How to invest a million dollars – get the best possible yield

First, you need an idea of ​​what search you are looking for. For this exercise, I set 27% percent of the cost as the result of the annual profit. 27% are vast today's standards, although I think we are the highlight of the inflation period and night-time cash reduction may occur in double digits. A possible repeat of the 80's

However, 27% in the current climate is a good result. One million dollars to invest effectively, always wise to diversify and not put all your eggs in one basket as they say.

Most of this million should be taken up by quality real estate. The trick is to find a deal. The less you pay for a property, the greater the appreciation will be during the year, and the higher the rent percentage. For example, a good 3-bedroom family house with a garage and well-established gardens can be worth $ 300,000. It is your job to invest one million dollars in the 27% yield to find the property at a lower price tag. Of course, you can not find this property for $ 200,000 or $ 250,000, but for $ 270,000 it may be a 10% discount.

If we rely on the historical average of the 7% refund, and for the lower one we find that the actual return on rents is between 10% and 12%. In addition, small and inexpensive repairs and improvements are as simple as a shadow that offers neighbors greater privacy or simple adjustments designed to make the house more attractive to tenants, which can increase rental rates by up to 15% if it is done correctly. 19659002] So buying 4 rental apartments for about $ 270,000, where many of the millions of dollars are parked. Small variations and re-uploads for each house added a one percent value to the house, increasing the equity ratio. Historical appreciation can look to 7%, but even 10% to 12%.

Let's see what we did, we bought 4 houses for $ 300,000 for $ 270,000.

When things are going to go, they have a value of 10-12% with small adjustments to the final value of homes that want properties better. Costs for each home were around 10%, including custodial fees, attorneys' fees and rehabilitation costs.

At the end of the financial year, after all costs, the 3 properties repaid the rent by 15%. Properties increased by 12% even after costs. This is a total return of 27%

Furthermore, as tenants are now in a solid lease status and have just signed the new 5-year lease, they are considered to be prime leasing owners. This is a resale value and many home buyers want to pay for these tenants. This 5-year rent for quality tenants can reach up to 5% more on the sale of purchased flats.

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How to cook an edible reclaimed treasure

Great ballyhoo, half a dozen campers dug digging dig on the sandy shores of Enemy Swim Lake in the North-South South Dakota Coteau Mountains.

I never imagined leaving the Nesodak camp's home with a suitcase and gloves bag full of "Kathi" labeled all new camp on my clothes to dig into a dirt.

experience and knowing that there is always some new discovery. My father's words were true.

"Keep it open, you have a wonderful time," my mother said in the last moments before she got out.

Spoiling waters in canoes in icy waters, craft treasures in the rustic western cabins, bushing on the woods and bunnies, while Kumbaya's voice or ghostly tales were filled in the night sky, dancing with the imagery during the weeks of preparation.

I had several summer camps so I had a great idea of ​​what to expect. I knew I liked it and did not like it. I did not like the KP. The kitchen patrol was not my idea of ​​having fun. In fact, whenever they were told to help my mother wash the food at home, I became a master and raised excuses that slipped. But in the camp I had a dazzling cabin to understand that my job to be rid of my home would not work with my fellow in my camp with my liberal, soft mother. His weight was just an unwritten law.

The artistic side of the camp work floated on my ship, and the sound was perfectly matched to the bill. Sound is fun and completely different from the other camp food. His digging did not even feel the KP. His cuddly and culinary cousins ​​- Pachamanca, Kalua and New England shellfish – are both a way and a way to prepare them. They are all based on the digging and preparation of underground chimneys

The preparation of underground food may seem rather novel for a modern world, but the roots of such cooking may be as old as humans. 19659002] If the sink of the sunken treasure takes on your imagination, the next step is as simple as creating the subject.

Make a sound in Maori-inspired New Zealand. In the Peruvian celebration, follow the old Inka tradition with a Pachamanza. If Hawaiian flavor is desirable, go with a sunny tropical Kalua, or if an American theme is your style, why not throw away the New England shellfish? Perhaps you can do your own coastline interpretation, which marries your regional cuisine with this unusual style of cuisine for the upcoming summer rocks.

How to Install Sound

1. Drop a hole in the sand

. Light a fire on the hole and heat the rocks at the bottom. Do not stay at this point; he needs to work fast.

