – 12:00), when employees from nearby companies – are almost empty.

I know tea houses from across the country. There are, of course, differences in size, number of tables, and offered foods. Some are only bamboo huts (suburbs and countryside), some are in the apartments on the ground floor of the right stone / brick buildings (bigger villages, towns), but all the same tea shops; it's like you know one of those he knows. Well, and I like to sit in them at my arrival in the beautiful country 26 years ago. I love the many different sounds from the shop and the outdoor environment that fits into the usual "tea shop" sound. She always reminds me of a song by Neil Diamond in which I grew up: "What a beautiful noise".

During the 26 years I regularly visit my favorite and (depending on where I am) other tea stores whose significance has changed from tea shops; now, as ever, seem to be basically the same, they essentially offer the same food and drink as well as cigarettes and have the same important social role in the lives of communities. Lots of chatter, gossip, information exchange, news, news, profession, laughter, fun. And this is the typical tea-drinking environment that draws people into the teas; tea drinking is of subordinate importance. And otherwise tea is usually drunk in the drunk and in smaller quantities during the day; In the evening, mainly beer and liqueur, which the guests of the tea drink. That is why I say that, in my opinion, Burma has several "teaspoons". like "tea culture". At home or working people do not drink a lot of tea. They usually consume smooth drinking water, soft drinks and instant coffee.

Now we have a delicious dessert with our thoky and we're leaving the tea. I hope you enjoyed the article and succeeded in bringing the world of Burmese tea and tea shops a little closer to you.

Source by Markus Burman

Planning Hitch Cargo Carrier? Read it first!

Would you like to go on a holiday? If the car is not large enough to handle all your luggage, a truck lorry carrier will answer your problems. Suppliers will find that cargo carriers are important car accessories.

Carriers have two types: the tug can be towed behind the car and the roof version is linked to the roof of the car. Whatever this, these cargo holders can increase the carrying capacity of the truck up to three times.

The towing cargo (sometimes tow loader or towing vehicle carrier) is towed with tow tractors, square holes, 2 inches in diameter and below the rear bumper. People who own the tractors without a towing vehicle have the option of installing them in an auto shop, but this process takes a lot of time and money.

The towing cargo or carrier has these advantages over the roof-top counter.

  • They do not create wind resistance that interferes with vehicle aerodynamics and fuel consumption while driving and vehicle handling.
  • In places where head rest is low, eg. restaurants, is a problem for roof cargo vehicles.
  • Vehicles with limited roof space, such as trucks and pickups, are often used by them. People with their own SUVs find it difficult to find roof racks to fit their vehicles.
  • Load carriers on the roof are difficult to load and unload and blow or disassemble under the drive

Things You Should Remember When You Buy Basket or Carrier.

  • As ultimately increasing the length of the vehicle by 2 to 3 meters, people usually get accidents when they park or retreat.
  • This type of coupling, especially the big box types,.
  • Towing vessels are usually adapted to rear-facing vehicle and to number plates

Here are some things to consider when choosing a cargo carrier or carrier to suit your needs.

  • Are there any people who can help with lifting and loading heavy loads like sacks or tents? If you are limited in this sense, the tug carrier as it is closer to the ground is a better choice than a rooftop model.
  • Is your garage tall enough to hold a lot of luggage on the roof of the car? If you often travel to places where your head is low, rooftop carriers are non-sex.

Source by Aaron Almus

Mother's Day Coming – Do not Blow!

Mother's Day May 8th And understand all the things your mother has done in your life for you and your family, do not you? Then you need to know that a bouquet of flowers and cards, but it's very sweet, you do not have to do just that Mother's Day is a real celebration.

To have Mother's Day special for any of your mom in your life, try some of these tips:

1. Look at the kids! Think about giving a "Kid Free Night" coupon or taking the kids to the park for a couple of hours.

2nd Cook – Mom never has to cook on Mother's Day, so plan ahead. Choose something to have everyone eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You do not have to be fashionable, just a small thing for Mom to worry about on her special day.

3rd Pick up the kids. Come on, if Mom should pamper myself one day of the year, why should she pick something up? Abandoning a mess is likely to cause stress in stress, so help me pick it up.

4th Ask the time ahead, ask him what he wants to do. You might be surprised by the answer. Even if something hates anything, just think of all the boxing games and football games that he smiled.

5th Beautiful. Every relationship has a good day and a bad day. On Mother's Day, whatever it is, do not talk to Mom. It can handle only 24 hours.

6th Have fun with her. Breathe balloons, throw a grill (where moms should not be helped in cooking or cleaning), make banners, buy cake, play music, cover your shoes, and force them to wear fuzzy slippers all day long. kids, just make sure you know it's the day!

7th Take her something he will care for. Do not buy something you need to use to cook or clean without having to ask for it, and then still do not. All Moms love their families, especially their children, so look at personalized or photo gifts – make some real thought into it.

Mothers Day is not just another day, blowing with some flowers. Mothers spend their lives for the sake of the people, so a day of fun, indulgence and rest can not count on too much. Trust me when you follow these tips, your mom will remember the next time she asked, "What did you get to Mother's Day?"

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Unique Golfer gifts for both men and women

Both men and women are interested in golfing. Since this is a tough, yet performing sport, many people have opted for golf for relaxation and recreation. And thanks to these, many gift-makers keep the sport in their gifts. Many gift-makers choose golf-related gifts or golf equipment as a gift for their family and friends who like to watch golf competitions and participate in golf.

If you are a golf enthusiast with your family and friends, here are some nice gifts for golfers you can give them.

• Golf Spike Cleaner

The golf tip cleaner is actually a battery operated device that cleans the golf course's golf course. These detergents are durable and portable so they can be transported anywhere. It is very useful for easy cleaning during and after the game.

Golfers never have to suffer stubborn and sticky dirt against spikes that are simply difficult to remove without the need for cleaner help.

• Bungee Cord Golf Ball Training

Golf fanatics will surely love this bungee cord golf ball coach because it allows them to practice their beloved activity even if they have a limited 20 yard space. This is one of the most prestigious golfers, as it allows golfers to form a golf ball on a small golf course without worrying about missing balls, somebody or something to break.

• The Golf Hole Reducing

Although the golf hole size is already frustratingly small, some golfers still want to increase their accuracy even lower. You can encourage your golfer to your friend or relative to improve the accuracy of this unique golfing gift. And even if it first seems to make it difficult for friends to get a good shot, they will surely know the idea behind the gift and they will appreciate it.

• Reusable Blind Indicator

This is the smartest golfing gift, as it can greatly increase golfer accuracy without the typical messy signals and clubs only to determine the collision of the golf ball. We can use all impact markers up to 500 times, which makes it great because golfers do not need to change the patch often, making the game more fun and more fun.

• Cigar humidor bag

This great golfing gift is ideal for golfers who like to smoke the pitch. Those golfers who want to smoke find it useful because their cigarettes are still fresh in wet weather. Golfers who have to travel to the golf course also find it useful because their favorite cigarette smokes are always dry and fresh for a long time.

One of our dear golfing gifts is not only fun but useful. Many people may be unusual, especially those who do not really know the golfers. But golf players may be the best friends.

Source by Ivy R Peck