3rd Place the prepared meals in a soaked muslin or white cotton bag and put it in a basket. They consume every taste of chicken, meat, potatoes, onions and maize. For more recipes and menu items, check out Kathi Dameron's How To Create Wow newsletter at

4. Cover the food and the whole fire pit with sand

. Allow the food to cook for two hours.

6th Do not forget where he was having dinner.

7th Check local ceremonies and take responsibility for playing the fire.

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Cat Stop – How To Check Your Pet To Fight Others?

If you are looking for more useful ways to stop the cat, I can easily help with this article. I know it's very annoying and banned when the cat struggles a lot, especially when it comes home and a tiring day and you see the cat fighting with other cats. I also had dozens of cats in my home and fought a lot, but I made a separate plan that helped me a lot to check my pets for the fight. Here are tips to help you get rid of the problem easily.

Proper separation:

If your cats are fighting, you have to separate them. The first step is to dispose of them at different times and in different bowls. When they try to isolate them closely, because it is of primary importance to splash them or spray them with water so that the fight is accompanied by pain or irritation. You also provide the kittens with separate baskets and homes where they can live and sleep without any hesitation.

Give your cat a hand as he fights:

You have to treat your cat by following the commands and instructions. When you feel that pets are getting better, try to give them treatment properly to try and get used to staying together to get more from you.

Finally, if you're trying to find some better solutions to your cat's behavior, check out the internet questions. I bet you can easily find good websites that deal with various pet issues. Find useful content and tips from my site about how to teach your cat's stoppage; all you have to do is follow the links listed below.

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Party Fever – Curbing the Feather Flabby

You simply change your meals. Use butter or margarine sparingly, or try taming your sandwich and pita bread and packs. Cut the usual number of cups of coffee or tea, or even better, try your favorite beer without sugar. Limit your alcohol consumption for that occasion. Alcohol has a negative effect on metabolism and is filled with empty kilojoule.

Use a smaller dish and eat. Automatically less food is consumed. Switch to a non-fat milk product. Cut up unnecessary unhealthy fat from your meat. Eat slowly and eat the food properly. This body prompts you to realize that it is full and prevents you from reaching the second aid that none of us require. Drink a glass of water and eat fruit before you go out so you will not be hungry and eat less. Learn not to say dessert.

Organize, spend more time planning and freezing food in the coming week, preventing you from eating food and eating fast food.

Sub-regulation is crucial, you do not have to weigh or weight everything you eat before you eat, just remember the basics. Your star must match the clenched fist, the size and thickness of your palm as your pink finger, and the juice must be picked with salads and vegetables. Let's look at some healthy eating options.

Try to eat fried eggs, cheese, French toast, bacon and sausage for breakfast. All of them have high saturated fat, which we prefer to avoid. Rather than fryed, roasted or cooked eggs. And add some grilled tomatoes, onions and mushrooms for breakfast.

Light meals choose salads and lean protein such as salmon, tuna, grilled chicken or calamari. Then open sandwiches, rye, whole wheat or seed-bread are better choices than tamils, bagels or all your favorite elderly.

For basic meals, set up basic omega-3 fats by ordering the seafood. Then ask them to eat meals without lemon butter and fresh lemon wedges. Instead, order the grilled dishes, do not stop fried or baked noodles like schnitzels. Allow lettuce or soup to start and only half a serving of main course. Replace starches such as chips and rice with a side salad or vegetable. Then move away from the hair of the bread.

Look at how much you eat in cocktail parties. It is very easy to overflow when snacks are easy to access and keep on serving. You can then choose the crudites or lean protein foods such as smoked salmon, sushi, thin mince balls, filled eggs, chicken or beef. Try to avoid cheeses, sausage rolls, samosas, cakes, quiche and anything you crumbled or roasted.

As for alcohol, you can drink a few kilos of drinks and drink less sugar. Such as whiskey and soda, white wine roasts, light beers and sparkles.

There are also some changes that can be made for the next holiday season. Join a gym or train at home. Every 20 minutes every three times a week, everything is needed. Then, if you practice regularly, add 10 minutes to each regular session. Keep your gym in the car so you can go and train when the urge takes you and you should not forget it as an excuse not to go anyway. Then do not forget that every little thing helps, so it's parked, and instead of walking or stepping on the steps, the lift or the calf will lift until you wait for the hot kettle. If you know that you have a whole week or lectures and social events, a bit slow and burn those calories before you eat them, some mornings, triceps, lounges, and some squats. Put them in your bedroom out of bed.

Just note these tips, start today, and hold on to the celebration flab attack. We all experience it every year during the holiday season, and in most of our time, we are all failing to control our weight gain this season. Good luck to everyone who does their best to win a weight-breaking point in this holiday season and we are all in a great time.

Source by Cindy J Stone

The Pet Stroller is beneficial

The dog stroller is not for high-end dogs. Yes, some pets are a little spoiled and do not enjoy walking for a walk, instead of walking for a while and that's fine, but we can not judge it so quickly. A smaller dog can not walk as much as bigger dogs. As long as your pet receives the right amount of workout, it's okay to introduce them to a pet stroller.

There are some other reasons why a dog / cat stroller might be useful if the dog is old and can not walk far, damaged if your pet has health problems such as seizures or arthritis if you have a puppy or another kitty, they also love outdoors. If you love long walks, but your pet can not keep up with you, or if you want to ride a bike, simply plug in the bicycle trailer and move it away. Talking about personal experiences, a stroller would have come well when the 4-month-old Labom decided to stop walking and have to rest his body.

When choosing the right pet stroller, it is not only the capacity limit, but also the dimensions. You want to make sure your dog or cat has enough space to sit and sit. So they are more comfortable and want to stay in the stroller. If this is your favorites & # 39; the first stroller, show them before you use it. Let them sniff and check.

Pet Dolls are available in many sizes, styles and colors. Pet owners like Jogger pet prams are liked by Pet Gear. Offers a sporty appearance, parent tray, large storage basket, one-hand mechanism and 70-pound capacity to name only a few properties. Some Pet-Strollers All-In-One, ie stroller, cab and / or car seat. Depending on the style, they can hold between 15 and 50 pounds. These are useful if, for example, your veterinarian has to give up his favorites and most air carriers need to approve the airline so it is easier to travel with his hairy best friend. If you want to ride on slippery roads, the All-Terrain stroller is what you need. They offer security and durability. Some features are lightweight with a hand-folded 12 "EVA tires, fast lock brakes and rear shock absorbers

As you read, there are many reasons for an animal such as a pet stroller without having a small pet or a heavier side pet stroller can be your second best friend.

Source by Lorraine Robles

How to make your bath box

There are many different options available for a person who wants to buy gifts for every special occasion. Whether it's birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day, you can not miss buying gifts. Buying most of your clothes for your companion is a risky proposition because we do not want to buy something that God prohibits, which does not fit them, causing them to think we want some insinuation. The gifts of bathing are a great way to cover the basics to receive a gift without harming anyone. What kind of person you know does not like the gift, which is to a certain extent a relaxing product? These are the emotions people are trying to touch when they receive gifts as gifts.

Bath gifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be presented in different ways to showcase the special someone. You can choose to bathe gifts properly crafted for you in a basket for example, roughly the same way a florist arranges a bouquet of flowers. In fact, most vendors of products related to the bath often provide this service for free if you purchase all the products in the agreement naturally. If you break in time, this is a particularly useful option. If you are not very creative, then there is a good setback plan. Why not do all the baths buying a gift from a place? The kind of thing makes sense if you think freely.

When you finally buy the spa gifts from all stores, what are you doing now? If you are a handy / creative type, then you can simply place a unique solution and use any material for you. Whatever you do, the homemade variety seems to be very romantic. However, they are considered romantic when done in a tactful and quality manner. You know your creative limits, so if you know that this type of product surpasses itself, it is highly recommended that you find a professional that is at your disposal to keep you from being disturbed.

As for the contents of the bath gifts, this should be the simple part. Notice that significant things are already in the way of products and this is an excellent starting point for decision making. Maybe they like a certain flavor or candle and it's better to choose only the safe way and get the smell that you know they love like buying a basket they will never use.

Leave yourself plenty of time to buy your spa gifts, and you do not have to worry about having your loved one happy. Men are particularly troubled and do bad when they are cramped and rushing to get together at the last minute.

Source by Catherine Dioniso

Attraction of birds to their garden – Choosing the right bird's nest box

Creating your bird's nest or birdhouse is a great way to encourage the diversity of wildlife in your garden. Birds need a nest that is protected from elements and predators to accommodate and retract young people.

There are many bird boxes to choose from, and be careful to choose a species you want to attract or to know that they visit the area. As a guide: for small birds, such as blue tits, approx. They need a small diameter of 25 mm diameter. Big breasts, duck hammers and sparrows require slightly larger holes, which are 28 to 32 mm in diameter, and larger birds, such as fireplaces, require large holes of up to 60 mm in diameter. Opened facade crates are suitable for Blackbirds and Wrens, and special designs are available for Tree Creepers, which are wedge-shaped with holes in the sides. Other Special House Martins and Swallows are typically nesting in descending houses with nest clay and specifically replica nests can be purchased to suit these species.

After deciding that a bird box meets the birds that attract the target, the next choice is where the box is located. For smaller species, such as most of Tits and Wrens, nest boxes may be the cover of hedges and shrubs, but they are high enough on the ground or deep enough to preserve the predators. Birds of large birds such as black bulls and snails should be placed on a tree of 1.5-5 m high. If you want to add Woodpecker species, you can put the nest frame even higher.

The nest and the Martins House should house a special nesting box where the birds lay mud and clay nest under the perimeter of exterior buildings, but they can be put into dragons and outbuildings if they are naturally nesting and birds have access.

Finally, some species want nesting places in the colonies close to each other. Therefore, for species such as Sparrows, some cannabis can be placed close to each other or special colonies can be used.

Some species such as blue tits are fairly gentle and even knew that nesting with hanging baskets and post boxes close to occupation and nest boxes can be placed quite close to the garden area that they are often used. Others, such as woodcutters, are very nervous and it is best to have the box high in a quiet, less frequented garden area of ​​the tree.

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Source by Steven P Martin

Business Gift Guide

There are many reasons to give a business gift to a colleague or client. The types of gifts vary every time. The most important thing is to understand who and what kind of business, general relationships, gift amount limits, culture, and the region are governed when deciding on a business gift. Try to avoid the embarrassing pitfalls that too much or too little to give you with this guide to help guide you towards success. Here are some reasons to consider gifting:



Special Occasions



New Customers

Customer Retention Campaigns


Exhibition and Events



Valuable supplier

Advertising incentives

Special programs

One Reason: Custom Taste: Accept the policy of having someone else's gift and try to make a choice of tastes and preferences. The catch is that you have to know some of their tastes and preferences. Discovery can be an adventure. Some examples are dishes, favorite sports teams, music, events, authors, travel destinations, color preferences and hobbies.

Probe: You will never know unless you ask. Without being "captain obvious" about your intent, a focused conversation on a general topic should get the basic background information you need for proper planning. Birthdays, special occasions and promotions are just a few areas to consider.

Alternative testing: Sometimes a conversation with the addressee can not be an option. Do not be afraid because a tactical "back door" call to your colleague or secretary must provide at least one target. Be ahead of explaining your intention: let them know that the gift is a surprise, and I always remember thanking them for the information. If you are motivated, you can have a quick note or a card for your relationship. Remember: "All hail for the great secretary!" It was rarely fascinated by the gate. This is your chance if you feel you are involved in what you are doing.

Your calendar Keep your database up to date with thriving important dates. For example, a person's call to someone's birthday can only make the difference in his relationship if he leaves a voicemail. The current calendar helps you avoid purchasing at the last minute. You can plan to order and deliver your gift (s) in a targeted manner.

Creativity: Sometimes setting up your own self is screwed to the norm. For some of your colleagues and customers, there are certain gifts or occasions for gifts. They have no idea or in some cases do not care where they came from. Small token delivery may be appropriate, but stands out from the crowd by delivering off-season gifts as planned. Be consistent. You have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Your Budget and Benefit Fees: This becomes juggling for business people in many industries and governments to match your gift to legal aid. Some entities allow $ 25, others $ 75 or more. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the facts before proceeding with the following suggestions. However, if you do not have a legal limit to invest your gifts, you have to decide what your budget will be. The gift is never like bribe! Some companies are paying the most, while others charge base budgets or even a flat budget. You are here to decide how to eliminate this. Most importantly, try to never bother the superhero by releasing him. What's next: Now you know how great a colleague or client your budget is, but how do you decide what to buy? It is directly related to the value of a person as a means of organizing and working with the organization. Remember, it's never too personal, but something you will appreciate. This is a cold statement, but a full reality. Do you want to buy a $ 2500 watch for a salesperson who loses money permanently, or who has just received $ 250,000 in this quarter? Sometimes, after a subject, more gifts will be bigger, only one element will be given. For example, if you are a nice bottle of wine, go with a fancy jewel or jazzy corkscrew. With this in mind, here are some proposals that are broken down at organizational level:

    A. Chief Executive Officer / VP and Director: At the highest level, we recommend trying to stay the traditional way for traditional corporate gifts. This can include quality pens, personalized notepad, table clocks, fine wines, excursions or even art. If the Chief Executive has read this, then all bets are turned off and you can thank the gifts. For everyone, depending on the level and size of the company, sometimes fewer. KISS. it definitely applies to you.

    B. Center Leader / Supervisor / Supplier: In the middle of the governance structure, we recommend a mixture of traditional and non-traditional gifts. These people are the rising stars in most organizations and why they do not let them feel! We still offer quality pens and table lessons, including tickets, mp3 players, PDAs, dinners, flowers and a weekend get-away. The possibilities are enormous!

    C. Staff / Desk staff / Workers / Artist: These people are in the ditch with their fingers rolled! Treat them well because motivation and productivity can only rise! Most of these levels really do not matter much. The "WOW" factor does not necessarily have to be when gifting them. We recommend personalized desktop or travel articles, flowers, tickets, gift baskets, gift cards, and wines, and even surprising them if they leave them on Friday afternoons.

    D. Your boss: Because this person decides directly whether to collect the payment and pass it, it's extremely tactical if you're looking for an appropriate gift. Only you know the boss's personality. Depending on the size of the company, you may be quite familiar with them. If your organization is huge, you can ask a close associate. Repeat from the above: Do not fill your superiors!

    E. Customer: Who keeps the lights on? Customers do not! Since in most cases your race is waiting for you, never give them this option. Your database needs a lot of information about them and similar / unloved. Trust your instincts, your budget, and stay within these parameters. Think of your best client for a moment. What is your birthday? Favorite business? Goals? You expect? That's what you need in your brain. You probably do not have to suggest anything, but if you do not get the answer, we suggest that you consider the above. What are they really doing? As a reminder, this is a general guide written for millions of dollars or private entrepreneurs, so we have to leave it. Only you know what your client is.

    F. Exhibitions and Events: Who was there with you? It's a good thing he probably got his business card. After a few hundred, the cards you have to remember. We recommend bulk purchasing items for your company logo. Believe it or not, plastic bags are very suitable when many companies collect information for a short period of time. Pencils, calculators, manual disinfection, notebooks, and standardized gifts of stress balls all fit into the bill

Surprise: To deliver the gift you may need an appointment (something of course) and offers the Personal Touch service. However, some gifts have to be delivered by a courier.

Thank you: Professional gifts are a great way to thank you. This can not only help in branding, but also in the company. Gifts respect the recipient if they think about recognizing their relationship. Plus, this is a great way to keep your business card in your hand and in your business. One of the most ignored ways to "prevent" a gift that looks like it has been wrapped up in twenty seconds or less. The quality of the gift can be reduced by the first impression. There are many branded and stylish gift wraps. Make sure yours is right. always suggests a personal touch when choosing the impression. Beautiful rice paper and newspaper are just an example of how to make the $ 50 chocolate box as if it were a lot more. Not all gifts need to overlap because the store's status and prestige can have a much greater impact on the recipient. Top brand brands are stand-alone. Think of getting a "golden bag" from the chocolates and a "blue box" jewel with satin ribbon. We rest.

Mail: Even the heaviest gifts can be jeopardized if you give a general or unprofessional card. If at all possible, write a frank and professional note manually.

Shipping: Face-to-face delivery is the best way to give the recipient of your donation. Virtually this is hardly possible. If this is the case, be sure to send first-class or similar options to the preferred contractor. A third-rate delivery option saves a few dollars, but can damage the recipient.

Gift Certificate: If you donated the gift for yourself and opened it in front of you, it is very appropriate to see whether or not you are enjoying it. Tickets, dinners or other date-sensitive gifts fall into this category. But do not always use the most appropriate judgment when you start the topic. They are usually brought up for the first time. Question: "Did you receive my gift?" perhaps the absolute worst thing to do if you did not get a thank you to your recipient. What if they did not get it? It was a good chance to miss the surprise. Moreover, it is quite a sinister bad etiquette. Surprise, someone is a personal excitement that may be needed for the right moment. A packed gift offers precaution and excitement on the edge or on the desk.

We hope this guide has helped you understand what business gifts you are doing and help you guide it in the right direction. It is always advisable to check all questions with the respective parties. Do not forget that personal touch can make any difference. Please visit our store!

Source by Matthew Koeppen

The concept of food for the function

Too many times the basket is served because the packaging looks good and / or because it has a good taste. I want you to understand this simple, yet powerful concept that needs to be cut into a stone tablet and look every day: USE FOOD FOR FUNCTION, NOT ONLY FOR BEAUTY. Read this twice and let it absorb it please.

Food is a wonderful thing because it emits emotions and generates huge reactions in our brain. There is an emotional attachment to the food we enjoy, and this feature can be a problem for those who need weight loss because they are almost instinctively using foods when they are unfavorable and thus make the fat burning process more difficult than needed.

That is why I say that we keep ourselves away from the feeling (of pleasure) given by some foods (ice cream, pastries, fatty foods) and started eating as a tool that is a perfect example for serious (hardcore) bodybuilders diet. What they do is a bit extravagant for everyday people, but it really embodies the concept of eating for the function.

Bodybuilders do not require sugar or fat, but because they know that proteins help them grow stronger and become stronger. I saw bodybuilders consume grilled chicken for breakfast, then shake protein three hours later, then chicken with tons of vegetables for lunch, and repeat this protocol until they go to bed. This is because this will give them calories X from protein, Y calories from carbohydrates and Z calories to fat. This is calculated and emotional. It works. This removes all "sentimental" bonds from the picture. I ask some competing bodybuilders if they really enjoy eating the same food all year round. Some people said yes, because they simply and predictably ate, but most of them replied: "No, I do not like it, but I do it because it serves the purpose I want to achieve."

you have to look at the need to mimic bodywork. I do not say that you have to do it all year long, not to say that you can not be a cheating meal here or there or occasionally a pie piece. What I'm saying is that you have to look at the food as a means of achieving the desired weight with minimal hassles.

Inform yourself, start reading food tags, save time to compare similar products, and see what's behind the market research as "fat-free" corn protein. You will not know what's happening in the food industry and how to avoid frequent pitfalls when you buy it. If you buy a piece of meat, do not choose a loose one because I like it (I know you prefer a little fat, you can taste it better), but because it helps you reach your goal.

Do the same for all the items you put into the basket and you will see that while your wallet is lighter, your body will have clear arteries, reduced body wear, increased life expectancy, and more. I'm coming. The benefits of eating are endless. Think about the food, think about the function.

Source by Daniel Remon

Your natural beauty

It may seem that women are trying to hide behind cosmetics. That is, in every sense, false. Makeup is not about to overturn the face, but to enhance natural beauty. The perfume pumpkin does not cover your smells; this will help you smell better. No one said that he should hide; it's just a way to bring your beauty out.

Cosmetics are all done with you and have long been a perfume for women's favorite list of things. There's always room for buying more makeup while you're still using it. Everything takes a long time, but there are still new things that are usually needed.

Because this is your favorite, we have a lot of things to do Everywhere you go, cosmetics and perfumes are waiting for you to get in your basket Beautiful bouquets and baskets with different cosmetics are perfect gifts that can make (or make beautiful) the face of any woman

people who believe in the natural appearance.This is quite understandable, but not everyone can completely hide it without makeup They also feel they are not attracted to it and feel they need them, and why not? that does not mean that you are not beautiful, just because it is a makeup

What a misconception this is, and a dishonest one. Why should a woman feel as if she's covered in her face or just beautiful with makeup? This is very unfair; and not true. Makeup is one of the ways of looking at women's natural brilliance and beauty.

There are ways to limit it if you want to go naturally and feel that you still need some touch. You can go to the basics and you can always walk around. A good way to get started with a nice base or concealer that balances your skin tone and smoothes the lines and wrinkles on your face.

Then a little crunchy and bronze is always a good way to add a little color and bring your own in the process. No need to accumulate; some fine moves with the brush are more than enough and you'll notice the ease and ease. If you just add a little, take a nice thin layer of pink or lip gloss. It connects everything and adds a colorful blow. You will look like wearing a makeup, but not too much. Finally spray a drop of perfume quickly, but not too much, because you do not want to feel too much. This is a great end point for natural development. Of course you can always add more things as you need it.

Makeup does not have to determine who you are. It will only help you to have more and to bring your natural beauty. You do not have to be afraid that you like cosmetics; this is what women should do. Do not hide behind the makeup; embrace your beautiful face by improving.

Source by Tamar Rosen